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University of Oxford Admission 2020-2021: Requirement, Deadline, International Admission & Acceptance Rate

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The University of Oxford is very competitive to get in with an acceptance rate of only 18% for 2019 undergraduate admissions. University received 21,515 applications for around 3,300 undergraduate seats. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics course received the maximum number of applications (2,219). Admissions were offered to nearly 3,840 applicants, and over 86% accepted the offer and enrolled in University.

Students can opt to provide college preference while applying or submit an open application. Open applications are allotted college by University based on the availability of seats. Usually, students with open applications (if accepted) are allotted college which received the lowest number of applications for the applied course.

COVID-19 Update: University of Oxford is accepting applications for the 2021-22 session. The admissions process for 2021 is expected to run to the usual timeline with any changes due to COVID-19 highlighted to the candidates who apply.

University of Oxford Top Programs Admission

As a modern, research-driven university with an international character, Oxford has numerous strengths but cites particular prowess in the sciences and Management disciplines.

Undergraduate: UCAS: October 15
Written work: November 10
Portfolio: November 2

Graduate: Varies with Program

ProgramsFees Per Annum (USD)2021-22 DeadlinesScores Accepted
M.Sc Computer Science33,000To be DisclosedUndergraduate honors in computer science or mathematics
No Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or GMAT scores are sought.
M.B.A 65,48930 October 2020 (Stage 2)2 Years Full-Time Work Experience
Median GMAT score of 690
Median GRE score of 160 verbal & quantitative
Executive M.B.A1,08,60026 October 2020 5 years' managerial experience
GMAT score of 690
GRE score of 160 verbal & quantitative
M.Sc Financial Economics56,20030 October 2020 (Stage 1)GMAT/GRE: 85th Percentile & Verbal Scores in 80th Percentile
MSc Software EngineeringRegistration: 20,515
Per Module: 2,900
Applications Open for 2020-22Undergraduate in computer science, informatics, or engineering
No GMAT or GRE Scores Required
MSc Social Data Science35,24613 November 2020First-class undergraduate degree with honors in any subject
No GMAT or GRE Scores Required
Programming Skills in Python
MSc Financial Economics60,69030 October 2020 (Stage 2)GMAT/GRE: 85th Percentile & Verbal Scores in 80th Percentile
Work Experience Preferable
MSc Program Management60,47830 October 2020 (Stage 2)5 Years + Work Experience
Mphil International Relations37,651Applications Open for 2020-22Research or working experience
Peer Reviewed Publication
BA English Language and Literature40,4808 January 2021English Literature 
BA Medicine45,41115 October 2020BMAT
Chemistry with either Maths, Further Maths, Biology or Physics
Bachelor Engineering Science48,15515 October 2020Physics and Mathematics
BA Philosophy40,29515 October 2020   Language Course and Experience
BA Biological Sciences38,21115 October 2020Two from Biology, Chemistry, Maths or Physics
BA Human Sciences38,02015 October 2020   Biology or Mathematics

University of Oxford International Admission

University of Oxford enrolls over 10,000 international students from 150 countries constituting 43% of the total student population. Over 8,000 international applications were received for the 2019 undergraduate admission. China, followed by the USA and Singapore top the list for international students.

Admission Requirement for International Students

  1. Details about previous qualifications and education submitted through UCAS application (for undergraduate admission)
  2. Submission of University of Oxford Graduate application (for graduate admission)
  3. Official transcripts along with certified English translation (for graduate admission)
  4. Country-specific academic requirement
  5. Evidence of financial support for at least a year
  6. Statement of Purpose to study in UK

English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

International applicants from a country where English is not the primary language should provide one of the scores mentioned in the table below, to demonstrate language proficiency:

TestStandard Level ScoreHigher Level Score
-OverallPer SectionOverallPer Section
TOEFL100Listening: 22
Reading: 24
Speaking: 25
Writing: 24
110Listening: 22
Reading: 24
Speaking: 25
Writing: 24
Cambridge Certificate (CAE and CPE)185176191185

Standard level scores are accepted for admission in Computer Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics. Higher-level scores are accepted for all other programs.

English Language Test Score Exemption

University of Oxford also accepts the below-mentioned scores of the following programs as proof of test required to study in USA, in lieu of the aforementioned test scores:

ProgramMinimum Score Required
English level GCSEGrade B or Grade 6
English level O-levelGrade B
International Baccalaureate Standard LevelScore of 5 in English (as Language A or B)
European BaccalaureateScore of 70% in English

Students who studied the last two academic years with English as a language of instruction, International Baccalaureate Program, or Singapore Integrated Programme (SIPCAL) are not required to submit English proficiency scores.

