Masters in Nursing in USA: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students

    Masters in Nursing in the USA require two years to complete and is offered by over 350 institutions. To apply for this program in universities of the USA, students are required to have a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree and a Registered Nurse (RN) license. 

    • The top three universities offering Masters in Nursing in USA are the University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University and the University of Washington.
    • A Masters of Nursing graduate can work as a nursing consultant, research nurse, nurse educator, nurse administrator, advanced nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist and many more.
    • The salaries of nurses in the USA range from 36,600 USD to 110,000 USD per year. 

    Why Study Nursing in USA

    Nurses are the backbone of healthcare in the USA and there is a growing need of qualified nurses to promote health and wellness to all people. USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students: 

    • Registered Nurses earn at least 71,730 USA in a year in the USA
    • Employment of Registered Nurses (RN) is projected to grow 12 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.
    • There are many nursing programs available for international students in the USA like Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Associate Degree in Nursing (AND) program, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist program (CRNA) etc. 
    • The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) states that the demand for nurses in the US will rise by 26% by 2020.
    • Types of jobs available with a Masters in Nursing degree include nursing consultant, research nurse, nurse educator, nurse administrator, advanced nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist. 

    Top Colleges offering Masters in Nursing in USA

    The top universities offering Masters in Nursing in USA, according to QS News Ranking 2020 are: 

    Masters in Nursing in USA: About the Course

    A Masters course in nursing equips a student with skills and advanced training to give high-quality nursing care in a specialized role such as a nurse practitioner. 

    A Student pursuing a Masters in Nursing will focus on one of the four advanced practice areas: 

    • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
    • Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
    • Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

    Admission Process for Masters in Nursing in USA

    Registered Nursing (RN) license and a bachelor's degree in nursing is must to apply for masters in nursing in UK. 

    Where to Apply: Students can apply to masters in nursing in USA directly via the university’s website. 

    Application Fees: Most of the universities of the UK charge an application fee between $50 to $120 for masters application. 

    Eligibility for Masters in Nursing in USA Admission

    • Bachelors in nursing from the USA or any other country
    • An average of Grade B or 3.0 GPA or 80% in bachelor's degree
    • GRE test score (not mandatory)
    • Registered Nursing (RN) license

    English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

    Proof of English language proficiency is required from applicants who are not from an English speaking country or whose language of instruction in previous years of education wasn’t English. Minimum score requirement is given below: 

    • TOEFL (iBT): 100
    • IELTS: 7.0

    Visa Requirements for International Students

    There are 3 types of student visas in the USA depending on the duration and type of course applied for – F visa, M visa and J visa.

    F1 visas are for students who pursue an academic degree at the USA accredited university or college or want to study English at a university or English institute. These are of 3 major types: 

    Visa type Description
    F-1 Visa For full-time students. They can work for 20 hours a week on-Campus.
    F-2 Visa For dependents of F-1 visa holders. (spouse or children).
    F-3 Visa For Mexican and Canadian students who stay in their home country while attending full time or part-time courses in the USA.

    Cost of Studying of Masters in Nursing in USA

    Studying abroad can be quite expensive for a student as it comes with many costs associated with it. These can be broadly divided into three parts: Pre-arrival Cost, Tuition Fees and Cost of Living. 

    Pre-arrival Cost

    An estimate of pre-arrival expense is tabulated below: 

    Types of Expenditure Fees (in USD)
    IELTS fee $215-$240
    TOEFL fee $180
    GRE fee $205
    Transcription cost of prior educational certificates (For Masters students) $80
    One way flight fare $700
    Visa application fee $1200
    SEVIS Fee $200
    Tuition fees of Masters in Nursing in USA

    Cost of Living in the USA

    Estimated living cost for the US is around $10000 to $12000 per year, which averages around $700 to $1000 per month. This includes the student’s accommodation costs, room, and board, food, travel, textbooks, clothing and entertainment expenses.

    Items Monthly Charges (in USD)
    Accommodation $ 200
    Electricity $ 20
    Groceries (home-cooked meals) $ 150
    International Calling Cards $ 15
    Home Internet $ 15
    Cell phone $ 50
    Restaurant Meals $ 75
    Entertainment $ 100
    Car Insurance $ 100
    Petrol For Car $ 75
    Weekend Activities $ 100
    Shopping $ 100
    Total $ 1000

    Additional Costs

    Students should be able to meet the following costs when they are studying in the US. Costs may increase by about 5to7% per year due to inflation and external factors.

