Masters in Information Systems in USA: Top Colleges, Fees, Admission, Scholarships, Jobs

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    Studying Masters in information systems in US, the world's largest hub of IT companies in a lifetime opportunity. Available at over 100 US universities the course can cost anywhere from 28,000 USD to 71,000 USD a year. For an Indian student, this cost goes up to 52 lakhs INR a year. International students can enroll for US universities for the fall semester by sending in applications along with competitive GRE scores, IELTS/TOEFL scores, and high-academic grades. 

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    Though the costs involved are skyrocketing, the US still remains to be the most popular country for pursuing master's in information systems. This is because the US is home to IT companies featuring in Fortune 500 like Amazon, Google, Microsoft. Finding jobs in the USA that hire students with Masters in Information systems is easy and the starting package is around $90,000 (66 lakhs INR) as Information System Manager to around $120,000 (88 lakhs INR) as Data Scientist.

    Pursuing a master's in information systems from the USA gives you an edge over students from across the world as it has the world’s best ranking universities with high graduate employability. As per QS World Employability rankings, about 20 Universities from the US are in the top 50 list, this is one major reason for which graduate schools of US stand-out across the world. The demand for US graduates in employers is the highest of all and graduate rankings of US universities indicate the ease with which you can find a job after graduation. 

    Top Universities for Masters in Information Systems in USA

    Some of the top Universities to study in the USA offering Masters in Information Systems are listed below along with their overall QS Rankings, program name and duration, and tuition fees. Applicants must note that the tuition fees are subject to change every year. It is suggested that applicants visit the official website of colleges when planning to apply for admissions with US Universities

    University  QS Rankings Program Tuition Fees (USD/yr)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) #1 Master’s in System Design and Management 59000
    Stanford University #2 Information System and Science 50703
    Carnegie Mellon University #3 Master’s in Information System Management 48500
    Johns Hopkins University #24 MSIS Program 71600
    University of California- Barkley #28 Master of Information Management and Systems 11442
    New York University #39 MSIS Program 53850
    University of Washington- Seattle #68 Master of Science in Information Systems 41320
    Boston University #98 Master of Science in Computer Information Systems 55458
    University of Florida #167 Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management 30130
    Indiana University- Bloomington #312 Master of Science in Information Systems 28651

    There are similar programs offered at various US universities, such as Masters in computer science in Information systems, Masters in management information systems, and others. Information System is a set of interrelated components like hardware, software, telecommunications that work together to collect, process, and breakdown the information to support decision making. Transaction Processing System, Decision Support System, Executive Information System, Management Information Systems, Workflow Systems are some of the types of Information Systems.

    Why Study Masters in Information Systems in USA?

    • According to QS Rankings, the USA is the best country when it comes to studying the Information System, with MIT being the top University in the world to provide this course.
    • Out of 1700 Universities providing Masters's degrees in the USA, 26 Universities come in the top 100 Universities in the specific field according to QS.
    • According to IIE Open Doors, as of 2018-19 about 15% of the international students coming to the USA take up Computer Science and Information Systems.
    • US plans to spend $95 Billion in IT alone which is a part of Information Systems. This is suggestive of the large scale growth of the sector. 
    • Computer and information systems job roles in USA are expected to rise by 11% by 2028 as per BLS. 
    • International students can apply for a job on a temporary basis through F1 Visa for a year in the field of study that they did their majors in.
    • As of 2018, according to World Education News+Reviews, 62% of international students were employed at the time of the survey and 82% received an employment letter within a year of completing their graduation.
    • According to, the number of international students coming to the US in the 2018/19 academic year stands at 1095299 which is a 0.5% rise from last year which is an all-time high.
    • USA has over 20 universities ranking among the top 50 universities offering CS & IT abroad. This number is relatively very high in comparison with its contemporary student destinations.
    Globally Ranking Universities V/S Student Destinations
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    Masters in Information Systems in USA: Admissions

    International students should follow the below given steps to apply for Masters in Information Systems in USA: 

    • Students should start building up their own profile for a US master's in science applicant in their last year.
    • The student should start shortlisting the Universities that they want to study in.
    • Take the GRE test.
    • Take TOEFL/IELTS Language Tests.
    • Apply for the College that the student wants to study. 

