Dr Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry Quick Updates

  • May 6: Registration Deadline for B.Sc (Hons), B.Tech program is June 1. Click Here to Apply
  • May 6: Registration Deadline for MBA, M.Sc program is June 8. Click Here to Apply
  • May 6: Registration Deadline for Ph.D program is July 15. Click Here to Apply

The Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry is situated in the famous district of Solan in the Himachal Pradesh area. It can be accessed through the use of bus and tram services and one can also use train and taxi services in order to reach university on time.

  • The university came into existence in the year 1985.
  • It is primarily devoted to the study of forestry sciences and is named after YS Parmar who was one of the famous architects of modern India.
  • The curriculum of study offered at the university is one that is fairly advanced and the faculty members at the university are known to be highly proficient in the subjects that they teach. 
  • The university is recognized by the University Grants Commission of India as a centre with the potential for excellence.

Department: The following are the important faculties or departments of the university:

  • Department of Basic Sciences
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Soil Sciences and Water Management
  • Department of Tree Improvement and Genetic Resources
  • Department of Agroforestry
  • Department of Silviculture
  • Department of Vegetable Science
  • Department of Fruit Science
  • Department of Post Harvest Technology
  • Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology
  • Department of Floriculture and Landscaping
  • Department of Entomology and Apiculture
  • Department of Biotechnology


Hostel: The university is known to boast of fine hostels where out of stations can put up for accommodation. There are as many as 10 hostels that are run by the university. Out of these 5 of the hostels are meant for girls, 4 hostels are meant for boys and one hostel is meant exclusively for international students. 

Placement Cell:  The university runs a placement cell that is visited often by students who are on the verge of graduation. The placement cell offers career guidance and counselling and also arranges for job interviews to be taken place on the university campus. 


  • ICAR National Talent Scholarship
  • College Merit Scholarship
  • University Merit Scholarship for Masters
  • University Merit Scholarship for Ph.D. programme