MBA in the UK: Top Colleges, Fees, Eligibility, Scholarships, Jobs

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    MBA in UK is a 12-21 months program costing between 31,450 GBP to 87,900 GBP. For an Indian student, the overall expense for studying in UK is around 29 Lakhs to 81 Lakhs. Around 130 business schools in UK offer MBA programs with a variety of specializations in disciplines as economics, health administration, international business, etc. The entry-requirements for pursuing MBA in UK are less stringent than in other countries like the US and Canada. For admissions to MBA at B-schools in UK, you will need a relevant bachelor’s degree, GMAT scores, and work experience (not mandatory)

    Having around 60% or more in your bachelor's is enough to get into MBA courses. Three-year bachelor’s degrees are accepted for MBA applicants, unlike US and Canada, where it is important to have a 4-year bachelor's. GMAT requirements are not very stringent, there are many universities offering MBA without GMAT

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    Since the investment made for pursuing MBA from the best business schools in UK is high, expectations of salary returns are also higher. Students looking for MBA jobs in UK are offered an annual package of up to 100,000 GBP (~97 LPA)

    MBA in UK at Top Business Schools

    While choosing the right place to study, international students always look after different aspects like faculty, program curriculum, placement percentage, growth in the industry, and others. In this course guideline, a complete detail will be provided to shortlist among the colleges you should give preference to, how to apply, costs, scholarships, and jobs for MBA in UK.

    Let’s begin with discussing some of the top-ranking universities in UK offering an MBA program. Tabulated below are the top B-schools in the UK based on The Financial Times Business School Rankings (2020), their program fees, and the duration in which you will be able to complete the program. 

    Universities FT Ranking 2020 Total Program Fees
    London Business School 7 £87,900
    Cambridge Judge Business School 19 £57,000
    Said Business School 21 £59,490
    Warwick Business School 43 £40,450
    Alliance Manchester Business School 45 £44,000
    Cass Business School  50 £44,000
    Imperial College Business School 55 £53,500
    Durham University Business School 62 £31,500
    University of Edinburgh Business School 95 £32,500
    Lancaster University 100+ £33,000

    Apart from these, there are over 100 Business Schools in UK offering MBA programs of different types. You can pursue a full-time general MBA, executive MBA, specialist MBA, or Distance/Online MBA programs from the UK. 

    Why Study MBA in UK? 

    • Top business schools in UK allow students to tailor their own programs and choose subjects of their own choice. 
    • Around 10 universities of the UK rank among FT business schools ranking 2020.
    • According to the data collected from the Chartered Management Institute, 78% of managers are in constant search of finding skilled talent.
    • The UK is in a dearth of skilled new managers. The UK economy immediately requires 1.9 million skillful managers with new strategies.
    • Indians comprise of 55% tier 2 skilled worker visa at the end of September 2018. 
    • Executive MBA and MBA in the UK are the highest paying degrees with an annual salary of 133,000 GBP and 116,000 GBP respectively.
    Highest Paying Degrees in UK

    Eligibility for MBA in UK

    For pursuing an MBA degree from UK, the general eligibility criteria for most of the business schools is briefed below:

    Academic Requirements A UG degree with 2:1 qualification
    equivalent to 50-60% (some schools may ask for higher scores)
    GMAT Score Required for most schools
    600+ (minimum)
    Average for 2019 Class of various B-schools 640-730
    Work Experience Not always mandatory, but preferred
    2 years (minimum)
    5-6 years (average for 2019 class of various B-schools)
    Language Proficiency IELTS: 6.5+
    TOEFL: 95+
    Resume Copy of an updated CV
    LOR 1 to 3
    Preferably professional or from supervisor
    In case only 1 LOR is required, academic LOR is not accepted.
    Essay 500 words personal statement/SOP covering questions like:
    short & long term career goals, how will MBA equip you for a future, describing one teamwork experience, and why you chose the program.
    Visa A student visa to pursue an education in the UK
    Funds Proof of being able to finance your program

    Admissions to MBA in UK 

    For international students, it will be a life-changing opportunity to gain management skills in the course work. MBA program in the UK is taught in the English language mostly so it will be a challenge for the international students to learn these oratory and business skills in these classrooms. The application process to top-ranking universities in the UK requires basic academic documents and exam scores. 

