Health insurance USA: Benefits, various policies and Facilities.

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    Moving from one country to another involves a lot of preparations in itself. When it comes to the USA one must go by a checklist and health care should be on the top of that. One should be well prepared for all sort of emergencies especially when you are not in your native country.

    Health care in USA is considered to be the most advanced and costly in comparison with other countries. Since, most of the Health care facilities are owned by private sector they charge hefty amount for their facilities.

    Is Medical Insurance a Mandate While Studying in USA?

    No, it is not at all mandatory to have a medical insurance while studying in the USA, but many institutions require medical insurance as a part of admission process.

    • If you are on F1 visa

    For F1 visa holders there is no mandatory insurance requirements but it is advisable to have one

    • If you are on J1 visa

    For J1 visa holders it is mandatory to have a health insurance during the entire program

    • If your institute offers medical insurance

    Not all colleges offer medical insurance but most of them do make it a point that a student must have medical insurance while studying in USA. This is often used as an indicator of appropriate health.

    How does the Insurance Policies of Different Institutes Work?

    Majorly, institutes emphasize on medical insurance because they want to assure appropriate health of students. There are different policies by the institutes for the same but, they can be broadly classified as follows:-

    Mandatory Health Insurance policy Alternative health insurance policy Optional health insurance policy
     In this policy, it is made mandatory by institute to have a health insurance. Once a student enrolls in university automatically health insurance is done No option to choose coverage In this policy institute offers medical insurance but with options to withdraw Here, Student must have alternative policy with alternative coverage. In this policy the institute does not make it mandatory for students to have a medical insurance policy.

    While travelling overseas for education a student has plethora of things that need attention. From filling up the forms to organizing housing facility every minor detail is taken care. Amid all this managing health insurance can add those special stars to your entire experience.

    Unexpected Challenges can Hamper Education Greatly

    The entire journey of adapting into new environment is full of ups and downs wherein, things are expected to be picture perfect. Unexpected challenges such injuries, accidents, unexpected illness can hamper education while studying in USA.

    Healthcare Facilities in USA

    • USA is renowned for world class health care facilities
    • Health care facilities are majorly managed and owned by Private sectors
    • Very less government owned facilities
    • Costly health care facilities
    • A visit to doctor may cost thousands of dollars

    How to Select Perfect Health Insurance?

    There is no such key rule of selecting the perfect medical insurance however, some major points should be kept in mind while making a choice:-

    • Proper comparison should be done
    • Benefits should be kept in mind
    • Coverage policy should be considered
    • Policy should be selected keeping in mind the healthcare facilities of USA

    Why is there a Need of Health Insurance while Studying in USA?

    There is no provision of providing free treatment to a patient in USA. Though immediate and proper healthcare facility would be provided in case of accidents or injuries even if you don’t have a health insurance. In such cases the entire burden would be on patient’s pocket.

    One needs health insurance for following reasons:-

    • To bear the expenses of such unexpected injuries one needs health insurance
    • To have a proper treatment
    • To focus on studies without worrying about medical expenses
    • To have a coverage of health and pocket in an expensive country like USA

    How does Health insurance works?

    To have a health insurance while studying in USA means to have proper healthcare facilities without any hassle. From the first aid to the medicines, from doctor’s consultation to important test everything is covered.

    There is a premium amount that needs to be paid by the student at the time of buying insurance and in consecutive cycles. Thereafter, all unexpected injuries and illness are covered.

    None of the insurance policy can reduce the loss of health due to sudden emergencies but, they can definitely reduce the pain caused on a patient’s pocket.

    What is Advisable?

    It is highly recommended that one must have a proper health insurance before going for studying in USA.All the benefits of having an insurance can help you shape a better future in city of dreams, USA.

    Being aware about the healthcare facilities of USA, a person should never take a risk on health. Only a healthy human being would be able to be a successful human being.