University of Oxford Undergraduate Admission

Admission to some of the University of Oxford’s undergraduate programs requires submission of test scores and written work. Written work can be submitted electronically or in hard-copy directly to the college. Students must get their test candidate entry number by 15 October as proof of entry to be eligible for admission.

Where to Apply: UCAS Application

Application Fee: £18

UCAS requirements:

  1. Academic details
  2. A personal statement describing the reason for choosing an applied course
  3. A recommendation letter

University of Oxford Undergraduate Admission Requirements

  1. Completed UCAS application before the deadline
  2. Written work and test scores (for elective courses)
  3. An interview (for shortlisted candidates)
CourseSubject RequirementTestAdditional Requirements
EngineeringMathematics; PhysicsPATNot Required
Economics and ManagementMathematicsTSANot Required
Fine ArtsNot RequiredNot RequiredPortfolio
Computer ScienceMathematicsMATNot Required
EnglishLatin, Greek or English Language; English LiteratureELATTwo Essays upto 2000 words

Note: Students can refer to the individual department’s guidelines for submitting written work.

University of Oxford Undergraduate Admission Test

The University of Oxford has specified test scores required to be submitted for admission in a particular course. These tests are conducted under the administration of Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT). Applicants must register for the required tests through a nearby test center (school, college, or open test center).

Registration Deadline: October 15

Test Fee: Varies with Test Centre

Detailed information on some of the tests is provided below:

TestQuestion TypeTimeSectionRequired for
Thinking Skill Assessment (TSA)MCQ, Long Answer90 minutes
30 minutes
Thinking Skill Assessment Writing testEconomics and Management, Experimental Psychology, Human Sciences,
Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Psychology,
Philosophy and Linguistics, Chemistry, History and Economics
Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)MCQ2 hrs.Physics, MathsEngineering, Materials Science, Physics, Physics and Philosophy
Classics Admission Test (CAT)Long Answer1 hr/sectionLatin Translation, Greek Translation,
Classics Language Aptitude Test
Classics, Classics and English, Classics and
Modern Languages, Classics and Oriental Studies.
Mathematics Admission Test (MAT)MCQ, Long Answer2 hrs 30 minutesMathematicsComputer Science, Computer Science and Philosophy, Mathematics,
Mathematics and Computer Science,
Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics
History Aptitude Test (HAT)Long Answer1 hrBased on a paragraphHistory, History (Ancient and Modern), History and Economics,
History and English, History and Modern Languages, History and Politics
Modern Language Admission Test (MLAT)MCQ, Long Answer30 minutes
60 minutes
Czech, French, German, Italian, Modern Greek,
Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, Linguistics,
Language Aptitude Test, Philosophy
European and Middle Eastern Languages, Classics and
Modern Languages, English and Modern Languages,
History and Modern Languages, Philosophy and Modern Languages
English Literature Admission Test (ELAT)Long Answer90 minutesEnglishEnglish Language and Literature, Classics and English, English and Modern Languages

University of Oxford Graduate Admission

University of Oxford offers various masters, diploma, and doctoral courses under the research and teaching category. Graduate taught programs received 18,202 applications while research programs received 8,712 applications for the 2017-18 session. 5,872 students enrolled in university out of 9,050 accepted applications.

Where to Apply:Graduate Application

Application Fee: £150 (for MBA) and £75 (for other programs)

Academic Requirements:

  1. Official transcripts of institutes last attended
  2. An updated Resume/CV
  3. An interview (for shortlisted candidates)

University of Oxford Graduate Admission Requirement 

RequirementM.Sc in EngineeringM.Sc in Computer ScienceM.B.AM.Sc in BiochemistryM.Sc in Mathematics
GRE/GMATNot RequiredNot RequiredRequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Research ProposalUpto 1000-1500 wordsNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Letter of RecommendationThree (one must be academic)Three (one should be academic)TwoThreeThree
Personal StatementNot RequiredTwo pagesRequiredUpto 1000 wordsTwo pages
Additional RequirementNot RequiredNot RequiredTwo years experience, Upto 250 words essay, Online Assessment TestNot RequiredNot Required
Application DeadlineNovember 16
January 25
March 1
November 16
January 11
March 1
September 6
November 1
January 10
April 3
January 11November 16
January 25
March 1

Interview of shortlisted candidates is conducted in university only. Since undergraduate applicants shortlisted for interview are informed in November and the interview is conducted in December, international applicants should apply for visitor/tourist visa at the time of filling UCAS application.