    • Travel expenses between India and US during vacation time
    • Large purchases, such as PC, furniture, or even a rental car etc.
    • Medical expenses not covered by health insurance, e.g. dental care, eye care, cosmetic treatments
    • Additional summer expenses - room and board, grocery costs for the summer months.
    • Additional expenses such as off-campus transportation
    • Entertainment, social outings, weekend trips

     Scholarships for Masters in Nursing in USA

    The scholarships for international students in USA that will help a student to pursue Master’s of Nursing (MSN): 

    Scholarships Organization Funding Deadline GPA
    After College/AACN After College $2,5000 March 31 2020 -
    Joseph Hageman Memorial Scholarship Carolina East Foundation $ 3000 May 1 2020 3.0
    NURSE Corps Scholarship Program Health Resources and Services Tuition fee/stipend May 1 2020 -
    National Health Service Corps Scholarship Programs National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Tuition fee/stipend April 23 2020 -
    Castle Branch-GNSA (Graduate Nursing Student Association) Scholarship Castle Branch GNSA $2500 Sept 30 2020 3.5
    F.A. Davis Scholarship: Shaping the Future of Nursing and Health Service Education F.A. Davis and Company $1000 March 31 2020 3.0
    A Place for Mom’s Senior Wisdom Video Scholarship A Place for Mom $2000 May 1 2020 -
    Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP) Nursing Scholarship American Association of Colleges of Nursing $5000 April 30, 2020 3.2
    Future Nurse Scholarship Program Hospital Careers $1000 September 1, 2020 3.3
    EduMed Graduate Scholarship EduMed $500 March 31, 2020 -
    EduMed Diversity Scholarship EduMed $500 March 31, 2020 -
    Health is a Right not a Privilege Scholarship award Nursing Process $1500 Sept 30, 2020 3.5-4.0

    Jobs after Masters in Nursing in USA

    A person working as a Nurse in the United States earns around 71,700 USD per year. Salaries range from 36,600 USD to 110,000 USD. This average yearly salary includes the housing, transport, and other benefits. Nurse salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. 

    Students can work in following jobs in USA after completing 

    Designation Details Salary
    Nursing-in-charge They take charge in absence of the nurse $73,200
    Nursing Supervisor They devote their knowledge during emergency situations 86,800.
    Nursing Executive They are the head in charge of the entire hospital/institute of Nursing activities $100,000
    Nursing tutor Educate regarding the facilities and norms followed in Nursing. $69,130
    Clinical Instructor Standardize his/her work ethics in the medical domain. $79,900
    Assistant Nursing Superintendent They are allowed to provide the Nursing facilities with clean knowledge of medicine and its specifications. $100,000
    Paramedic Nurse has to provide medical facilities in the moving vehicle or in ambulance facilities $71,900
    Tutor – Psychiatric Nursing educate the students more about Psychiatric nursing $68,500.
    Staff Nurse/Critical Care Nursing dealing with the critical nursing strategies and its remedies $58,383
    Anesthetist Performing the highly critical operation of patients. $167,950
    Occupational Health Nurse They lead a team of doctors in the domain of highly critical operation. $82,070
    Nursing Consultant A nursing consultant can work as Management consultants, Legal consultants, Community consultants $125,000
    Research Nurse They work as a clinical nurse specialist focusing on research-oriented tasks. $90,000
    Nurse Educator They
    work as professors or instructors in institutions ranging from business schools to community colleges to major universities. They also may work in hospitals and medical centres, providing instruction to new nurses or nursing students.
    Nurse Administrator They oversee nurse teams or nurse facilities. They are responsible for scheduling, hiring and all other management duties. $60,000 to $200,000.
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner They often are the patient's primary care giver, supervised by a physician. The average salary ranges from $60,000 to $72,000.
    Clinical Nurse Specialist A clinical nurse specialist focuses on expert, specialized care and staff mentoring The average salary is between $96,038 and $116,350.

    As the nursing field grows, so does the range of career opportunities. A bachelor's degree is the minimum, but a master's degree in nursing provides so many more opportunities as well as higher income. 

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, demand is increasing for those with a master's degree in nursing or similar advanced degree in nursing or healthcare administration.