    Eligibility for Masters in Information Systems in USA

    University UG Requirement TOEFL IELTS
    MIT UG in Engineering or hard science
    Experience in product or system development initiative
    90 7.0
    Stanford University GPA: 3.5 89 7.0
    Carnegie Mellon University GPA: 3.0 102 7.5
    Johns Hopkins University GPA: 3 100 7.0
    UC Berkely GPA: 3
    UG in the same field
    90 7.0
    New York University GPA: 3.0 100 7.5
    University Washington Bachelor’s Degree with an Information System Major 92 Not preferred
    Boston University GPA: 3.7 84 6.5
    University of Florida GPA: 3.3 80 6.0
    Indiana University 2.75 79 6.5

    The work experience given is the average of students who applied for the previous year (2019). Though the minimum requirements may vary, it is suggested that applicants must try and meet the average experience criteria to enhance their chances of admissions.

    Masters in Information Systems in USA: GRE Requirement

    University GRE Score Required
    MIT GRE: 156-168,
    Stanford University GRE Quant Score: 167
    Carnegie Mellon University GRE Quant Score: 154
    Johns Hopkins University GRE Score: 154
    UC Berkely GRE Quant Score: 161,
    New York University GRE: 316
    University Washington GRE Scores: 165
    Boston University Recommended
    University of Florida Verbal GRE: 140,
    Indiana University GRE Quant Score: 165

    Applicants must note many universities like Boston University, Cornell University, etc have waived off the requirements for presenting GRE scores for the 2021 session due to COVID-19 pandemic.  

    Masters in Information System in USA: Work Experience

    University Work Experience Required
    MIT 5 years
    Stanford University Average 4.6
    Carnegie Mellon University Average 5.7 years
    Johns Hopkins University Requried
    UC Berkely 5.3 years
    New York University 6 years
    University Washington Postgraduate professional experience is desirable
    Boston University 4.7 years
    University of Florida 4-5 years
    Indiana University Not required

    The work experience given is the average of students who applied for the previous year (2019). Though the minimum requirements may vary, it is suggested that applicants must try and meet the average experience criteria to enhance their chances of admissions.

    Masters in Information Systems in USA: Documents Required for Admission

    • Complete Application Form
    • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University
    • Submit mark sheets or transcripts with a GPA of 3+
      • 3.0 on a scale of 4.0: 83-86% or B Grade
      • 3.5: 87-89% or B+ Grade
    • Collect the final transcripts from all school and colleges
    • CV/Resume
    • Letter of recommendation(2)
    • Statement of Purpose

    US Student Visa

    Students planning to study abroad are required to apply for a student visa. There are various types of visa available for studying in USA. Some of these are- F Visa: F1-Full-time students, F2- For dependents of F1 Visa, M Visa, J Visa. Indian students are required to apply for the F1 visa. The steps for applying for F1 visa are as follows:

    Step 1: Pay the SEVIS fee, you are given an I-20 form from your college/university. Fill the form and bring it to the F1 interview.

    Step 2: Pay the visa fee at the designated bank and bring the visa the form that is given.

    Step 3: Schedule a visa interview in the US Embassy. The waiting time depends on the visa type. Once the interview is completed you will receive your visa in 120 days.

    Documents Required: Valid Passport, Non-migration visa application, Form DS-160, Application fee payment receipt, Passport Photo, and Certificate of eligibility for a nonimmigrant student visa or F1 Visa.

    Masters in Information Systems in USA: Cost of Study

    International students incur various expenses when studying abroad. These include expense post and pre-departure. Some of these are detailed in the sections below:

    Pre-arrival Expenses

    The costs of doing your Masters begins way before landing in the US. It starts with planning for it and preparing for it. The GRE and TOEFL/IELTS exams are costly and so is applying for the Universities there. One needs to plan step by step and below are the possible expenses mentioned.