    Eligibility for an MBA in UK for admission in some of the best business schools is discussed further in this section. 

    MBA in UK Admission Deadlines

    The upcoming deadlines for MBA in UK Admissions 2021 for top universities are discussed below:

    University Upcoming Deadlines
    London Business School April 27, 2021
    Cambridge Judge Business School April 26, 2021
    Said Business School April 1, 2021
    Warwick Business School May 31, 2021
    July 31, 2021
    Alliance Manchester April 19, 2021
    May 24, 2021
    June 1, 2021
    Case Business School May 9, 2021
    June 13, 2021
    Imperial Business School April 30, 2021
    June 18, 2021

    MBA in UK: GMAT Requirements

    University  GMAT Score
    Alliance Manchester Business School 600+
    Warwick School of Business 660
    Said Business School 690
    Cambridge Judge Business School 640-730
    London School of Business 701
    Cass School of Business 600
    Imperial College Business School 600
    Durham University Business School 600
    University of Edinburgh Business School 600
    Lancaster University 580

    MBA without GMAT in UK

    To pursuing MBA without a GMAT score in UK, you can either look for business schools accepting students without a GMAT score or pursue an alternate full-time MBA program that does not have GMAT as an entry-requirement. Some of the business schools in the UK that accept full-time MBA applications without GMAT are:

    1. University of Central Lancashire: Applications to an MBA program can be made through fulfilling language proficiency, UG admission eligibility, and having some basic work experience.
    2. Warwick School of Business: International applicants may or may not be asked for a GMAT score while making applications. Though the probability of being asked for a GMAT score is high, this does not mean that is the minimum requirement that must be fulfilled. However, if asked you will have to submit a minimum score of 600+.
    3. Birmingham City Business School: Offering international-MBA as a full-time degree, it does not require international students to have a GMAT score when applying. 
    4. Lancaster University Management School: You are required to provide either an admission essay or a GMAT score. Hence, making GMAT, not the basic eligibility criteria. 
    5. Durham University Business School: You may be required to submit a GMAT score, in cases where the student’s portfolio or academic qualification is considered insufficient by the university.

    Apart from these full-time MBA programs, you can look for online MBA programs where GMAT is not the minimum eligibility criteria, or executive MBA programs. 

    MBA without Work Experience in UK

    Some of the business Schools offering MBA in UK without work experience are: 

    1. University of Derby: Global MBA program requires you to fulfill academic and language proficiency for entering the course. 
    2. University of Northampton: Having a UG with second class honors and fulfilling English language proficiency is all you need to apply for a full-time MBA at the University of Northampton.
    3. University of Greenwich: Work Experience is not required when applying for international MBA programs at this university. 
    4. Cardiff University MBA programs may consider the work experience if you have any, but do not need you to have one to apply for the course.

    Admission requirements to some of the top business schools are:

    London Business School MBA Requirements 

    Founded in the year 1964, this university always believes in the motto of “Diverse minds, powerfully charged”. MBA program in London Business School has been designed to introduce the dynamic global business scenario to the students. The faculty believes it is a course guide that can transform the learning experience completely. The program also allows the students to tailor credits as per their own preferences. Basic details for the admission process are as follows

    • Application fee: £200
    • GPA of 3.5 or above
    • GMAT score of 701 or above
    • Proof of English language proficiency: TOEFL-100; IELTS-7
    • Application essays: 2 essays within 500 words
    • One page updated CV
    • Minimum of 2 letters of recommendations (either professor or supervisor)
    • Minimum 2 years of work experience

    Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Requirements

    Established in the year 1990, Cambridge Judge Business School left its indelible mark on the business world for its innovative management skills and strength in entrepreneurship faculty. Every year, this b-school comes under the top-ranking universities which deliver top leaders to the society. More than 95% of international students are studying in this b-school among which 30% is women. The admission process to this world-renowned business school requires

    • Application fee: £150
    • GPA: 3.3
    • GMAT: 640-730
    • Proof of English language proficiency: TOEFL – 110; IELTS – 7.5
    • Application essays: All 3 essays in 500 words each [It includes SOP as well]
    • Resume: Updated CV in 1page
    • Reference: Need one reference from a supervisor
    • Work Experience: Minimum of 3 years

