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Law Colleges in UK

Bhavya Rawal Bhavya Rawal
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With around 1,676 courses in law offered by around 148 institutes, Law Colleges in UK provide one of the best in-depth study to their students along with a prominent legal academic career.

Among the world’s top five destinations to pursue higher education, here are the few reasons to pursue a law degree in the UK.

  • Top 10 Law universities in the UK are among the top law universities in the world, according to the QS World Ranking, 2020.
  • As per the UK Visas and Immigration department, in the year 2018/2019, there were around 485,645 international students, out of which 14% were UG students and 35.8% were PG students, with around 4755 getting admitted to Law courses.
  • As per the International Students Statistics UK 2020, out of 485,645 overseas students in the UK, 26,685 students are from India, which is second among the top countries of origin for Non- EU students in the UK.
  • The average yearly salary of an employee in the legal profession in the UK is around 131,000 GBP, as per Salary Explorer, with a starting salary of around 72,000 GBP./annum.

Law Colleges in UK: Top Universities

Students looking to study abroad, need to have clarified details about the top universities for courses they are looking after. This section specifically deals with the top ranking UK universities, which provide law courses.

Name of the UniversityQS World Ranking, 2020 (Law)Courses Offered
University of Oxford#22 Undergraduate Courses; 9 Postgraduate Courses; 1 Postgraduate Diploma Course & 7 Phd Courses
University of Cambridge#31 Undergraduate Course; 4 Postgraduate Courses; 4 Graduate Diploma Courses & 2 PhD Courses
London School of Economics & Political Science#61 Undergraduate Course & 3 Postgraduate Courses
University College London#165 Undergraduate Courses; 2 Postgraduate Courses & 1 PhD Course
University of Edinburgh#225 Undergraduate Courses
Queen Mary University of London#305 Undergraduate Courses; 25 Postgraduate Courses; 1 Postgraduate Certificate & 2 Postgraduate Diploma
Durham University#432 Undergraduate Courses & 5 Postgraduate Courses
University of Manchester#51-1006 Undergraduate Courses
University of Nottingham#51-1005 Undergraduate Courses
University of Warwick#51-1005 Undergraduate Courses & 4 Postgraduate Courses

What makes pursuing law courses in the UK a great option for an international student is that the LSAT is not mandatory. 

Law Colleges in UK: Degree Courses and Specializations

Law schools in the UK give a wide scope of law specializations. A large portion of the colleges furnish undergraduate and postgraduate degrees alongside graduate certifications and diploma courses. There are many course specializations available in doctorate degrees too in the UK law universities. 

With each higher degree the possibility of preferred job positions and a high paid salary becomes smooth. Law courses in the UK comprises different degree levels.

  • Graduate Diploma and Certificates: They are basically 6 month to 1 year courses.
  • Postgraduate diploma: 1 Year courses.
  • Undergraduate degrees: LLB(Bachelor of Law), B.A
  • Postgraduate degrees: LLM(Master of Law), M.A, MSc.
  • Doctorate degrees: PhD., M.Phil

For simplification, specified below are few of the specialized courses in Law available in the UK Universities, by which students can choose their preferred courses easily:

Criminology and Criminal JusticeInternational Human Rights
Law and FinanceBusiness Law
Commercial and Corporate LawInternational Trade and Commercial Law
Law and SociologyBanking and Corporate Law
International Development LawInternational Economic Law

Law Colleges in UK: Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses at law schools in the UK are proficient courses of 3-4 years of duration, contingent upon the degree and course specialization an individual picks. This section briefs the well known undergraduate law courses, colleges furnishing these courses alongside their expense structure and term duration.

ProgramUniversityTotal Program Cost (in GBP)Duration (Years)
Bachelor of Law(LLB)London School of Economics and Political Science60,6303
University College London61,6003
Queen Mary University London53,1003
Durham University58,6003
University of Manchester60,0003
University of Warwick55,8003
LLB in CriminologyDurham University, University of Manchester58,700 & 59,4003
LLB in Business LawUniversity of Edinburgh, University of Warwick80,650 & 109,0004
LLB in Law and EconomicsUniversity of Edinbergh80,6504
LLB in Law and PoliticsQueen Mary University London53,2003
LLB in Law and SociologyWarwick University86,0004
B.A in CriminologyDurham University, University of Manchester, & University of Nottingham58,700; 59,400 & 58,5003
B.A in LawUniversity of Oxford,University of Cambridge81,500 & 51,0003
Bachelor of English and German LawUniversity College London82,1104

Note:University of Cambridge also provides Graduate Diploma Courses which are basically 6 months to 1 year courses.