  • In some cases, a college offering the applied course might decide to interview a candidate over telephone or video conference. Interview is not mandatory but is highly recommended to increase your chances of acceptance.
  • International graduate students applying for a visa should submit an application by the January deadline (if available).
  • University guarantees college accommodation for the first year of undergraduate program. Graduate students can contact Graduate Accommodation Office for information on accommodation availability and cost.

University of Oxford Admission Requirements for Indian Students

XII qualification studied with either the CBSE (All-India SSC) or CISCE (ISC) boards. For the CBSE board as an indication, it is required to have 91 or above for A1 and 81 to 90 for A2.

For courses requiring A*A*A

Courses: : Chemistry, Engineering Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics

• For CBSE board: Grades A1 A1 A1 A1 A2, with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for.
• For CISCE board: Overall grade of at least 90%, with 95% or above in four subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for) and 85% or above in the fifth subject. 

For courses requiring A*AA

Courses: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Earth Sciences (Geology), Economics and Management, Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL)

• For CBSE board: Grades A1 A1 A1 A2 A2, with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for. 
• For CISCE board: Overall grade of 90% or more, with grades of at least 95% or above in three subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for) and 85% or above in the other two subjects.

For courses requiring AAA

Courses: Archaeology and Anthropology, Classics, English Language and Literature, Fine Art, History, Human Sciences, Law (Jurisprudence), Modern Languages, Music, Oriental Studies, Philosophy and Theology

• For CBSE board: Grades A1 A1 A2 A2 A2, with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for.
• For CISCE board: Overall grade of 90% or more, with grades of at least 95% or above in two subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for) and 85% or above in the other three subjects. 

International Students Visa Requirement

International students from the Non-Europen Economic Area (EEA), admitted in a course of duration longer than six months, are required to apply for a Tier-4 student visa in UK. Other students can also use a Short-term Student Visa. EEA students just need a passport or official ID for studying in UK.

Requirements for Tier-4 student visa

  1. CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number issued by the University of Oxford
  2. Biometric Data: fingerprint and face scan (to be submitted at the nearest Visa Application Centre)
  3. A current passport/travel document
  4. Information about accommodation in UK
  5. ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) Certificate for science, engineering, and technology subjects

Short-term Student Visa can be used if the duration, of course, is less than six months and no extension or work experience in the UK is required as part of the program.

Requirements for Short-term Student Visa:

  1. Current Passport
  2. Letter from University, written especially for Short-term students
  3. Financial evidence

Students should apply for a visa within six months of receiving CAS.0

University of Oxford Admission FAQs

Ques: What is the minimum age at which Oxford accepts candidates?

Ans: The University does not set any age requirement but applicants for all undergraduate courses will be expected to demonstrate a mature approach to the study of their subject. For Medicine, your application will not be shortlisted unless you will be at least 18 years old on the 1 November of your first term.

Ques: When can I apply for graduate courses starting in the academic year 2021/22?

Ans: The new admissions cycle for Oxford's graduate courses, for 2021/22 entry, will open on 1 September 2020.  

Ques: What is a Visiting Student?

Ans: Visiting Student status is given to students from overseas (in most cases countries outside the EU) who apply to a college to spend up to one year in Oxford on a course related to a degree in their own country. Visiting Students are typically undergraduate students taking a year abroad.

Ques: Can I submit my graduate application before I’ve received my English language test results?

Ans: Yes, you can submit your graduate application without providing your English language test results.

As long as your application has been submitted in time for the relevant deadline, along with all other required supporting documents, it will be assessed by the relevant academic department as normal. If you receive English language test results after you’ve applied, you should upload these to your application via Graduate Applicant Self-Service any time later.

Ques: Is there a graduate application fee waiver?

Ans: All applicants must pay the £75 application fee,  including those applying for or awarded scholarships, except: Readmission applicants, Those who received the maximum level of financial support for their UK undergraduate degree, Those resident in a country listed by the World Bank as being low-income

Ques: How do I change my course on the online application form?

Ans: Once you have selected a course from the keyword search on the online application form, it is not possible to change it for another. The only option available is to abandon the application, and start a new one for the correct course.

To start a new application, select 'Save and close' in the current application, navigate to the ‘My Applications’ screen and click the ‘Start new application’ button. Much of the data you have already entered will be pre-populated into the new application form to prevent you having to re-enter it. 

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