    Said Business School MBA Requirements

    Established in the year 1965, this business school has been rebranded as Said Business School in 1996. Every year approximately 320 students take admissions to this renowned institute. MBA in Said Business School always focused on the basic business principles and its impact on society. The program extensively makes the diversified business world quite accessible to international students. Admission to Said Business School requires the following documents:

    • Application fee: £150
    • GMAT: 690
    • GRE: 160 (quantitative) and 160 (verbal)
    • Proof of English language proficiency: TOEFL - 110 (with a minimum of 22 in listening, 24 in writing and reading and 25 in speaking) or IELTS - 7.5 (with a minimum of 7 on each band)
    • Application essay: Minimum of 250 words
    • Online assessment: 2 motivation based questions; 2 competency-based questions; 1 randomized written response
    • Reference: At least 2 references (professional or academic)
    • Resume: One page updated CV
    • Work Experience: Minimum of 2 years

    Warwick Business School MBA Requirements

    Established in 1967, Warwick Business School believes that business is used as the power for good. The faculty believes in studying real-world business problems in the classrooms to make the future leaders. The interdisciplinary course program focuses on building valuable links with global leaders. The admission process requires

    • Application fee: £80
    • GMAT- 660
    • Proof of English language proficiency: TOEFL-100 (with a minimum score of 21 in listening and writing, 22 in reading and 23 in speaking) or IELTS-7 (with a minimum of 6.5 on each band)
    • Application essay: Required for understanding the strength of the applicant
    • Reference: Minimum of 2 reference letter
    • Resume: Updated CV in 1page
    • Work experience: At least of 3years

    Alliance Manchester Business School MBA Requirements

    Established in the year of 1965, MBA in Alliance Manchester Business School is offered to study for 12, 15 or 18 months. The university offers proper career support to all its international students in terms of connecting alumni networks. The admission process in Alliance Manchester Business School requires

    • Application fee: £60
    • GMAT: 600+ (Average)
    • GRE: 160(Quantitative) & 160(Verbal)
    • Proof of English language proficiency: TOEFL – 90 (with a minimum score of 20 in reading, writing, listening and speaking) or IELTS – 6.5 (with a minimum of 6 on each band)
    • Admission Essay: Written on one A4 page (Total 4 questions)
    • Reference: Minimum of 2 references
    • Online Video Assessment: Video of 20-30 minutes made by the applicant to introduce their own self to the MBA class
    • Resume: Not more than 2 pages in length
    • Work Experience: Minimum of 3 years
    • Soft skills preferences: Good coordination among team members, outstanding communication skills, energetic, enthusiastic, ambitious 

    MBA in UK: Cost of Study

    It is common that with increased popularity, the cost of MBA in UK will be higher. International students make decisions consciously in choosing the best business school. The total MBA in UK cost can be divided into 2 major sections

    1. Pre-arrival cost
    2. Post arrival cost

    In Pre-arrival cost, the students have to manage finance as per requirements in different fields like UK student Visa application, application fee, and travel ticket. Post arrival cost includes tuition fees and the cost of living while studying. The cost of attendance for an MBA in UK includes the entire tuition fees incurred by the students along with the cost of living in the UK till completion of the course.

    Pre- Arrival Costs

    Pre-arrival costs also known to a student as pre-departure cost, includes expenses like exam fee, application fees, visa fee, etc. These are one-time expenses that an international student suffers way before they have landed in their study destination, UK

    Categories Cost(GBP)
    TOEFL Fees 200
    IELTS Fees 200
    PTE Fees 150
    VISA Application 322
    Total 872

    MBA in UK: Tuition Fees for Indian Students

    For pursuing MBA in UK, an international student must plan ahead for his or her budget. The tuition fees for completing an MBA in UK range from 31,000 GBP to 88,000 GBP. This is equivalent to 29 Lacs to 83 Lacs for an Indian Student.

