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4 yearsfull-timeEnglish
$59,103 PER

Advanced Computer Science and IT ManagementAdvanced Computer Science-Computer Systems EngineeringAdvanced Engineering MaterialsBasin Studies & Petroleum Geoscience MSc by ResearchBiochemistryBusiness Analytics-Operational Research and Risk AnalysisClinical ImmunologyConstruction Project ManagementDevelopment FinanceDevelopmental BiologyEconomics and EconometricsEnvironmental Monitoring, Modelling and ReconstructionFixed and Removable Prosthodontics MSc (Clin)Global Urban Development and PlanningHistory of Science, Technology and Medicine (including Medical Humanities award route)History of Science, Technology and Medicine MSc (including Medical Humanities Award Route)Human Resource Development (International Development)Human Resource Management (International Development)Human Resource Management and Industrial RelationsInnovation Management and EntrepreneurshipInternational Business and Management (Management)International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial RelationsManagement and Implementation of Development ProjectsManagement of Projects: Engineering Project ManagementMarketingMetallic Materials MSc by ResearchNeuroimaging for Clinical & Cognitive NeuroscienceNeuroscienceOperations, Project and Supply Chain ManagementOrganisational Change and DevelopmentOrthodonticsParticle Physics MSc by ResearchPollution and Environmental ControlPolymer Science & Engineering Msc by ResearchResearch Methods with Planning and Environmental ManagementSocial Research Methods and StatisticsSpecialist Practice (Cancer)StatisticsStructural EngineeringTechnical Textiles MSc by ResearchTheoretical Physics MSc by ResearchThermal Power & Fluid EngineeringThermal Power and Fluid EngineeringAccountingAccounting and FinanceActuarial ScienceAdvanced Chemical EngineeringAdvanced Computer ScienceAdvanced Computer Science-Advanced Web TechnologiesAdvanced Computer Science-Artificial IntelligenceAdvanced Computer Science-Computer SecurityAdvanced Computer Science-Data and Knowledge ManagementAdvanced Computer Science-Multi-Core ComputingAdvanced Computer Science-Semantic TechnologiesAdvanced Computer Science-Software EngineeringAdvanced Control and Systems EngineeringAdvanced Electrical Power Systems EngineeringAdvanced Leadership for Professional Practice (Nursing)Advanced Leadership for Professional Practice (Social Work)Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Systems ManagementAdvanced Manufacturing Technology and Systems ManagementAdvanced Process Integration and DesignAerospace EngineeringApplied MathematicsAstronomy and Astrophysics MSc by researchAudiologyBioinformatics and Systems BiologyBiological SciencesBiomaterialsBiomedical Materials MSc by ResearchBiotechnology and EnterpriseBusiness Analysis and Strategic ManagementBusiness Analytics - Operational Research and Risk AnalysisCancer Research and Molecular BiomedicineCell BiologyCeramics & Glasses MSc by ResearchChemistryChemistry MSc By ResearchClinical and Health PsychologyClinical BiochemistryClinical Dentistry (Paediatric Dentistry)Commercial Project ManagementCommunication EngineeringComposite Materials MSc by ResearchCorporate Communications and Reputation ManagementCorrosion & Protection MSc by ResearchCorrosion Control EngineeringData ScienceDental Public HealthDevelopment Economics and PolicyDrug DevelopmentElectrical Power Systems EngineeringEndodonticsEndodontics (Clin)Endodontics (Dental Specialties)Engineering Project ManagementEnvironmental Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology MSc by ResearchEnvironmental GovernanceEnvironmental Impact Assessment and ManagementEvidence-Based Health CareFinanceFinancial EconomicsFixed and Removable ProsthodonticsFixed and Removable Prosthodontics (Dental Specialties)GeneticsGenomic MedicineGeographical Information ScienceHealthcare Ethics and Law (Intercalated)History of Science, Technology and MedicineInternational Development- Environment Climate Change and DevelopmentInternational Disaster ManagementInternational Fashion MarketingInternational Fashion RetailingInternational Fashion Retailing (Business Process Improvement)International Fashion Retailing (Multichannel Marketing)Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision ScienceIsotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry MSc by ResearchManagementManagement and Information Systems-Change and DevelopmentManagement of ProjectsMathematical FinanceManagement of Projects: Construction Project ManagementMedical VirologyMechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering DesignMolecular PathologyNanostructured Materials MSc by ResearchNeuroimaging for Clinical and Cognitive NeuroscienceNuclear Physics MSc by ResearchNuclear Science and TechnologyOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryOral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Clin)Orthodontics (Clin)Palaeontology MSc by ResearchPeriodontologyPetroleum Geoscience for Reservoir Development and ProductionPhysics and Chemistry of Minerals and Fluids MSc by ResearchPlanningPolymer Materials Science and EngineeringPure Mathematics and Mathematical LogicQuantative Finance: Risk ManagementQuantitative FinanceQuantitive Finance: Financial EngineeringReal Estate Asset ManagementReal Estate DevelopmentRenewable Energy and Clean TechnologyReliability Engineering and Asset ManagementResearch Methods with EducationTextile Design, Fashion and Management MSc by ResearchTextile Science & Technology MSc by ResearchTextile Technology (Technical Textiles)Urban Design and International PlanningUrban Regeneration and DevelopmentShow More (143)
4 yearsfull-timeEnglish
$43,681 PER

Biochemistry with a Modern LanguageBiology with Science and Society with Industrial or Professional ExperienceChemistry with Medicinal ChemistryComputer Science and Mathematics with Industrial ExperienceEnvironmental ScienceFashion ManagementFashion MarketingGeography with International StudyManagement (Sustainable and Ethical Business) with Industrial or Professional ExperienceMolecular Biology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceNeuroscience with a Modern LanguageOral Health SciencePharmacologyPharmacology and PhysiologyPharmacology with a Modern LanguagePsychologySpeech and Language TherapyZoology with a Modern LanguageAccountingAccounting with Industrial or Professional ExperienceActuarial Science and MathematicsAnatomical SciencesAnatomical Sciences with a Modern LanguageAnatomical Sciences with Industrial or Professional ExperienceArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence with Industrial ExperienceBiochemistryBiochemistry with Industrial or Professional ExperienceBiologyBiology with a Modern LanguageBiology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceBiology with Science and SocietyBiomedical SciencesBiomedical Sciences with a Modern LanguageBiomedical Sciences with Industrial or Professional ExperienceBiotechnologyBiotechnology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceCell BiologyCell Biology with a Modern LanguageCell Biology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceChemistryCognitive Neuroscience and PsychologyCognitive Neuroscience and Psychology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceComputer ScienceComputer Science (Human Computer Interaction)Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) with Industrial ExperienceComputer Science and MathematicsComputer Science with Industrial ExperienceDevelopmental BiologyDevelopmental Biology with a Modern LanguageDevelopmental Biology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceEconomicsEarth and Planetary SciencesEducational PsychologyEnvironmental and Resource GeologyEnvironmental ManagementFashion Buying and MerchandisingFashion TechnologyGeneticsGenetics with a Modern LanguageGenetics with Industrial or Professional ExperienceGeographyGlobal HealthHealthcare Science (Audiology)Immunology with a Modern LanguageImmunology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceInformation Technology Management for BusinessInformation Technology Management for Business with Industrial ExperienceInternational Business, Finance and EconomicsInternational Business, Finance and Economics with Industrial or Professional ExperienceInternational Disaster Management and Humanitarian ResponseInternational ManagementInternational Management with American Business StudiesLife SciencesLife Sciences with a Modern LanguageLife Sciences with Industrial or Professional ExperienceManagementManagement (Accounting and