Masters in Engineering Management in USA: Course Guide for International Students

    Masters in engineering management (MEM) in USA is a 1 to 2 year program streamlined particularly for engineering graduates. The course broadly encompasses business know-how and leadership concepts that align with advanced engineering techniques.

    Presently more than 179 colleges in the USA provide Masters of Engineering Management, accredited with world-class quality. However, with quality come hefty course fees but scholarship programs are in place to fix this issue as well.

    • Students with a bachelors degree in engineering related field and valid GRE/GMAT score can apply for MS in Engineering Management in USA. 
    • Average annual tuition fees of universities in the USA offering Masters in Engineering Management is around 32,000 USD to 120,000 USD. 
    • After completion of MS in Engineering Management in USA, students can expect to draw a handsome annual package of at least $90,000 at the entry-level. 

    Why Study Masters in Engineering Management in the USA?

    Although, job growth for engineering managers is projected to be only 3% till 2028 (slower than the national average), following are the factors contributing to the attractiveness of MS in Engineering Management in USA among study abroad aspirants: 

    • The median salary of engineering managers in the USA is 144,000 USD per annum. This is higher than the average pay scale of management occupations ie. 105,660 USD per year.
    Salary in USA
    • Total employment in this sector rose by 1% from 2017 to 2018 to 194,250.
    • Similarly, the mean annual wage for engineering managers increased by 0.3% from 2017 to 2018. 
    • Architectural and engineering sectors employed the highest number of graduates from this field in 2018 ie. 51,020.
    • However, the highest salary of 177,840 USD per year was earned by engineering managers employed in scientific research and development services. 

    Top Universities for Masters in Engineering Management in USA

    MS in Engineering Management in USA is offered as both full-time and part-time program. Duration of a full-time course is 12 to 24 months while part-time courses usually last for 6 to 9 months.

    As per the QS News World University Rankings for 2020, following are the top universities in the USA offering a Masters of Engineering Management program. 

    QS Global Ranking 2020 University Programs Offered Program Fees (in USD)
    14 Cornell University MEng Engineering Management; 2 years 108,814
    24 Johns Hopkins University Master of Engineering Management; 2 year 110,770
    25 Duke University Master of Engineering Management; 1 year 56,664
    31 Northwestern University Master of Engineering Management; 1.3 years 64,548
    35 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) MS in Engineering with Specialization in Engineering Management; 2 years 36,000
    56 University of Wisconsin (UW) – Madison  Master of Engineering Management 53,072
    65 University of Texas at Austin (UTA) Master of Engineering Management 53,668
    93 Pennsylvania State University (PennState) Master of Engineering Management 76,932
    101 Ohio State University (OSU) Master of Engineering Management 32,010
    108 Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) Master of Engineering Management; 1.5 years 84,450

    All About Masters in Engineering Management in USA

    Masters in Engineering Management may sound like a management degree but it is more specialized than MBA or Masters in Management (MIM). The program is primarily designed for engineers interested to pursue a management role in their career.

    The core curriculum of the MS in Engineering Management in USA covers finance, intellectual management, marketing, and management laws. Procedures like staffing, planning or scheduling and business monitoring are also taught in the program.

    MBA vs. Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)

    Masters in Engineering Management and MBA in the USA are both in demand from an international student’s view. Given below is a difference between the two to help you choose a suitable program:

    Determinants MBA MEM
    Course duration 2 years 2 to 3 years
    Curriculum Six Sigma, Quality systems, Project management, leadership and law, engineering statistics and information systems. Marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, organizational behavior, and international business
    Skills developed Organizational leadership, business communication and problem-solving Strategic thinking, communication and innovation.
    Eligibility Engineering graduates or mid-career engineers with managerial experience With at least 2-3 years of paid experience of working
    Placement Preferably in Tech-companies Mostly in non-tech companies
    Median salary (after 10 years) 107,765 USD per annum 98,626 USD per annum

    Admission Process for Masters in Engineering Management in USA

    Admissions to masters in the USA universities are difficult to crack. Merely fulfilling the minimum requirements does not assure admissions in the university.

