KK Modi University provides scholarships to outstanding students. Thus, to recognize the talent of meritorious and needy students, KK Modi University has provision scholarships, medals, awards and certificates. The university is also offering a 10% special scholarship, especially for COVID times. Mentioned below are the details for the same

Nature of Scholarship Program Eligibility (Marks in the qualifying exam) Scholarship %age on 1st-year tuition fee Remarks
Entry-level Scholarship For all UG and PG program Between 70% to 84.99% 25% These rules are not applicable on programs of one year or less than one year duration
Between 80% & above 50%
Rank holders of competitive exams For admission to B.Tech. All India Rank in JEE (Main)
Upto 25000 50%
25001-50000 35%
50001-100000 20%

These scholarships are limited in numbers and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis to eligible students. Availability of scholarships in different slabs is as follows:

Programs Scholarship Slabs Total intake under Scholarship
50% 35% 20%
B.Tech CS 6 9 15 30
BCA 3 5 7 15
BBA 5 8 12 25
B.Com 4 6 10 20
MBA 2 3 5 10
Total 20 31 49 100
  • In case a girl student is eligible for any scholarship, an additional 10% scholarship will also be extended to the said student.

Conditions to be fulfilled to avail On-Admission merit-based scholarship:

  • The aggregate of all marks in Class XII is to be taken excluding Physical Education, Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Non-written subjects.
  • The candidate should have passed in all subjects.
  • KKMU reserves the right to withdraw/cancel the scholarship awarded if the candidate is found ineligible at any time.
  • The candidate should not have improved his/her marks in any subject by appearing for improvement/supplementary examination in the same/succeeding year of passing class XII.
  • On-Admission Merit scholarship for UG programs is applicable to CBSE/ISCE/State Boards.
  • Scholarship would not apply if there is a gap between academic sessions.

Procedure for Grant of On-Admission Scholarship

This scholarship shall be granted at the time of admission. The Admission department shall verify the mark sheets to ascertain the category under which a student falls and then will obtain prior sanction of the competent authority for grant of Scholarship under the category based on prescribed level of Marks/Percentage of marks/Percentile/Grades. The scholarship will be awarded on Tuition Fee only.

Continuation of On-Admission Merit Scholarship

The academic performance of a student shall be the sole criteria for the continuation of the scholarship. At the end of each year of the program, a student will continue to be eligible for scholarship on the criteria mentioned below: At the end of a year, if a student is not able to score the required CGPA to be eligible for the scholarship amount granted at the time of admission, the student will be eligible for the lower scholarship amount (if available) for the following year subject to fulfillment of other conditions laid down under these regulations.

  • Such student may again on the improvement of performance at the end of subsequent year, becomes eligible for the original scholarship amount granted at the time of admission.
  • A student will, however, be not eligible for the higher amount of scholarship than what has been granted at the time of admission even if the performance is better than that required for the original scholarship amount.

Rules and regulations for Grant of continuation of On-Admission scholarship

The guidelines to be followed for grant of continuation scholarship for the current academic year are as follows:

  • The student should be in the top 15% of the program in that batch
  • The student shall be considered eligible for equal or less than the slab he/she qualified Merit scholarship at the time of admission
  • Eligibility for slabs of scholarship are
    • CGPA 9.5 and above for 50% scholarship
    • CGPA between 8.5 to 9.49 for 35% scholarship
    • CGPA between 7.5 to 8.49 for 20% scholarship

Withdrawal of Merit Scholarship

The scholarship shall be withdrawn at any time during a program, from the date as approved by the competent authority (Not below Registrar), under the following conditions:

  • The student is not able to secure a rank in the batch of the program as prescribed in conditions for the continuation of the scholarship.
  • The student is unable to pass all the examinations in the first attempt in the normal examination scheduled for his/her program.
  • The student is found to have adopted unfair means in examinations or has been debarred from appearing in the examinations.
  • During the continuation of the scholarship, the Head of the institution/Department reports that the student has been charged with misconduct, misbehavior, gross indiscipline, the incident of ragging, use of drugs or narcotics, etc and such misconduct is established.
  • The Vice-Chancellor may however review such withdrawal in exceptional cases.