IIIT Delhi boasts of a rank 56th in the NIRF 2020 rankings and has lived up to its name with an excellent placement record.

During its latest placement drive, the institute hosted over +105 companies that recruited a total of 376 students from both B.Tech. as well as M.Tech. programs. The maximum number of students were recruited from the CSE department.

IIIT Delhi Placements 2020 Highlights

Total No. of Students 376
Total. No. of Companies +105
Total No. of Offers 703
Highest Salary Package Domestic: INR. 43.31 LPA
International: INR. 154.79 LPA
Total No. of Internship Offers 293

Over 105 companies visited the institute and made a total of 703 job offers of them, 410 are full time and 293 are Intern offers. There were 2 overseas offers and 408 Indian offers.

296 out of the total 703 placements provided a CTC above 10 LPA while 114 of them offered a CTC ranged between 6-10 LPA.

The highest salary for domestic job offers was 43.31 lakhs whereas the highest salary for international job offers was 154.79 lakhs. 16.50 lakhs was the overall average salary for the entire batch.

In all, IIIT Delhi witnessed a total of 100% placement for B.Tech CSE and B.Tech CSM, 91.89% for B.Tech ECE, 96.58% for M.Tech CSE, 81.43% for M.Tech ECE and 61.54% for M.Tech CB.

Course Average CTC Highest CTC Median CTC
B.Tech. 16.97 LPA 43.31 LPA 14.85 LPA
M.Tech. 16.29 LPA 36.00 LPA 14 LPA

From the above-mentioned table, it is evident that both the courses garnered some wholesome salary packages from various different sectors of the industry.

IIIT Delhi Placement

In terms of overall salary (both B.Tech. and M.Tech.), the average CTC offered was of amount INR. 16.5 LPA and the median CTC was INR. 14 LPA.

IIIT Delhi Placement Analysis

105 companies visited the institute this year which has been a consistent trend for the last four years. 2017 was the first time the institute saw more than a hundred companies visiting the campus for placements and since then IIIT Delhi has managed to maintain the figure in three digits. The following table gives a more detailed version of this information:

Year Number of visiting companies Average salary offered
2020 +105 16.5 lakhs
2019 +102 16.06 lakhs
2018 101 14.71 lakhs
2017 102 12.36 lakhs
2016 85 11.41 lakhs
2015 80 9.33 lakhs
2014 57 12.90 lakhs

The average salary offered at IIIT Delhi placements has been rising consistently over the past years. From a modest 9.33 LPA in 2015 to an impressive 16.5 LPA in 2020, the placement figures at IIIT Delhi have shown considerable growth over the last few years.

The highest salary offered at the IIIT Delhi has been a decent figure for quite some time. The figure for the highest salary offered reached its zenith in 2018 when the biggest offer made stood at a handsome 71 lakhs LPA. This figure, however, dropped to 40.72 lakhs the very next year but is still quite a decent figure. In 2020 however, the institute made broke through all the barriers and achieved milestone by bagging the highest ever CTC of INR. 154.79 LPA.

The following table depicts the trend for the highest salary offered at IIIT Delhi over the years:

IIIT Delhi Placement

IIIT Delhi Placements 2020 Branch-wise

The average package offered at IIIT Delhi in 2020 placements was 16.50 lakhs which was quite impressive. The average package for the Bachelor’s batch (B.Tech.) and the Master’s batch (M.Tech.) was 16.97 lakhs and 16.29 lakhs respectively.

Since the branch-wise placement data for the 2020 placement hasn’t been released by the institute yet the following table represents the average salary offered in each branch during the last recruitment drive-

The Average Salary Offered in 2019
Branch Average salary offered
B.Tech. CSE 17.43 lakhs
B.Tech. ECE 11.30 lakhs
M.Tech. CSE 16.27 lakhs
M.Tech ECE 17.65 lakhs

In 2019, The highest salary offered in B.Tech. for domestic jobs was 39 lakhs and the figure was the same for the M.Tech. batch.

Out of all of the courses that are offered at IIIT Delhi, only M.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering managed to record a 100% placement record. No other branch had all of the students getting placed. B.Tech. CSE and B.Tech. ECE reached 100% placements.

 M.Tech. CSE recorded 90+ placement percentages which were quite decent. The only negative out of this analysis was the placement percentage of M.Tech. CB which dropped down to 61.54% and is not a satisfactory performance when compared with other branches that performed extraordinarily. The percentage of students placed in each branch are tabulated below :

Branch-wise Placement Percentage
Branch Percentage of students placed
2020 2019 2018
B.Tech. CSE 100% 98.96% 97.20%
B.Tech. ECE 100% 94.59% 94.12%
B.Tech. CSAM 91.89% - -
M.Tech. CSE 96.58% 100% 100%
M.Tech ECE 72.86% 93.75% 97.22%
M.Tech. CB 61.54% 71.43% -

The previous year’s (2019) statistics suggest a similar trend. M.Tech. CSE recorded a 100% placement record while the other branches performed decently with placement percentages that were above 90%.

IIIT Delhi Placements 2020 Top Recruiters

Core CSE Recruiters: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Mercedes Benz, Amazon, Google, Adobe, Myntra, Microsoft, LinkedIn. Flipkart, Mobikwik, Xerox, Snapdeal, Oracle, Make My Trip, Coding Blocks, Cisco, Philips, Wipro, Intel, Dell, Tata Consultancy Services, UpGrad, PayTM, Zomato, Qualcomm, IBM, EMC2, Hacker Rank, Math Works.

Core ECE Recruiters: Grey Orange, Samsung, SanDisk, Tata Power, Tata Consultancy Services, Texas Instruments, KPIT, NXP, Sankalp Semiconductors, Ericsson, Tektronix, Xilinx, Micro Semi, STMicroelectronics.

Non-Tech Recruiters: PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, Trident group, India Mart, Futures First, Swiggy, ZS, UrbanClap

IIIT Delhi Alumni Network

The following table represents the alumni who are currently working under different companies-


No. of Alumni







NXP Semiconductors






Goldman Sachs






IIIT Delhi Recruiter-wise Placement Criteria

The following table represents the selection criteria adopted by different companies-


Selection Criteria


Aptitude + Programming MCQs + Technical MCQs + Technical Interview I + Technical Interview II + Technical Interview III(may or may not be) + HR interview

Goldman Sachs

Online Coding + Technical Interview (2) + HR Interview


Online Test + Coding Round


Online coding test followed by pen and paper coding test and three rounds of interview