    Universities Total Program Fees (INR)
    London Business School 84.15 Lakhs
    Cambridge Judge Business School 54.57 Lakhs
    Said Business School 56.85 Lakhs
    Warwick Business School 38.72 Lakhs
    Alliance Manchester Business School 42.12 Lakhs
    Cass Business School  42.12 Lakhs
    Imperial College Business School 51.12 Lakhs
    Durham University Business School 30.15 Lakhs
    University of Edinburgh Business School 31.11 Lakhs
    Lancaster University 31.59 Lakhs

    Cost of Living in UK

    This section highlights the detailed structure of living, meals, and personal expenses of an individual on a monthly basis while his/her stay in the UK. The cost of living will depend on the accommodations opted in UK, lifestyle choices, city one is living in, etc. 

    Particulars Average monthly Cost( in GBP)
    Rent 450
    Food 200
    Mobile Phone 30
    Internet 40
    Stationery Items 40
    Clothing 75
    Laundry 25
    Transportation 45(monthly card)
    Miscellaneous 25
    Total 930

    So, the average yearly cost of living in the UK stands up to around 11,880 GBP/year, which takes the average cost of studying and living in the UK to around 32,310 GBP/Year for overseas students.

    The overall cost of living in UK for an Indian student pursuing MBA in UK, including the tuition fees of the program ranges between 59 Lakhs to 1.11 Cr. Pursuing an MBA in India will cost you around 3 to 030 Lakhs per annum (2-year program: 6 to 60 Lakhs). The question that arises with this hefty amount that you need for studying in UK is, how to fund yourself. You can look for scholarships available to study in the UK for easing out the financial burden. 

    Cheap MBA Colleges in UK

    University Fees (GBP)
    University of Bedfordshire 12,500
    University of Bolton 13,950
    University of East London 15,000
    University of Suffolk 16,380
    Cardiff Metropolitan University 15,000
    University of Wales 13.340

    MBA in UK with Scholarships

    It will be a huge financial burden for international students to study MBA in the UK. Despite such higher tuition fees, the students opt for this program for its globally acclaimed degree. After obtaining a degree, graduates can work anywhere in the world. International organizations provide financial support to international students in the UK during postgraduate degrees. Few available scholarships for MBA in UK along with its benefits are given below

    Some University-specific MBA scholarships are:

    University Scholarship Amount (GBP) Eligibility
    Imperial College London Imperial Women Scholarship Variable Meritorious female candidates with high and well-balanced GMAT
    GMAT Excellence Award 5350 Overall GMAT score: 750+ 
    Imperial Business Scholarships Variable Meritorious students
    London Business School BK Birla Scholarships Up to full fees Academic excellence and honoring legacy and values of BK Birla.
    London Business School Fund Scholarship Up to full fees Academic and professional merit and the ability to contribute to all aspects of MBA
    Cambridge Judge Business School St. Catherine’s Benavitch Cambridge MBA Scholarships 10,000 GPA: 3.7 and MBA: 700 
    University of Edinburgh Victor H. Loewenstein Scholarship 5000 Non-UK applicant

    Like some of the above-mentioned colleges, various other b-schools in the UK also offer MBA specific scholarships to international students. Please visit the college page to find out details on the same. 

    Scope for MBA in UK

    International students opt MBA in UK as the right career path for two main reasons. One is a higher return on investment and the other is its short duration. Within a year, the MBA graduate can earn in higher amounts. Even if a loan has been issued, with such a huge salary package, it will be easier for students to repay it back. After the Brexit, UK organizations prefer international students from China and India mostly. There are various high paying jobs in the UK for MBA graduates, some of these are listed below along with the salary packages offered. 

    ROI after MBA in UK

    As per financial times, the percentage increase in the salary of MBA graduates in popular business schools in UK are as follows:

    Universities %Salary Increase*
    London Business School 105
    Cambridge Judge Business School 95
    Said Business School 103
    Warwick Business School 78
    Alliance Manchester Business School 103
    Cass Business School  93
    Imperial College Business School 64
    Durham University Business School 107
    University of Edinburgh Business School 68
    Lancaster University -

    *The salary difference in alumnus salary before and after MBA

    Given below is a graphical image representing the weighted salaries offered to MBA graduates from top business schools in UK and their tuition fees:

    Salary Package vs Program fees for MBA in UK

    Graph: ROI for Students pursuing MBA in UK

    Jobs for MBA in UK Graduates

    Job Designation Annual Average Salaries (GBP)
    Assistant BD Manager 131,000
    BD Manager 184,000
    General Manager 173,000
    Manager 204,000
    Project Manager 134,000
    Planning Director 202,000

    Some of the renowned recruiters for MBA in the UK are Amazon, Apple, Bain and Company, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. With the salary package as high as mentioned, the tuition fees or the investment made by the international students are repaid withing a short-time period of beginning with the job.