    Items Price
    Average Application fees $122*10(Applying for 10 Universities) = $1220
    GRE fees $205
    TOEFL fees $180
    F1 Visa Application fees $510
    Flight Fare $1100
    Total $3215

    Masters in Information Systems in USA: Fees for Indian Students

    The tuition fees in the US are one of the highest in the world. It ranges from $15000 to about $60000 depending on the course and college. The quality of education matches the expenses with more than a dozen universities featuring in the top 200 QS World University Rankings. 

    The cost of pursuing masters in information systems in USA will cost an Indian student anywhere between 15 lakhs to 76 lakhs as per current exchange rate (June 2020). University-wise fees is tabulated below: 

    University  Tuition Fees (INR/yr)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 43.26 lakhs
    Stanford University 37.18 lakhs
    Carnegie Mellon University 35.56 lakhs
    Johns Hopkins University 52.50 lakhs
    University of California- Barkley 8.39 lakhs
    New York University 39.49 lakhs
    University of Washington- Seattle 30.30 lakhs
    Boston University 40.66 lakhs
    University of Florida 22.09 lakhs
    Indiana University- Bloomington 21.01 lakhs

    Masters in Information Systems in USA: Cheaper Universities

    Following are some of the universities in USA that offer Masters in Information Systems at lower tuition fees than top-ranking universities: 

    University Program Offered Fees per year (in USD)
    Texas Southern University MS in Management Information Systems 27,004
    Cleveland State University MS in Information Systems 29,996
    University of Illinois Chicago MS in Management Information Systems 24,738
    Harrisburg University of Science and Technology MS in Information Systems Engineering and Management 23,900
    Kennesaw State University MBA in Information Systems 25,584

    Cost of Living in the USA

    The cost of living in the US is expensive, thus it is very important to plan your expenses beforehand. Us is costlier than 87% of the countries in the world. Student accommodation and other related expenses add to the major cost of living in USA. 

    Items Costs(US $) Cost in INR
    Apartment 175 12,000
    Electricity 15 1100
    Groceries 125 9164
    Calling Home 10 733
    Internet 15 1100
    Movies/Shopping 100 7300
    Car Insurance 100 7300
    Petrol 75 5500

    Masters in Information Systems in USA with Scholarships

    According to The National Center for Education Statistics, there are 750,000 scholarships available for qualified students totaling an amount of $1.2 Billion. Some of the best and most well-known scholarship programs for international students in USA are given below. The Scholarships mentioned catering to all the Universities in the US that teach Masters in Information Systems.

    Name Eligibility Awards Special Note
    Education Future International Scholarship Indian national with 60% score in 10th and 12th standard 2 lac to 10 lac INR Partial funding is available, need-based award
    Fulbright Foreign Student program Internatio al students Tuition fee, airfare, living stipend, health insurance is waived off 4000 students receive this scholarship every year
    Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Student must be below 30 years of age Depends on the applicant 50% loan which must be returned with 5% service charge.
    Scotland Saltire Scholarship Student must be from India, Canada, Japan, China, Pakistan and Hong Kong Meet the language requirements $10000 50 students receive this scholarship every year
    MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship Enrolled in an FT STEM course $5000 Deadline: 15th November This scholarship provides partial funding.

    Indian student-specific scholarships are also available in the USA. 

    Other Funding options include: Part-time Jobs and Loans  

    Doing a part-time job is possible in the US but there are some restrictions. Students holding F1 and M1 can do part-time jobs but only on campus and only in specified training programs. International students in the USA can apply for various student loans. The loans available to study in USA can be offered by home country or can be availed after landing in the USA. 

    Masters in Information Systems in USA: Scope

    There is a wide range of good quality work after completing a Masters in Information Systems. Major companies such as Google, Microsoft, Uber, Tesla are major companies that employ top talent from the top three Universities. There are various jobs in USA catering to computer science & related field graduates. Given below is a list of job roles you can apply for post completing your masters along with the average salary package. The key to finding a job within this sector is technical competencies and robust business skills, students with a degree in masters in information systems in USA are expected to help the leading organizations to operate efficiently and accurately. 