Undergraduate Law Courses in UK: Eligibility & Requirements

For an overseas student who is hoping to study abroad, eligibility criteria is one of the important possibilities that they should consider. This section manages the qualification criteria required to seek a bachelor’s degree in Law from the UK.

Most of the Law Colleges in UK have the common entry requirements which requires scores of standardized exams to study in the UK are mentioned below:

  • Students must have a high school diploma or an equivalent 12 years of education certificate.
  • BBB at A Level and Grade C/4 or above in GCSE English Language, or equivalent capabilities. This is equivalent to 12 years of study as per Indian education system. 
  • Understudies who will be younger than 18 but no younger than 17 at the beginning of the course are allowed.
  • LSAT(Law School Admission Test) is partially required.
  • Good Score in English Language Proficiency is required for the international students.

Average Cut off marks of the ELPs:

  • IELTS: 6-6.5
  • TOEFL: 80-90
  • PTE:55-59
  • CAE: 160-169

Documents Required

  • Complete Admission Form
  • A Personal Statement
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendation

Undergraduate Law Courses in UK: Fees and Funding

The average expense of pursuing an undergraduate law degree in the UK ranges from 53,200 GBP to 109,000 GBP for the total program, contingent upon the course an individual picks. 

Numerous bachelors scholarships in UK are accessible to help understudies monetarily, which bears most of their education costs. Most of the UK colleges additionally give departmental grants to a limited number of international students.

Law Colleges in UK: Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate Law courses in UK are a 1-2 year program that can be sought only after completing an equivalent bachelor’s degree or an equivalent honours degree in the relevant subjects in law, business and economics. A postgraduate degree in law in the UK gives a detailed dissection of the subject and provides an effective job profile in the legal field. 

The top law universities in UK giving postgraduate degrees are referenced underneath along with the courses offered and fee structure.

ProgramUniversityTotal Program Cost(in GBP)Duration (in Years)
Master of Law(LLM)University of Cambridge30,2001
Durham University17,8001
Queen Mary University London21,3001
London School of Economics and Political Sciences24,0001
LLM in Business LawQueen Mary University London21,3001
LLM in Commercial and Corporate LawDurham University17,8001
University of Warwick17,7001
University of Cambridge31,6001
Queen Mary University London21,3001
LLM in Criminal JusticeQueen Mary University London21,3001
LLM in International Development and Human RightsUniversity of Warwick, University of Oxford17,900 & 28,0001
LLM in International Economic LawUniversity of Warwick17,9001
MSc. in Criminal JusticeLondon School of Economics and Political Sciences22,3501
University of Oxford23, 500
Durham University17, 800
Master Magister JurisUniversity of Oxford35,5001
MSc. in Socio Legal ResearchUniversity of Oxford22,0001
MSc. in Crime ScienceUniversity College London26,6001

Note: University of Oxford also provides 1 Postgraduate Diploma degree which is a 1 year course.

Postgraduate Law Courses in UK: Eligibility Criteria

To pursue for Postgraduate degrees in law in UK, one must qualify the common eligibility criteria set by the UK law Colleges:

  • Students must have an equivalent bachelor’s degree in law and relevant subjects with a minimum aggregate marks of 70-75%.
  • Proof of English proficiency. Average cut off for the ELPs:
    • IELTS:7-7.5
    • TOEFL: 90-100
    • CAE:190-193
  • A minimum of 2 years of work experience is mandatory for the students belonging to other disciplines.

Required Documents

  • Academic Transcripts.
  • Curriculum Vitae, with academic and co-curricular achievements.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Medical Certificate and a valid Health Insurance 

Postgraduate Law Courses in UK: Fees and Funding

The average cost of studying a postgraduate law degree in the UK costs in the range of 17,700 GBP to 35,500 GBP for the total program. 

Accommodation, travel and stay in the UK adds another 15,000 GBP in the budget of an international student which comes to be a handsome amount to spend. Hence, international students can avail numerous postgraduate scholarships and fundings in UK to sustain their living.

