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Masters in Public Health in the UK: Detailed Guide for International Students

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
Study Abroad Expert

Public Health is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the general well being of the world by promoting good hygiene and preventing diseases. A full-time masters in public health in UK takes a duration of 10 months to 2 years to complete. It is also offered as a part-time and distance learning course in the universities of the UK and costs around 19,000 GBP to 35,000 GBP.

  • Masters in Public Health is expanded to various disciplines such as epidemiology, health education, health economics, mental health and occupational health safety.
  • Average salary earned by a public health graduate in the UK is approximately 150,000 GBP per annum.
  • Graduates of public health in the UK can work as emergency health responders, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, health education teachers, health and safety advisors, nutritionists, etc.

Why Study Masters in Public Health in UK

According to a report published by the government of the UK, over 1.9 million people are working in the healthcare industry including both public and private sector. Around 88% of this workforce is domestic, 6% is from EU and 6% from non-EU nations.

The number of employees from non-EU nations has increased from 99,000 GBP in 2012 to 111,000 GBP in 2018. This contributes to the popularity of public health education among the international students in the UK.

NO. of Health Care workers in UK

Universities offering Masters in Public Health in the UK

Some of the top universities offering masters in public health in UK are listed below along with their QS World University Ranking of 2020 and total program fee charged:

UniversityQS World University Ranking 2020Program OfferedDurationProgram Fee (in GBP)
University of Cambridge7Masters in Public Health (MPhil)Ten months29,220
University College London (UCL)8Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MSc)One year25,900
Imperial College of London9Masters in Public Health (MPH)One year35,600
University of Edinburgh20Masters in Public Health (MSc)One year22,850
University of Manchester27Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MDPH)Two years38,000
King's College London33Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MSc)One year26,500
University of Glasgow67Masters in Public Health (MPH)One year22,500
Queen Mary University of London126Masters of Public Health in Public Mental Health (MSc)One year19,850
Newcastle University146Masters in Public Health (MPH)One year22,800
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine-Masters in Public Health (MSc)One year24,200

Masters in Public Health in UK Course Detail

Public Health is an interdisciplinary course that encompasses several other specializations. The basic course structure is built to tackle public health challenges through research and practice. It is an extension of the healthcare program in the UK. Masters of public health’s numerous disciplines hinge around basic and core courses such as:

  • Principles of Public Health
  • Introduction to statistical methods
  • Introduction to epidemiology
  • Principles of social research, amongst others.

Preliminarily, students have to study some compulsory core modules before they can focus on their choice of stream or specialization. They may also choose to follow a general public health program. All public health specializations follow a common curriculum which is described below.

Students are expected to complete the public health core subjects in the first term, consisting of four modules, which are:

  • Basic Statistics for Public Health and policy
  • Basic epidemiology
  • Issues in Public Health
  • Principles of Social Research

To complete the coursework, students have to choose two additional modules from one of the following five courses:

  • Environment Health and Sustainable Development
  • Health Policy, Process, and Power
  • Health Promotion Theory
  • Health Services
  • Introduction to Health Economics

Students having little or no basic computer skills are required to study computer science as a supplementary course. The global health lecture series and seminar are also part of the supplementary modules.

In the second and third term, students have to take a total of five study modules. Some streams require two compulsory modules in accordance with the respective specialization. Lastly, they must prepare and present projects, in line with their chosen streams, in order to be awarded a masters in public health degree.

Masters in public health in Canada requires two to 2.5 years to complete. However, the same course can be completed within a year in the UK.

Admission Process for Masters in Public Health in UK

Applicants opting to pursue a masters program in public health in the UK are to fulfill the basic or general eligibility covered further in this section.

Where to Apply: Applicants are required to visit the university's application webpage or the program page they wish to apply to. Some institutions' application process via UCAS application portal.

Eligibility for Masters in Public Health Admission

  • Hold a 2:1 or an upper second class (equivalent to an average of 60% to 70%) in a dental, clinical or medical bachelor's degree from a reputable or globally recognized institution. Students from nursing, health or social science background are also considered for admissions.
  • Relevant work experience.
  • Evidence of ability in mathematics or basic computer skills.