    Given below is a brief detail on the procedure and requirements for an international student applying for masters of engineering management in USA. 

    How to Apply for MS in Engineering Management in USA

    Students are required to fill up the application form available online on university websites. Some universities have separate graduate admission portals for masters program.

    Then, you must send in the additional documents required along with the application package to the admission department of the respective universities. 

    Eligibility Criteria for MS in Engineering Management in USA 

    • 4-year bachelors in engineering or related sciences
    • GPA in the range of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale (equivalent to 80%) in engineering or STEM discipline along with 1-2 years of work experience.
    • Academic background in Science, Engineering, Statistics, and Calculus.
    • Minimum GRE score of 300 or equivalent GMAT scores

    Students who do not qualify with this academic constraint then, case-by-case admissions are considered. However, this is not a profound confirmation for admission.

    Documents Required for MS in Engineering Management in USA Admission

    • Resume: A detailed summary of educational qualifications, personal profile, work experience, and extracurricular activities.
    • Letters of recommendation: For each university, applicants need to provide 2-3 hard copies of letters of recommendation.
    • English proficiency test scores 
    • GRE/GMAT test scores must also be submitted. 
    • Mark sheets: Applicants have to submit all the necessary academic proofs that is, pass certificates for 10th and 12th standards along with undergraduate degrees.
    • Statement of Purpose: Statement of purpose should explain the sole purpose of opting for the program. 
    • Transcripts: This is a brief scorecard from an academic institution which the applicant had last attended. 

    Proof of English Proficiency for International Students

    International students who are from country where English was not the primary language are required to demonstrate proficiency in the this language by submitting IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent test scores. Minimum score required for admission in masters of engineering management in USA are:

    • IELTS: 6.5 to 7.5
    • TOEFL (iBT): 89 to 100

    Visa Requirements for International Students

    • Students need to have valid passports and expiry dates need to exceed 2 years of the postgraduate program.
    • Bank balance needs to cover the tuition fee and living cost of the first year. 
    • Bank statements that stand proof of scholarships offered by USA universities, in case the applicant has applied for any. 
    • Eligibility forms like I-2O in the case of F-1 Visa.
    • Pay fees of SEVIS that is 180 USD for 200 USD in case of an F-1 visa. 
    • Schedule visa appointments and carry an online form for DS-160 visa for the interview.
    • Visa Acceptance rate varies for different universities and more than 80% of students usually receive one. 

    Cost of Studying Masters in Engineering Management in USA

    Cost of studying abroad is rather expensive for a student because it has many components associated with it such as test scores registration fees, tuition fees, living cost etc. This section further discusses such costs in brief by diving them in three broad categories: Pre-arrival Cost, Tuition Fees and Cost of Living. 

    Pre-arrival Expenses

    Even before heading to the US, students have to take care of the considerable amount of expenses such as flight charges, visa fees, application, the registration fee of tests required to study in the USA, etc. Such one-time costs are tabulated below: 

    Type of Expense Cost (in USD)
    Program Application Fees 100-200
    Visa Application Fees 160
    IELTS Fees 185-190
    TOEFL Fees 160-250
    GRE Fees 205-230
    GMAT Fees 250

    Tuition Fees of MS in Engineering Management in USA

    Tuition fees for MEM programs range between 26,000 USD and 55,000 USD for one year. Some of the cheapest universities for masters of engineering management in USA are University of California, Los Angeles and Ohio State University. Cost of pursuing MEM from these universities is within 20,000 USD per annum. 

    Tuition Fees of MEM in USA

    Cost of Living in USA

    Living expenses majorly includes accommodation cost in the USA and can range anywhere around 1000 USD/month. This is equivalent to 74,000 INR. Tabulated below are the details of some of the expenses an international student will experience on a regular basis while studying in the USA. 

    Expense type Monthly Expenses (in USD)
    Hostel/ Share rentals 200
    Groceries 200
    Eating outs 150
    Transport 100
    Entertainment and shopping 250
    International calls 15

    Scholarships for Masters in Engineering Management in USA

    Looking at the cost of attendance of tuition fees of MS in Engineering Management, international students face a huge financial burden while pursuing higher education in USA.To tackle this issue, universities, non-government agencies and other third-party organizations provide scholarships, fellowships and loans to help students. 