    MBA in UK vs Canada and USA

    Pursuing MBA in USA is a dream come true while studying MBA in Canada has the benefit of getting you a PR easily. The question that follows is why study MBA in UK? Here’s a comparison that can help you decide better.

    Criteria MBA in UK MBA in USA MBA in Canada
    Cost from Top Colleges 29-81 Lakhs  1.3-1.6 Cr 24-67 Lakhs
    GMAT requirements for FT program Mandatory, some colleges exceptions Mandatory Mandatory with some colleges exception
    Cheapest MBA Courses Cost 4-8 Lakhs 10+ Lakhs 9-11 Lakhs
    Work Experience Not Mandatory but Preferred Mandatory Mostly Mandatory
    Immigration and Work Permit Immigration Friendly Difficult to immigrate to Highly immigration friendly
    Salary hikes up to 105% 128% 85%

    With the gaining popularity of the UK as a study destination, a rise in the number of MBA students in UK has also risen. UK is not only capable of offering you a short duration MBA degree but also offers your dream a runway for flying high. 


    Ques. How much does it cost to do an MBA in UK?

    Ans. A complete MBA in the UK from popular universities can cost you around 31450 GBP to 87,900 GBP. This is equivalent to 29 Lakhs to 81 Lakhs INR.

    Ques. Which university is best for doing an MBA in the UK?

    Ans. Some of the popular business schools in the UK are London Business School, Warwick Business School, Said Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School, Alliance Manchester Business School, etc. Holding a global reputation, these b-schools top the list for offering an MBA in the UK.

    Ques. How much can you make post-MBA in UK?

    Ans. Business schools in the UK offer a high ROI to international applicants. Most of the b-schools offer an annual salary package of around £100,000. This suggests that a student with an MBA in the UK can make up to 92 Lakhs INR.

    Ques. Can I pursue an MBA in the UK without work experience?

    Ans. It is not mandatory to have work experience for pursuing an MBA from the UK. Though most of the popular schools do require MBA applicants to have previous work experience, there are some business schools in UK that offer admissions to international applicants without work experience. Some of these are Cass Business School, Anglia Ruskin University, Cardiff University, Coventry University, Leeds Beckett University, etc.

    Ques. Is it worth pursuing MBA in UK?

    Ans. Yes, pursuing MBA in UK is worth the investment as the returns offered are around as high as 202,000 GBP/year. The 2 years stay back allows international students to find themselves jobs and responsibilities where they can not only earn handsome salaries but also gain relevant exposure

    Ques. What do I need to pursue MBA in UK?

    Ans. A relevant bachelor's degree with a 50-60% score minimum, language proficiency, GMAT/GRE scores, and work experience is what is usually required for applying for an MBA in UK.

    Ques. Which is the best country for MBA?

    Ans. Some of the top countries to study an MBA program are USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, France, and Australia.

    Ques. How to get a Scholarship for MBA?

    Ans. International students can apply for various scholarships such as the ones offered by the universities offering the program and other government-funded scholarships. Some of the popular government funded scholarships are Fulbright Scholarship, Chevening Scholarships, Inlaks Scholarship, etc. You can apply through a university or awarding agency and must fulfill the specific eligibility criteria. Scholarships are mostly awarded to academically and professionally meritorious applicants.

    Ques. Can I work in UK after MBA?

    Ans. Working in UK after MBA is possible for international students. With UKs extended 2-year stay back for international students, you get enough time to find a job and work with an MBA degree. The extension on a post-study work visa for the UK helps you to easily look for relevant career options.  

    Ques. Is MBA in UK in demand?

    Ans. Industry-specific MBA courses like MBA in hospitality, MBA in financial management, MBA in international business, MBA in marketing are in high demand in the UK. 

    Ques. What exams are required MBA in UK?

    Ans. For MBA in UK, international applicants need to have GMAT scores and IELTS or TOEFL scores. If you do not have GMAT scores you can also submit GRE equivalents to get admission with MBA in UK.