Finance)Management (Accounting and Finance) with Industrial or Professional ExperienceManagement (Human Resources)Management (Human Resources) with Industrial or Professional ExperienceManagement (International Business Economics)Management (International Business Economics) with Industrial or Professional ExperienceManagement (Marketing)Management (Marketing) with Industrial or Professional ExperienceManagement with Industrial or Professional ExperienceManagement (Sustainable and Ethical Business)Materials Science and EngineeringMathematicsMathematics and PhilosophyMathematics and PhysicsMedical Biochemistry with Industrial or Professional ExperienceMathematics and StatisticsMedical PhysiologyMathematics with a Modern LanguageMedical Physiology with a Modern LanguageMathematics with FinanceMedical Physiology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceMathematics with Financial MathematicsMicrobiology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceMedical BiochemistryMolecular BiologyMicrobiologyMicrobiology with a Modern LanguageMolecular Biology with a Modern LanguageNeuroscienceNeuroscience with Industrial or Professional ExperienceOptometryPharmacology and Physiology with Industrial or Professional ExperiencePharmacology with Industrial or Professional ExperiencePhysicsPhysics with AstrophysicsPhysics with PhilosophyPhysics with Theoretical PhysicsPhysiologyPlanning and Real EstatePlant SciencePlant Science with a Modern LanguagePlant Science with Industrial or Professional ExperienceSoftware EngineeringSoftware Engineering with Industrial ExperienceZoologyZoology with Industrial or Professional ExperienceShow More (113)
4 yearsfull-timeEnglish
$45,470 PER

AudiologyBiomedical MaterialsChinese StudiesCivil EngineeringComposite MaterialsEarth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences PhDEconomicsElectrical and Electronic EngineeringEnglish and American StudiesEnvironmental Geochemistry and GeomicrobiologyGerman StudiesGraphene NowNanoInstrumentationIsotope Geochemistry and CosmochemistryLinguisticsNonlinear PhysicsNursingOrganic ChemistryParticle PhysicsPortuguese StudiesProcess IntegrationSocial Anthropology with Visual MediaSocial Statistics PhDSocial WorkStatisticsStructural and Petrological GeoscienceSystems BiologyTextile Design, Fashion and Management PhDTextile Science and TechnologyTheoretical PhysicsTranslation and Intercultural StudiesAccounting and Finance PhDAdvanced Metallic Systems DTC PhDAerospace EngineeringAnthropology, Media and Performance PhDApplied Mathematics PhDArab World StudiesArchaeologyArchitectureArt History and Visual StudiesArts and Cultural Management Professional DoctorateArts Management and Cultural PolicyAstronomy and AstrophysicsAtmospheric SciencesBasic Dental ScienceBasin Studies & Petroleum GeoscienceBiocatalysisBioethics and Medical JurisprudenceBiological ChemistryBiological PhysicsBiomaterials Science and Dental TechnologyBusiness and Management PhDCeramics & GlassesChemical EngineeringChemical Engineering and Analytical ScienceChemistryClassics and Ancient HistoryClinical Psychology (ClinPsyD)Colloids, Crystals, Interfaces and Materials PhDComputer ScienceCondensed Matter PhysicsCorrosion and ProtectionCreative WritingDevelopment Policy and ManagementDramaEast Asian StudiesEnglish LanguageEnvironment and Sustainable TechnologyEnvironmental EngineeringEvolutionary BiologyFrench StudiesHistoryHuman GeographyHumanitarianism and Conflict ResponseJapanese StudiesLatin American Cultural StudiesLawManagement of ProjectsMaterialsMetallic MaterialsMulti-Scale ModellingMathematical LogicMuseologyMechanical EngineeringMuseology (Professional Doctorate)Middle Eastern StudiesNanoscience DTC PhD (NoWNANO)Nanostructured MaterialsNuclear PhysicsPaper SciencePhilosophyPhoton PhysicsPhysical ChemistryPhysical GeographyPhysicsPhysics and Chemistry of Minerals and FluidsPolish StudiesPlant Sciences (PhD)Politics PhDPolymer Science & EngineeringReligions & TheologyRussian StudiesSocial AnthropologySociologySpanish StudiesTheoretical ChemistryShow More (96)
46 monthsfull-timeEnglish
$30,426 PER

