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SOP for Computer Science in UK: Guidelines for UCAS and Top Universities

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
Study Abroad Expert

Statement of Purpose or SOP for Computer Science in UK is a 2 page or 3000 characters long essay with information on reasons for applying to the program and university. It highlights 3Ws, i.e., who are you, what are your academic qualifications, and why are you the right person for the course. SOP for UK universities can be submitted either as a section of UCAS application or along with other supporting documents as an attachment.

SOP for Computer Science in UK: Bachelors vs Masters

Most of the universities of the UK have a collaboration with UCAS for bachelor's admission. Hence, students are required to write the SOP in the application form unless mentioned otherwise by the university. Some points to cater while writing SOP in UCAS application are as follows:

  • Qualities, skills and experiences relevant to the course description
  • Reason for interest in the subject and university
  • Future goals
  • Association with any club or society
  • Participation in taster course, placement program or summer school (if any)
  • Explanation of any gap in education, low grades, etc.
  • Any financial trouble that could incur while attending the university

Applications for masters programs are directly accepted via the official website’s application portal by most universities in the UK. Only some universities have association with UCAS for postgraduate admission. Thus, in this case, students have the option of submitting SOP either as a part of application form or as a separate document.

  • Masters in Computer Science in UK are majorly available as MS, MPhill and MEng.
  • An open-structured SOP is required for MS in Computer Science.
  • A project or thesis along with names of selected course modules are mostly required as an SOP for M Phil in Computer Science.
  • SOP is generally not required for MEng in Computer Science.

While writing an SOP for a UK university for the computer science program, the applicant needs to focus on various aspects and needs to be eligible for diverse requirements.

SOP for Masters in Computer Science in UK

Following are the guidelines for writing SOP of some of the top universities of UK offering a masters degree in computer science:

University of Birmingham

Students applying for the MS in Advanced Computer Science at University of Birmingham are required to submit an SOP of approximately 5000 characters or 2 pages with following details:

  • Express your reasons for studying MS in Advanced Computer Science.
  • Evidence of skills required to pursue this course such as programming knowledge, mathematical ability, analytical skills, etc.
  • Focus your SOP on four Ps: Passion, Person, Preparation and Place

This personal statement can be uploaded in a pdf format or Microsoft Word format in the SOP section of application. Students also have an alternative option of directly typing the statement of purpose within the application portal.

University of Oxford

While applying to the MS in Computer Science at University of Oxford, a Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement of up to 2 pages is required. Following are some of the information that should be included:

  • Reason for applying to MS in Computer Science
  • Motivation and understanding of computer science
  • Commitment to the program
  • Why should the University of Oxford enroll you?
  • Flexibility to absorb new ideas rapidly

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge offers MPhil and MEng degrees in Computer Science. Students applying for MPhill in Advanced Computer Science are required to answer the following two questions in the application:

  • One or two project proposals of approximately 500 words
  • Mention the area in which you wish to undertake a project
  • Five modules from program’s current modules that students want to study

University College London

SOP for admission in MS in Computer Science at University College London can be submitted by following two ways:

  • As a section of application form: 3000 character limit including spaces
  • Separate document: Two sides of A4 size paper

Information to be provided in the SOP are as follows:

  • Academic interests
  • Reason for applying to MS in Computer Science at UCL
  • Relevant educational and work experience
  • Any extra curricular or voluntary activities related to computer science
  • Career aspirations

Tips for Writing SOP for Computer Science in UK

Universities of the UK often check SOPs to judge how strongly an applicant’s profile is aligned with the program he/she is applying to. Following are some of the guidelines and tips to frame an excellent explanation of purpose.

  • Must be written in English.
  • Strictly avoid copy-pasting from any online sources.
  • Provide relevant experience as well as educational scores
  • Clearly specify your reasons for applying to computer science.
  • Relevant evidence to support motivation behind applying to the program such as participation in seminars, competitions, clubs, etc.
  • Incorporate commitment towards the computer science field even beyond what the degree course requires.
  • Ability to sustain for an intense amount of work
  • Empathy towards new ideas and absorbing them at a rapid speed, this should also be highlighted in the same.

Finally, with a perfect closing statement, focus on the key elements why you think the course is an ideal suit for you, what your achievements and your future interests are in the field of computer science.

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