Law Colleges in UK: Doctorate Courses

The doctoral certificate is viewed as the most noteworthy degree by most of the understudies, along with that research opportunities in the UK is exceptionally acclaimed throughout the world. Getting through a law school in UK, to study a doctorate degree requires extra merit and good scores in entrance exams.

This section deals with some of the popular doctorate courses in law provided by the universities in the UK along with fee details and duration.

ProgramUniversityTotal Program Cost(in GBP)Duration (in Years)
M.Phil in LawUniversity of Oxford22,0001
M.Phil in Criminology ResearchUniversity of Cambridge26,6001
M.Phil in Socio Legal ResearchUniversity of Oxford22,0001
PhD in LawUniversity of Oxford,88,0004
University of Cambridge96, 5004
Kingston University42, 0003
PhD. in CriminologyUniversity of Oxford88,0004
University of Cambridge96,500
PHD. in Security and ServicesUniversity College London72,5003

Doctorate Courses in Law in UK: Eligibility Criteria

For seeking a doctoral degree in law in the UK, an individual must have great scholastic scores with a mandatory work involvement in the related field. Referenced underneath are the general capability criteria:

  • Students need to have a masters degree in a law or law related subject with an aggregate score of 70%.
  • Work Experience of 2-3 years in the relevant field is mandatory.
  • Good scores in English Language Proficiency. Average Cut off for the exams required to study in UK:
    • IELTS: 7-7.5
    • TOEFL:90-100

Documents Required

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Two personal references from academic referees.
  • Curriculum Vitae with professional experience.
  • Statement of Research Interests

Doctorate Courses in Law in UK: Fees and Funding

The average cost of pursuing a doctoral degree in law in UK ranges from 22,000 GBP to 96,500 GBP depending on the course an individual chooses. To sustain their studies in UK, international students get numerous scholarships and funding opportunities.

Law Colleges in UK: Scholarships

Once you have acquired a seat in any of the top colleges in UK, the following thing which must be tended is – educational costs. To guarantee the students a smooth progression of study and not get into part time work, the colleges, as well as the UK government, offer various types of financial support for the international students in the UK.

Name of the ScholarshipScholarship ProviderOffered toBenefits (in GBP)
Chevening ScholarshipGovernment of the UKAll levels of students18,000
Commonwealth Master ScholarshipsGovernment of the UKAll levels of Students15,600
Clarendon UniversityUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate Students15,009
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipUniversity of CambridgeAll level of Students500-2,000
Edinburgh Global Research ScholarshipUniversity of EdinburghDoctorate Students25% of the tuition fees

.Law Colleges in UK: Jobs

A wide extent of occupations are available after completing law courses in the UK. The average pay of a person in a legal profession is around 131,000 GBP per annum which can go up to around 202,000 GBP per annum. Around 25% of the people working with law offices procure more than 92,000 GBP per annum. The best pay hike is expected after 2-5 years of professional experience.

Salary of a law graduate also differs according to the city of residence. Below mentioned is the average pay of employees in the legal profession in different cities of the UK.

Average Pay per year by City

For the students who are looking to pursue a law degree from the UK, it is very much important for them to acquire knowledge about the different job positions available in the field of legal profession in UK. The referenced table represents various jobs for international students in UK in the field of law along with their average yearly salary.

DesignationAverage Salary( in GBP/Year)
Administrative Law Judge160,000-195,000
Attorney80,000- 160,000
Associate Attorney70,000-130,000
Contract Manager50,000-110,000
Legal Counsel65,000-175,000
Judge Advocate40,000-85,000
Legal Advisor40,000-135,000
Patent Attorney75,000-170,000

Legal profession gives you a greater return in the terms of benefits, than that of the average national salary. Average yearly pay in Australia is around 119,000 GBP per annum, whereas the average salary of an individual working in a lawful occupation is around 135,000 GBP per annum with an average increment of 10.15% in salary in every 12 months.

With a blossoming future ahead in the legal sector in the UK, international students can get a work permit of around 12 months to accumulate work involvement with the assistance of a Tier 1 Post-study Work Visa. All these factors combined make studying in law colleges in UK a degree worth all the expenses made. 

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