Adult NursingAerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering with Industrial ExperienceChildren's NursingCivil and Structural EngineeringCivil EngineeringAerospace Engineering with ManagementAnatomical SciencesArtificial IntelligenceComputer Science (Human Computer Interaction) with Industrial ExperienceEarth and Planetary Sciences with Year AbroadEarth and Planetary Sciences with Year in IndustryEgyptologyGeneticsArtificial Intelligence with Industrial ExperienceBiochemistryBiologyMechatronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMolecular BiologyNeurosciencePolitics and International RelationsSocial AnthropologySocial Anthropology and SociologySociologySociology and CriminologySociology and PhilosophyBiomedical SciencesBiosciencesBiotechnologySociology and Quantitative MethodsSoftware EngineeringSpeech and Language TherapyCell BiologyChemical EngineeringChemical Engineering with Energy and EnvironmentChemical Engineering with Industrial ExperienceChemical Engineering with Study in EuropeChemistryChemistry with Industrial ExperienceChemistry with International StudyChemistry with Medicinal ChemistryCivil Engineering (Enterprise)Civil Engineering with Industrial ExperienceCognitive Neuroscience and PsychologyComputer ScienceComputer Science (Human Computer Interaction)Computer Science with Industrial ExperienceComputer Systems EngineeringComputer Systems Engineering with Industrial ExperienceDentistryEarth and Planetary SciencesElectrical and Electronic EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceElectronic EngineeringElectronic Engineering with Industrial ExperienceImmunologyMaterials Science and EngineeringMaterials Science and Engineering with BiomaterialsMaterials Science and Engineering with CorrosionMaterials Science and Engineering with MetallurgyMaterials Science and Engineering with PolymersMaterials Science and Engineering with Textiles TechnologyMathematics and PhysicsMechanical Engineering with ManagementMathematics and StatisticsMechatronic EngineeringMathematics with Financial MathematicsMedicineMechanical EngineeringMedicine (6 years including foundation year)Mechanical Engineering with Industrial ExperienceMental Health NursingMedical BiochemistryMidwiferyMedical PhysiologyMusicMicrobiologyOptometryPharmacologyPharmacyPharmacy with a Foundation YearPhilosophy and CriminologyPhilosophy and PoliticsPhilosophy and Quantitative MethodsPhysicsPhysics with AstrophysicsPhysics with PhilosophyPhysics with Study in EuropePhysics with Theoretical PhysicsPlanningPlanning with Real EstatePlant SciencePolitics and CriminologyPolitics and Quantitative MethodsPolitics and Social AnthropologyPolitics and SociologySocial Anthropology and CriminologySocial Anthropology and Quantitative MethodsSoftware Engineering with Industrial ExperienceZoologyShow More (90)
3 yearsfull-timeEnglish
$36,617 PER

Biochemistry (MPhil)Chinese StudiesCivil EngineeringEarth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences MSc by ResearchEnvironment and Sustainable TechnologyEnvironmental Geochemistry and GeomicrobiologyInstrumentationJapanese StudiesMedicine (PhD)Multi-Scale ModellingNuclear EngineeringOphthalmology (PhD)PalaeontologyPharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhD)Physics and Chemistry of Minerals and FluidsPhysiology (PhD)Portuguese StudiesRussian StudiesStructural and Petrological GeoscienceAccounting and FinanceAerospace EngineeringAtmospheric SciencesBasin Studies & Petroleum GeoscienceBiocatalysisBioinformatics (PhD)Biomedical MaterialsBiotechnology (PhD)Business and ManagementCell Biology (PhD)Cell Matrix Research (PhD)Chemical Engineering and Analytical ScienceColloids, Crystals, Interfaces and Materials MPhilComputer ScienceCorrosion and ProtectionCriminologyDevelopmental Biology (PhD)Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences MPhilEast Asian StudiesEnvironmental Biology (PhD)Environmental EngineeringFrench StudiesImmunology (PhD)Isotope Geochemistry and CosmochemistryItalian StudiesLatin American Cultural StudiesLawManagement of ProjectsMaterialsMetallic MaterialsMiddle Eastern StudiesMolecular Biology (PhD)Nanostructured MaterialsOptometry (PhD)Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery (PhD)Orthodontics (PhD)Paper SciencePharmacology (PhD)Process IntegrationSpanish StudiesStem Cell Research (PhD)Structural Biology (MPhil)Systems BiologyTextile Design, Fashion and Management MPhilTextile Science & TechnologyTranslation and Intercultural StudiesShow More (55)