Documents Required

  • Transcripts showing full details of subjects and grades offered in the previous institutions are required.
  • Photocopies of all official certificates.
  • Official English translation of certificates and transcripts
  • One or more references/recommendation letters
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • Course-specific required documents
  • A copy of the passport or photo page of the passport.
  • Statement of purpose

Following are the minimum English proficiency test scores accepted by the universities offering masters in public health in the UK:

UniversityMinimum TOEFL (iBT) Score RequiredMinimum IELTS Score Required
University of Cambridge1007.0 
University College London926.5
Imperial College of London926.5 
King's College London1097.5
University of Edinburgh1007.0 
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine1007.0
University of Manchester906.5 
University of Glasgow906.5 
Newcastle University907.0 
Queen Mary University of London1007.0

Cost of Studying Masters in Public Health in UK

Funds required for pursuing masters in public health in UK can be distributed into three categories: pre-arrival cost, the cost of study and the cost of living.

Pre-arrival Cost

The table below highlights the pre-arrival cost for international students:

Type of ExpenseAmount (in GBP)
UK Student Visa Application Fee97 to 348
Health Insurance300 (per annum) 
IELTS Registration fee162 – 180 
TOEFL Registration fee120 - 188 
Airfare294 - 918 

Tuition Fees of Masters in Public Health in the UK

Annual tuition fee of masters in public health in the UK starts from 19,000 GBP and can go as high as 29,220 GBP.

Tuition Fee of  in Public Health in UK

Other Expenses for Studying Masters in Public Health in the UK

The table below highlights the average cost of living in the UK for international students. This includes books, food, clothing, academic materials, cost of accommodation and transportation required for studying in some of the popular universities.

UniversityCost of Living per annum (in GBP)
University of Cambridge12,084 
University College London13,156 -14,176
Imperial College of London11,479 - 15,199
King's College London15,000
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine14,830 - 15,180
University of Manchester12,835
University of Glasgow12,360
Newcastle University12,600 - 14,000

Scholarships for Masters in Public Health in UK

Following are some of the available scholarships for international students in UK pursuing a masters in public health:

ScholarshipsAmount Offered (per annum)University
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipVariesUniversity of Cambridge 
University College London Alumni Scholarship10,000 GBPUniversity College London 
Social Impact ScholarshipUp to 20,000 GBPImperial College of London 
King's International Scholarship25,000 GBPKing's College London
The Glenmore Medical Postgraduate ScholarshipVariesUniversity of Edinburgh 
Chevening ScholarshipsVariesUniversity of Edinburgh 
Jereon Ensink Memorial Fund ScholarshipVariesLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
British Chevening ScholarshipVariesUniversity of Manchester
University of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship10,000 GBPUniversity of Glasgow 
Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship1,500 GBP to 5,000 GBPNewcastle University
Chevening Awards/ScholarshipVariesQueen Mary University of London

Job Prospects for Masters in Public Health in UK

Graduates of public health from UK universities have better opportunities to work with reputable organizations like WHO (World Health Organization), UN (United Nations), Cancer Research UK, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, amongst others.

Health worker's salaries in the UK are very attractive. Epidemiologists earn 204,00 GBP per annum, health economists earn 137,00 GBP per annum, public health analysts earn 127,000 GBP per annum and public health specialists earn 105,000 GBP per annum.

Jobs After Masters in Public Health in UK

Master’s in Public Health is a very lucrative and trending program due to an increasing number of jobs in the UK in the healthcare sector. Apart from the luxurious nature of the course, public health is also about helping and changing the world by stopping epidemics, joining research teams to find cure for deadly diseases like cancer, promoting public health awareness, helping countries in tackling the regional diseases and being at the forefront of medical research that'll change the world for good.


Ques. What are the best universities offering masters in public health in the UK?

Ans. University of Cambridge, University College London (UCL), Imperial College of London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester and King's College London are few of the top-ranking universities of the UK offering masters in public health.

Ques. How long does it take to complete masters of public health in the UK?

Ans. A full-time master's in public health in the UK can be completed within a year or two. However, a part-time course may extend upto 3 to 4 years.

Ques. What is the cost of studying masters of public health in the UK?

Ans. The program fee of best universities offering masters in public health in the UK ranges between 19,000 GBP to 30,000 GBP. Living cost of the UK for international students is approximately 12,000 GBP to 15,000 GBP.

Ques. Why do a masters in public health from the UK?

Ans. The duration of masters in public health in the UK is one year. Only, some of the universities offer a two-year masters in public health. Also, the job opportunities are many ranging from an epidemiologist, health economist to a nutrition assistant.

Ques. What is the salary of masters in public health graduates in the UK?

Ans. A public health graduate can earn upto 150,000 GBP after completion of a masters from the UK.

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