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    University of Cambridge Ranking 2019-2020

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    A part of the “golden triangle” of English institutions, University of Cambridge ranking has always been among the top 10 universities of the world. It is the fourth oldest university and was established by the alumni of University of Oxford. That's why both these institutions have a lot in common. They are often referred to as “Oxbridge”.

    University of Cambridge is divided into 31 autonomous colleges and thus referred to as a “collegiate” public research institution. Programs offered by these colleges also rank within top 10 across the world including arts and humanities, law, computer science, etc.

    University of Cambridge Ranking Highlights

    THE World Ranking 2020 3
    QS News World Ranking 2020 7
    CWUR World Ranking 2019-20 4
    World Reputation Ranking 2019 4
    Global Employability Ranking 2020 8
    FT MBA Ranking 2020 19
    THE Law Ranking 2020 2
    US News UK Ranking 2020 2

    University of Cambridge World Ranking

    According to the QS News Ranking of 2020, University of Cambridge ranked at 7th position, only 3 places below Oxford University which is another prestigious and top university of the UK. Although the university is still a dream of many students, its ranking has been dropping continuously from the past five years.

    QS World Ranking

    The rank dropped from 3 in 2016 to 7 in 2020. One of the reasons for this downfall is declining research performance of the university which is measured by the number of citations published per faculty. The overall score achieved by is 95 on a scale of hundred.

    Following table breaks down the score achieved by University of Cambridge as per the QS News ranking criteria of 2020:

    Criteria Score
    Academic Reputation 100
    Employer Reputation  100
    Faculty Student 100
    Citations per Faculty 74.2
    International Faculty 100
    International Students 97.6

    According to THE, another popular ranking agency, the position of University of Cambridge improved from 6th in 2011 to 3rd in 2020. Yet, the citation and industry outcome score of the university is not promising.

    THE World Ranking

    Ranking criteria and the corresponding score are given to the University of Cambridge is provided as follows:

    Criteria  Score
    Overall 94.4
    Teaching 91.4
    Research 98.7
    Citations 95.8
    International Outlook 95
    Industry Income 59.3

    Moving on to the Graduate Employability Ranking of 2020 which is also given by QS News, University of Cambridge was placed at 8th position. Here also a significant drop has been observed from 5th in 2017 to 8th in 2020. Low graduate employment rate and decreasing number of partnerships with employers are considered responsible for this decrease in ranking.

    Graduate Employability Ranking

    University of Cambridge ranks at 4th according to the World Reputation Ranking of 2019. It is given by THE and ranks universities across the world on the basis of two criteria: research and teaching. European Teaching Rankings 2019 places this university at 2nd position.

    CWUR 2019-2020 ranked University of Cambridge at 4th place in the top university ranking with an overall score of 94.1 on a 100 point scale. Ranking improved from 5th position in 2010 to 3rd position in 2019, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

    University of Cambridge Courses Ranking

    Most of the University of Cambridge courses are ranked with top 10 among across top universities of the world. Course-wise University of Cambridge ranking along with the academic score, according to THE list of 2020, is tabulated below:

    Subject World Ranking Overall Score
    Arts and Humanities 2 86.7
    Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health 3 80.4
    Engineering and Technology 3 95.2
    Life Sciences 1 96.2
    Physical Sciences 3 94.6
    Social Sciences 5 87.9
    Business and Economics 4 88.8
    Computer Science  5 89.9
    Law 2 81.0
    Education 7 83.4
    European Teaching 2 80.1

    According to QS News Ranking of 2020, MBA program of University of Cambridge offered by the Cambridge Judge Business School ranked at 15th among top universities offering MBA in the world. In the Financial Times list of 100 best MBA programs in 2020, it is placed at 19th position.

    MBA Ranking

    As per the US News and World Report, various courses of University of Cambridge are as follows among the world universities for the year 2020:

    Subject Ranking Subject Ranking
    Arts and Humanities 3 Clinical Medicine 21
    Biology and Biochemistry 5 Computer Science 66
    Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems 61 Economics and Business 19
    Chemistry 13 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 134
    Civil Engineering 69 Environment/Ecology 22
    Engineering 51 Geosciences 20
    Immunology 47 Material Science 18
    Mathematics 8 Mechanical Engineering 34
    Microbiology 22 Molecular Biology and Genetics 5
    Neuroscience and Behaviour 13 Oncology 31
    Pharmacology and Toxicology 44 Physics 9
    Plant and Animal Science 12 Physiatry/Psychology 14
    Social Sciences and Public Health 12 Surgery 53

    University of Cambridge National Ranking

    When it comes to studying in the UK, University of Cambridge is one of the popular choices among international students. The only other university from this country which is as popular as University of Cambridge is University of Oxford. It is ranked at 1st position among the universities of the UK, as per the CWUR ranking of 2020.

    According to US News and World Report of 2020, it is ranked as the 2nd best global university of the UK as well as in Europe. 85.5 score was acquired by the university out of 100. US News and World Report used 13 indicators to give the overall score.

    University of Cambridge ranking on each of the 13 indicators among top universities of the world are tabulated below:

    Indicator Global Rank 2020
    Global Research Reputation 5
    Regional Research Reputation 12
    Publications 10
    Books 3
    Conferences 105
    Normalized Citation Impact 60
    Total Citations 9
    Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited 10
    Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited 38
    International collaboration - relative to country 243
    International collaboration 139
    Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited 9
    Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited 66

    University of Cambridge has been a secondary position to University of Oxford by various ranking agencies. Two major factors where this university lags behind is industry outlook and research performance. Still, thousands of students apply to get admission here because of its prestige and high-quality education.

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