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University of Manchester Rankings 2020: World Rankings, UK Rankings, Subject-wise Rankings

Sugandhi Sood Sugandhi Sood
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As one of the biggest and oldest universities in the UK, University of Manchester has managed to make its marks on the world’s map. The University of Manchester ranking has been consistently well (and improving) over the last few years, contributing largely to attracting international students across the world from countries like India, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia.

The University of Manchester’s quality of education, teaching, and learning experience are the key factors in its success. In 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), the university succeeded in establishing itself as one of the UK’s top research universities. Along with that, 25 Nobel prize winners are associated with the university. 

All this has contributed in improving the University of Manchester ranking in the world and in the UK. Where in 2004, the university ranked at #79 by ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities), in 2019 it rose to #33, its best-ever ARWU ranking. Likewise, other ranking agencies have also ranked the university globally and nationally. Not just the university, various Manchester University courses also rank in Top 100.

University of Manchester World Rankings

The University of Manchester proudly stands as one of the ten universities to study in the UK that are globally ranking in Top 100 as per the every ranking agency. 

AgencyUniversity of Manchester Ranking 2020University of Manchester Ranking 2019
QS Ranking2729
THE Ranking5557
US News69-

University of Manchester Rankings by QS

The University of Manchester QS Ranking has improved for the past few years. According to the QS World University Rankings, the university is at a global standing of #27, its best till date.

The QS rankings for the university in the past five years are shown in the graph below:

University of Manchester QS Ranking

The QS rankings are awarded after calculating the overall score of the university on six specific parameters. For 2020 QS Global Rankings, this university achieved an overall score of 82.7 based on the following parameters:

ParameterQS Score (2020)Weightage
Academic Reputation94.940%
Employer Reputation97.710%
Faculty: Student74.120%
Citations per Faculty51.520%
International Faculty92.65%
International Students98.65%

Along with providing global and national rankings for each accredited institution, QS also ranks and evaluates the university on the basis of their Graduate Employability. The QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020, the University of Manchester ranks at #41 with an overall score of 75.6.

The QS Graduate Employability Rankings are based on factors like Employer Reputation (97.2), Alumni Outcomes (69.5), and Partnership with Employers (78.6).

University of Manchester Rankings by THE

THE World Rankings 2020 for the University of Manchester is #54, making it one of the ten universities of the UK to be ranked in THE’s Top 100 universities globally. 

The University of Manchester rankings, as per THE world rankings, in the previous five years are illustrated in the graph below:

University of Manchester THE Rankings

THE rankings are also awarded after the evaluation of every university on 13 stringently calibrated performance indicators which are grouped intofive areas, namely teaching, citation, research, industry income, and international outlook. An overall score is determined after which the ranking for that particular year is granted. 

In THE World Rankings 2020, the University of Manchester obtained an overall score of69.7, the breakdown of the same is given in the table below:

Areas/ParametersTHE ScoreWeightage
Teaching (learning environment)56.930%
Research (volume, reputation, income)63.830%
Citations (research influence)85.230%
Industry Income (knowledge transfer)44.77.5%
International Outlook (student staff, research)91.02.5%

When it comes to industry income, the university has scored better than University of Edinburgh (38.9) and London School of Economics (35.1). Both the universities ranking well in THE rankings 2020 at #30 and #27  respectively.

University of Manchester Rankings by ARWU

Academic Ranking of World Universities or ARWU or Shanghai rankings for 2020 are yet to be announced. As per the ARWU 2019, the University of Manchester was ranked #33, its best ARWU ranking till date. 

Ever since ARWU’s establishment in 2003, the University of Manchester has ranked in Top 100 universities to study abroad. Not just in Top 100, since 2007 the university has consistently ranked in Top 50. The ARWU rankings for this university in past five years is depicted in the following graph:

University of Manchester ARWU Rankings

Every year’s ARWU rankings are based on an assessment of the university on four specific criteria. While the agency does not release the individual scores for each university, the details of the ranking criteria are tabulated below:

Quality of EducationNobel Prizes and Field Awards to alumni10%
Quality of FacultyNobel Prizes and Field Awards to academic staff20%
Cited researchers20%
Research OutputPapers published in “Nature and Science”20%
Papers indexed in Science Citation Index20%
Per Capita PerformanceUniversity’s per capita academic performance10%

For every indicator, the highest scoring university is given a score of 100, based on which other scores/percentage of other top universities are calculated. 

University of Manchester Ranking in UK

By now, it is established that the University of Manchester has a good and overall consistent performance in terms of world rankings. However, its national rankings are even more impressive. 

For the past several years, every long-standing and influential ranking system has placed this university in its Top 10 universities in the UK for international students. The recent University of Manchester Rankings in the UK/nationally are:

Ranking SystemRank
CWUR 2019#7
QS 2020#6
US News 2020#6

The University of Manchester UK rankings in Top 10 establish that the university has made its mark and thus has earned it place amongst elite universities like University of Oxford, University College London, University of Cambridge, King’s College London, and many more.

University of Manchester Ranking: Subject-wise

Several Manchester courses have been ranked well, both globally and nationally. As per University of Manchester QS Rankings 2020, there are 30+ programs/subjects which are ranked within Top 100. The key reason why international students are seeking admission at the University of Manchester.

Some of these Manchester programs and their subject-rankings are mentioned in the table below:

Program/SubjectQS Ranking 2020US News Ranking 2020NTU Ranking 2019
Development Studies#9--
Pharmacy & Pharmacology#10#47#50
Mechanical Engineering#27-#88
Material Sciences#28#69#73
Business and Management Studies#30#47#32
Physics and Astronomy#37#70#50
Social Sciences and Management#37#52#49
Arts and Humanities#39#33-
Medicine & Life Sciences#41#58#65
Natural Sciences#49-#47

It is clear that various University of Manchester courses provides students with recognized world-class academic experience. 

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