    Some of the funding options available for students pursuing Masters of Engineering Management in USA are provided below: 

    Scholarship Awarding Institute Amount (in USD)
    Knight Engineering Management Diversity Fellowship Cornell University Up to 40,000
    Master of Engineering Committee (MEC) Scholarships Cornell University Up to 20,000
    Knight Scholarship Cornell University Up to 40,000
    Teaching Assistantship John Hopkins University 16.50 per hour
    Albert H. Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship Northwestern University Varies 
    Warren V. Musser Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Studies Pennsylvania State University 25,000

    In addition to this, some of the popular scholarships offered to international students in USA are detailed below:

    1. Fulbright-Nehru Foreign Student Program: This scholarship program applies to postgraduate programs across all universities in the US. However, the Fullbright-Nehru scholarship requires students to return to the country after course-completion. 
    2. Go Clean scholarship: The Go Clean scholarships apply to postgraduate students of Engineering Management in the USA. The scholarship value amounts to $3,500 which can be utilized for tuition fees only. 
    3. BrokerFish International Student Scholarship: The BrokerFish scholarship program for international students targets to save expenses in the academic years. The scholarship amount is applicable for tuition fees and amounts to $1,000. 
    4. Global Study Awards: British Council (IELTS), ISIC Association and StudyPortals had launched this scholarship program to encourage students for studying abroad. This popular scholarship values to 12,995 USD which can be spent on tuition fees and living expenses. 

    For more scholarships offered in USA, refer to this link.

    Scope of Masters in Engineering Management in USA

    The average salary of graduates after completion of MS in Engineering Management from the USA is 117,000 USD per year. This pay grade varies depending upon the organization, location and skills you have. Top recruiters give preference to skills like project management, people management and leadership.

    Top Recuiters

    Some of the job roles in USA available for engineering managers are: 

    Job Prospect Average Salary (USD) Job Prospect Average Salary (USD)
    Design Engineer 86,100 Chemical Process Manager 92,300
    Product Engineer 79,200 Technical and Project Manager 101,000
    Quality Control Manager 75,900 Process Engineer 75,800
    Project Coordinator 79,000 Automation Engineer 88,500

    Other options for students interested to pursue a management degree include MBA and Masters in Management in USA. These degrees do not specifically cater to engineering students but they also deal with teaching on how to manage a project, people or organization. 


    Ques. How much does a masters in engineering management cost in the USA?

    Ans. A masters in engineering management in the USA can cost you anywhere from 27,000 to 55,000 USD/year. This is majorly the tuition fees of the program. 

    Ques. Name some of the top-ranking universities offering MS in Engineering Management in USA.

    Ans. Cornell University, John Hopkins University, Duke University, Northwestern University and UCLA are some of the top-ranking universities offering masters in engineering management in USA. 

    Ques. Is masters in engineering management from USA worth it?

    Ans. Masters in Engineering Management is a perfect course for engineering graduates seeking leadership roles in organizations. As an engineering business deals with projects, the right manager needs to have equal acumen of engineering and entrepreneurship. With tuition fee of the program ranging from 27,000 – 55,000 USD/year and average annual salaries in the field of around 90,000 USD, the return on the degree becomes an additional benefit of pursuing an MS in Engineering Management from the USA.

    Ques. Do applicants need to have work experience for applying for Masters in Engineering Management in USA?

    Ans. In most cases, USA universities do not ask for work experience from the applicants except for some of the top-ranking institutes. 

    Ques. Is GRE/GMAT required for admission to masters in engineering management in USA?

    Ans. Yes, GRE scores are required for admission to MS in Engineering Management in USA. However, if the applicant has a minimum of 2 years of work experience, some universities may waive off the requirement of these scores. 

    Ques. What is the eligibility criteria for admissions in masters in engineering management in USA?

    Ans. International applicants must have a four years bachelors degree, IELTS/TOEFL scores, GRE score or relevant work experience for admissions in MS in Engineering Management in USA.