    Job Profile Annual Average Salary
    Application Analyst $75000
    Cyber Security Analyst $76000
    Data Analyst $62000
    Data Scientist $113000
    Information Systems Manager $83000
    Quantitative Analyst $107000

    Masters in Information Systems vs Management in Information Systems

    Applicants for Masters in information systems may often find US universities offering management in information system programs. Both subjects try to look at the Information System but from a different perspective. Both are well taught in the USA. A short comparison is given below: 

    Criteria Information System Management in Information System
    Focus Technical side of the organization’s Information System Facilitation of Information System in the decision making among the organization’s managers
    Duration 2 years 2-4 years
    Work Experience UG- 4 years of Graduation- 2 years 2-4 years
    Top Destination USA USA
    Part of IT Department IT Department

    Masters in information technology in the USA breed experts that are business savvy as well as capable of delivering results. The need for technologically sound professionals in every industry the growth potential for students with a master's in information technology degree in the USA is outstanding. 

    The US is the world’s largest economy with an estimated size of $ 21 trillion, with an export capacity of $ 2.5 trillion dollars. The unemployment rate is 3.5% which is lower than the Fed’s target of 6%. 

    The US might be a little hard to afford but it sure does bring the opportunity to make it affordable. It has no dearth of suitors for an information system graduate completing their graduation from the best Universities in the world. There have been questions asked regarding the crime against international students, but when it comes to the quality of education, it is unparalleled. 

    The affordability aspect of the US has been cushioned by the availability of a large number of scholarships. This is a boon to students who cannot go to the US due to financial needs.


    Ques. Is MS in information systems a STEM course?

    Ans. Yes, MS in MIS is a STEM course allowing F1-visa holders with an additional 24 months for optional practical training to stay in the USA.

    Ques. How is the Masters in information systems different from MIS?

    Ans. The focus of the two programs and their duration varies. Where masters in information system have a more technical focus and is a maximum 2-year program (full-time), management information systems is more business-oriented and the full-time program may last up to 4 years.

    Ques. Where can you study masters in information systems in the USA? 

    Ans. Some of the top universities in the USA offering masters in information systems include Boston University, MIT, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford University, and New York University.  

    Ques. How much does Master's in information systems in the USA cost?

    Ans. The cost of pursuing masters in information systems in the USA will cost an Indian student anywhere between 15 lakhs to 76 lakhs. The annual tuition fees for popular US universities ranges between 11,500 USD to 71,600 USD.

    Ques. What is the eligibility for Master's in information systems in the USA?

    Ans. Aspirants of masters in information systems in the USA are required to have a 4-year bachelor's degree in relevant subjects with a GPA of 3.0 (83-86%). International students are also required to submit a GRE score (150-165 in both verbal and quant). IELTS or TOEFL scores are also required for students from non-native English speaking countries. The minimum scores required are 6.0-7.5 and 79-100.

    Ques. Is work experience mandatory for pursuing master's in information systems in USA?

    Ans. Previous work experience is required for most of the top universities offering masters in information systems in the USA. Though it is not mandatory for all the universities offering the program, it is helpful as it can improve the chances of getting admissions. 

    Ques. Is masters in information systems from the USA worth it?

    Ans. The cost of pursuing master's in information systems from the USA is extremely high for international students. But the degree is totally worth pursuing as not only will it offer you a chance to study in world's top student destination, but also offers jobs in the IT sector. Being homeland to a variety of CS and IT companies, the USA offers an abundance of job roles and salaries better than any of its contemporary countries.  

    Ques. How much can a student with master's in information systems from a USA degree earn?

    Ans. A student with a master’s in information systems can earn a median entry-level salary of around $70,000-90,000/yr. However, depending on the job role and company you can earn as much as $100,000-$150,000/yr at the beginning of your career.