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Masters in International Business in USA: Detailed Course Guide

Bhavya Rawal Bhavya Rawal
Study Abroad Expert

Masters in International Business in USA is a fulltime nine months - two years course. The course helps you to study Global Business Environment and management competencies required in the relevant field. International students need a bachelor’s degree with a good score equivalent to USA standards. Along with that work experience, GMAT/GRE, IELTS & TOEFL scores are criteria. 

The course itself came into existence in 1946 and has been studied by management professionals since then. Some salient features of the course are:

  • Even though Masters in International Business in USA has many names, one thing is common. That is quality education and excellent student placement rate which is 90 percent and more in most colleges.
  • You will also find 20 USA universities in the top 200 list of management schools all over the world as per QS.
  • The average placement package is 60,000 - 179,000 USD for this course.
  • According to the OECD report, the USA churns out 67,000 Ph.D. graduates on average every year. So, you can pursue a Ph.D. after your degree, which will further broaden your scope as the USA is the leading country in research. 

Why Study Masters in International Business in USA?

  • As per QS Rankings, USA houses at least 150 Universities, which ranks among the top 400 globally in business management studies. The Yale University & Thunderbird School of Global Management ranks 19 and 49 globally for Masters in International Business Management programs.
  • The USA is the birthplace of the course. The concept started in 1946 in the American Institute of Foreign Trade, now called Thunderbird School of Management.
  • Most Masters in International Business in USA degrees have accreditation of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
  • As per Statista reports, the USA is a popular study destination for many international students, especially from Asia & South-Asia. The graphical image below gives the number of international students from various countries pursuing higher education in USA
No. of International students by country
  • About employability, Yale University ranks 13th world-wide. 50 USA universities rank among the top 200 in this category.
  • Few facts and figures concerning Masters in International Business in USA universities: 
Universities/ CollegesStudent DiversityPlacement (%)Avg Placements (USD)
University of Chicago43 countries, 31% International98.480,000-110,00
Hult Business School90 % of international8961,800
Yale University45 % International Students921,50,000
Thunderbird School of Global Management43 countries-179,000
North Eastern University7,500 international students from 140 countries9090,000

Program Highlights

Course NamesMIB, MS International Business, Master of Management Studies in Global Business & Society
Course TypeFull-Time
Course Duration9 months - 2 years
Is it possible to study P.h.D.?Yes
General Entry RequirementsBachelor’s Degree
GMAT/GRE score
IELTS and TOEFL score
Work Experience preferred
Average Placement PackageUSD 60,000 - 179,000
Are scholarships available?Yes
Job RolesManagement Analyst, Management Consultant, Sales Manager,
Finance Controller, Business Development Manager, etc

Masters in International Business in USA: Top Universities

If you are looking for the best courses in Masters in International Business in the USA, listed below are the ones to look out for. The table also mentions the course offered, university rank, and fee of the program. 

UniversitiesQS RankingsCourse Name & DurationCourse Fees (USD)
Yale University19Master of Management Studies in Global Business & Society
Duration - 9 months
Newyork University20Master of Business Administration - Global MBA
Duration - 2 years
University of Chicago22Master of Business Administration - International Business
Duration - 2years
Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona State University)49Master in Global Management
Duration - 2 years
North Eastern University (D’ Amore-McKim)101-110Master of Science in International Business
Duration - 1 year
University of Florida101-150Master of International Business
Duration - 1 year
University of South Carolina Darla Moore School151-200Master of International Business, Duration - 9 months
Master of International Business + A Master’s Degree,
Duration - 1 year 10 months
George Washington University151-200Master of Science in International Business
Duration - 1 year
Also available in Bachelor’s + MSIB mode for 4+1=5 years.
Not Declared
Georgetown University151-200Master of Arts in International Business & Policy
Duration - 1 year
University of Delaware491Master of Science in International Business
Duration - 9 months
Hult International Business School-Master in International Business
Duration - 11 months
47,500 - Boston
49,500 - San Francisco

What is Masters in International Business About?

Masters in International Business is a 1-2 years professional course to train management professionals on capabilities and resources in a global economy. If you want to pursue a career aligned with the Global Business situation, this course is suitable. The course is available as: 

  • Master of International Business (MIB)
  • Master of Science in International Business.
  • Master in Global Management.
  • Master of Management Studies in Global Business & Society.
  • Master of Business Administration in International Business.

Course Curriculum Overview

  • Foundations on Business Knowledge and Technical Skills.
  • Doing Business from a Global Perspective.
  • Challenges in International Business.

Masters in International Business in USA: How to Apply?

To apply, you will require good scores in your Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to the USA standards. Along with that, 3-5 years of work experience as a management professional or managerial role is preferred.

Masters in International Business in USA: Critical Deadlines

Applications for popular universities in USA offering MIB can be made in multiple rounds. International students must keep an eye on application deadlines. The usual month of application deadlines for top universities are mentioned in the table below:

UniversitiesDeadline Months for Application Rounds
Yale UniversityJanuary, February, April
Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona State University)November, January, March, June
North Eastern University (D’ Amore-McKim)October, January, March
University of FloridaJanuary to August
University of South Carolina Darla Moore SchoolLate of August or Early January
Hult International Business SchoolOctober, December, February, April, May, July

Masters in International Business in USA: Eligibility Requirements

The minimum cut-offs required to study this course at popular colleges offering masters in international business are listed below: 