45 monthsfull-timeEnglish
$28,089 PER

Ancient History and ArchaeologyClassical StudiesClassicsCriminology with International StudyDevelopment StudiesDrama and Screen StudiesEnglish Language and ArabicEnglish Language and English LiteratureEnglish Language for EducationEnglish LiteratureEnglish Literature and a Modern Language (French)English Literature and a Modern Language (German)English Literature and HistoryFilm Studies and ArabicFilm Studies and East Asian StudiesFilm Studies and English LanguageFilm Studies and GermanFilm Studies and LinguisticsFilm Studies and MusicFilm Studies and RussianFrench and SpanishGerman and LinguisticsGerman StudiesHistory and PortugueseHistory and SociologyItalian and SpanishLatin and ItalianLinguisticsLinguistics and ArabicLinguistics and RussianModern History with EconomicsModern Language and Business and Management (French)Modern Language and Business and Management (German)Modern Language and Business and Management (Italian)Modern Language and Business and Management (Spanish)PhilosophyPortuguese and ChinesePortuguese and JapaneseReligion and AnthropologyRussian and PortugueseRussian StudiesSpanish and JapaneseAccounting and FinanceAmerican StudiesAncient HistoryAncient History and HistoryArabic and a Modern European LanguageArabic StudiesArchaeologyArchaeology and AnthropologyArchaeology and HistoryArchitectureArt History and English LiteratureArt History and HistoryChinese and JapaneseChinese and LinguisticsChinese StudiesCriminologyCriminology and Quantitative MethodsDevelopment Studies and Social StatisticsDramaDrama and English LiteratureEast Asian StudiesEconomicsEconomics and FinanceEconomics and PhilosophyEconomics and PoliticsEconomics and Social StatisticsEconomics and SociologyEnglish LanguageEnglish Language and ChineseEnglish Language and FrenchEnglish Language and GermanEnglish Language and ItalianEnglish Language and JapaneseEnglish Language and PortugueseEnglish Language and RussianEnglish Language and SpanishEnglish Literature and a Modern Language (Italian)English Literature and a Modern Language (Spanish)English Literature and American StudiesEnglish Literature with Creative WritingFilm Studies and ArchaeologyFilm Studies and ChineseFilm Studies and English LiteratureFilm Studies and FrenchFilm Studies and HistoryFilm Studies and History of ArtFilm Studies and ItalianFilm Studies and JapaneseFilm Studies and Middle Eastern StudiesFilm Studies and PortugueseFilm Studies and SpanishFinanceFrench and ChineseFrench and GermanFrench and ItalianFrench and JapaneseFrench and LinguisticsFrench and PortugueseFrench and RussianFrench StudiesGeographyGeography with International StudyGerman and ChineseGerman and ItalianGerman and JapaneseGerman and PortugueseGerman and RussianGerman and SpanishHistory and American StudiesHistoryHistory and ArabicHistory and FrenchHistory and GermanHistory and ItalianHistory and RussianHistory and SpanishHistory of ArtItalian and ChineseItalian and JapaneseItalian and LinguisticsItalian and PortugueseItalian and RussianItalian StudiesJapanese StudiesLatin & English LiteratureLatin and English LiteratureLatin and FrenchLatin and LinguisticsLatin and SpanishLinguistics and JapaneseLinguistics and PortugueseLinguistics and SpanishLinguistics and Social AnthropologyManagement & LeisureLinguistics and SociologyManagement, Leadership and LeisureMiddle Eastern StudiesModern Language and Business and Management (Arabic)Modern Language and Business and Management (Chinese)Modern Language and Business and Management (Japanese)Modern Language and Business and Management (Portuguese)Modern Language and Business and Management (Russian)Music and DramaPhilosophy and CriminologyPolitics and ArabicPolitics and ChinesePolitics and GermanPolitics and FrenchPolitics and ItalianPolitics and JapanesePolitics and Modern HistoryPolitics and PortuguesePolitics and RussianPolitics, Philosophy and EconomicsPolitics and SpanishReligions and TheologyRussian and ChineseRussian and JapaneseRussian and SpanishSocial Anthropology and PhilosophySpanish and ChineseSpanish and PortugueseSpanish, Portuguese and Latin American StudiesWorld LiteraturesTheological Studies in Philosophy and EthicsShow More (157)
1 yearfull-timeEnglish
$18,314 - 22,734 PER

$54,311 PER

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