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    The United Kingdom is the second most popular destination worldwide for international students. Universities with outstanding architecture create a great impression on international students aspiring to study in UK. Apart from the architecture, the modern facilities found in the universities add up to the complete study experience for the international students. Respected for a world-class standard of teaching, 4 out of top 6 universities in QS World Rankings are in the UK.

    Quick Facts about studying in the UK 

    Number of international students 450,000
    Visa acceptance rate 85%
    Most preferred courses Business and Computer Science
    Best Institute to study Business London Business School
    Best Institute to study Computer Science University of Oxford

    Internationally Recognised Universities

    • According to QS World University Rankings, 4 of the top 6 global top ten universities are in the UK.
    • The country boasts of 76 positions according to the QS World Rankings 2018 including 5 new entries this year.

    Top Ranking Universities in the UK

    Great Place to Live and Study

    If you are in UK, you have got Europe right on your doorstep. Within one hour, you can be in Amsterdam or Paris. A 2-hour flight can take you to Spain, Germany or Italy.

    • UK is one of the most accommodating countries for the international students in terms of price, level of education and culture.
    • The country has a very tolerant society. Any type of discrimination against people is illegal in the UK.  

    Know More About Accommodation in UK

    Top ten student cities in the UK according to Top Universities

    London Nottingham
    Edinburgh Birmingham
    Manchester Aberdeen
    Glasgow Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    Coventry Brighton

    Shorter Duration of courses

    Courses in the UK are generally shorter than in many other countries. The country offers 3-year undergraduate degrees and 1-year master’s programmes at the universities.

    It helps reduce tuition and accommodation costs to study in the UK for international students.

    International Recognition of your degree

    UK does not only offer you with valuable skills, but also help you earn advanced knowledge and become an expert in your field of study.

    • British universities are renowned for the top, excellent academic training.
    • Whether in UK or in another country, your degree will surely impress the admission committee even there. 

    Scholarship and Financial aid

    There are hundreds of scholarships, grant schemes and bursaries offered by UK. International students get up to 100% Scholarship on tuition fees in selected Universities.

    • Depending on your nationality, the international students are eligible for loans or other financial support. 
    • The most famous scholarships are-
    1. Chevenching scholarships for Master’s
    2. Commonwealth scholarships (for 62 commonwealth nations) for Master’s and PhD
    3. Saltire Scholarships (for 50 scholarships worth $10,538.58) for Canada, India, Pakistan, USA and China
    • Other scholarships for international students include university specific scholarships and global scholarships worth 1 million USD. 

    Check Financial Support for International Students in the UK

    A Wide Range of Opportunities Offered

    A student working part time in the UK is granted the same rights as that of a full-time employee. All the employers in the UK abide by National Minimum Wage (NMW).

    • Students get 4 months to find a job in UK after their course ends. They can find opportunities through-
    1. Your university careers service
    2. The student’s union
    3. Local businesses through advertisement
    4. Recruitment agencies
    • If the visa allows, international students can work while study in the UK for usually around 20 hours per week.
    • It can be extended to full-time during holidays.
    • Part time student work can also be found on campus

    Top industries with the highest employment of international students-

    Industry/Business sector Graduates as total percentage
    Accounting and professional services 31.36
    Banking and finance 9.58
    Consulting 6.75
    Investment banking 12.19
    Engineering and industrial 15.82

    Apart from the advantages mentioned above, you can also hit your targets to improve your English by choosing English language schools or foundation courses in UK. Check Exams to Study in the UK

    The country undoubtedly opens doors to fantastic careers for the international students by training you with impeccable skills in English language. Most of the employers desire these qualities and help you land a good job in your field soon once you graduate. In short, studying in UK proves to be the best of both worlds for international students-fun filled and top education.