UniversitiesBachelor’s DegreeGMAT/GREIELTSTOEFL
University of Chicago3.6 GPAGMAT - 720
GRE - 130
Yale University3.66 GPAGMAT- 7207100
Thunderbird School of Global Management3.25 GPA with 5 years of experience-Accepts score, but cut-off not specifiedTOEFLiBT-100
University of FloridaBachelor’s degree equivalent to 3.25 GPAAccepts score but cut-off not declared6.579
North Eastern University (D’ Amore-McKim)3.46 GPAGMAT - 6787-899-107
University of South Carolina Darla Moore SchoolBachelor’s DegreeGMAT - 670 GRE - 1566TOEFLiBT-77
Hult International Business SchoolBachelor’s DegreeGMAT - 610-TOEFLiBT- 97

Masters in International Business in USA: Documents Required

  • Graduation scores are equivalent to USA GPA standards.
  • The score of tests required to study in the USA.
  • The official transcripts from previous colleges will be required to apply.
  • You must provide a letter of recommendation from your Last Employer. 2-5 years of work experience in any management field is preferable.
  • You will need a recent resume.
  • Along with the above documents, you will need passport-sized photos, Passport & valid ID proof.

USA Student Visa

The process and documents required to apply for USA student visa are given below: 

  • You must be able to show Financial Proofs to bear the minimum cost of living.
  • You will receive an I-20 form for an F1 visa from the University.
  • After that, the SEVIS I-901 form requires completion. After that, you must register for the international visitor database.
  • Payment for the SEVIS fee for F1 Visa needs to be made.
  • Now, visit the portal to schedule an appointment for visa application
  • Complete the DS-160 form online. 
  • Finally, take a print out of the same for the Interview.

Cost of Studying Masters in International Business in USA

The cost of studying USA will include various expense types. Since the USA is one of the most expensive student destinations for international students, applicants must be familiar with all the expenses they may suffer. Some of these have been discussed in details below:

Pre-Departure Cost

Before leaving the home country there are various expenses you will have to make to study in the USA. These include application fees, visa fees, entrance tests fees, etc. Some of these are as follows:

ExpensesFee (USD)
F1 & J1 Visa350
Health Insurance2,000

Tuition Fees for Studying Masters in International Business in USA

The tuition fees for studying MIB in USA varies drastically across universities. Given below is a comparison graph of the annual tuition fees at popular universities:

Annual fees V/S University

Cost of Living in the USA

While studying abroad, cost of living is an additional significant factor adding to the total expense an international student will suffer. Given below are the annual costs of living in the USA which includes cost of student accommodations, transport, grocery, etc. 

ExpensesCost (Yearly USD)
Three times meal14,400
Public Transport1,440
Internet Pass794
Gas & Electricity1980
Rented Apartment14,400

The overall expense of pursuing a Masters in the USA exceeds a lot more than what studies cost you in India and other contemporary international students. The USA still attracts a huge number of student populations as the graduate schools in the USA stand out in comparison to any other country. 

 Scholarships for Masters in International Business in USA

With a cost of study capable of burning a big hole in an international student's pocket, seeking financial aids to study in the USA is the only way to survive this burden. The USA will offer you various lucrative scholarships and student aids some of these are discussed below:

Yale UniversityJacob’s Fellowship - Loan Forgiveness ProgramThe fellowship is worth 25,000 USD in 2 years.
AssistantshipWork on the campus to earn waivers & benefits.
Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona State University)Thunderbird Alumni ScholarshipIt covers the tuition fees only.
Ann Weaver Nichols Scholarship Program500 USD for tuition cost.
University of South Carolina (Darla Moore School of Business)Moore School Excellence AwardThe scholarship value is 500 USD - 20,000 USD.
Graduate AssistantshipsWork on-campus & earn up to 7,000 USD as a stipend.

Find out more international specific scholarships available for pursuing masters in USA, here

Masters in International Business in USA: Scope

The USA is the most powerful nation in the world with the world’s largest economy. So, it is a dream study destination for many. Below mentioned are few job roles after studying Masters in International Business in USA:

Job RolesAverage Salary Range (USD yearly)
Management Analyst47,000 - 90,000
Sales Manager68,500 - 137,000
Finance Controller55,000 - 124,000
Marketing Manager43,000 - 99,000
International Trade Specialist42,000 - 90,000
Management Consultant59,000 - 143,000

Can we work post studying Masters in International Business in USA?

If you have completed your Masters in International Business in USA, do apply for an H-1B Visa. Getting an H-1B visa will require: 

  • A Letter with an offer of employment from the current employer in the USA.
  • Your employer will file the I-129 petition. 
  • It will also file for your citizenship.
  • Finally, hire an attorney to complete the process easily.

Scope for Ph.D. in USA

Yes, you can pursue a Ph.D. post completing the Masters in International Business in USA. 

  • The USA has many world-renowned business schools like Yale University, MIT (Sloan), Harvard University, University of Chicago and many more.
  • The USA invests hugely in research and development.
  • Here, you can pursue the program. Ph.D. graduates enjoy a 23 percent hike on their last salary. 
  • Also, while studying, you may expect 15,000 - 30,000 USD based on the course, location & college. 

The US is the worlds’ most powerful economy and hence the favorite study destination of many. It is the land of prestigious management universities like Yale University, Harvard Business School, MIT (Sloan), and many more. 

A great place to do research work as the USA spends more than 500 Billion USD in research. As per the survey, on pursuing any Masters in the USA you may earn a hike of 29 percent. After that, if you pursue Ph.D., then again, a hike of 23 percent on the last. 

The USA is a country of rich cultural diversity with lakhs of international students enrolling each year. Also, you will be able to work for 20 hours per week on any campus as Assistant. This facility will help to earn some money or get some waivers. All these reasons make the USA a perfect destination to study MIB.

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