Masters in Project Management in USA: Comprehensive Course Guide

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    Masters in project management in USA is usually a two-year-long program requiring international students to have a score of 83-86% in their bachelor's. The annual cost of pursuing the program at some of the top universities in USA is  17,000 USD 70,000 USD/yr (equivalent to 12 Lakhs INR to 53 Lakhs INR). The program trains a person to lead a project through initiation, planning, execution, and controlling in a complex environment. 

    This interdisciplinary degree trains a student to organize and plan the resources of a company in order to achieve time-constrained goals. The program includes the science of organizing elements along with IT tools based on project management that provides efficient results. Masters in project management in USA can earn you as much as $150,000/year at an entry-level. Some of the top recruiters for graduates of masters in project management are ALLDATA, Bain & Co., Amgen, CBRE, EY, LKAB, ScaleFlux, Providge Consulting, Trimark, etc. 

    Why study Masters in Project Management in USA?

    • Many of the US universities rank among the global best for project management. 
    • According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the United States is as low as 3.5%.
    • As per BLS.USA management sector is expected to grow by 6% by 2024 and around 505,000 new job openings are expected for project managers in the upcoming seven years.
    • The average salary earned by a Project Manager in the USA is 99,400 USD.
    • The salary gap between project management officials and non-project management officials in the country is a premium of 82%.
    • The Project Management industry is expected to grow by 31.34% by 2027 in the United States.
    • Project management programs at US universities are categorized as a STEM program allowing students to stay back in USA for up to 3 years for looking for work. 

    Masters in Project Management in USA - Top Universities

    Some of the top business schools in USA and globally recognized universities offer masters in project management. The program is also available for study online. A full-time on-campus masters in project management in USA takes up to 2 years. The program is available under an MS as well MEng degree too. Listed below are the top universities offering the program along with the duration as well as fees:

    National Rankings University Popular program offered Program fees (USD)
    15 Northwestern university Project Management (9-18 months) 116,064
    17 New York University Masters in Project Management (2 years) 68,244
    28 Pennsylvania State University Master of project management (2 years) 29,880
    29 Boston University Masters of Project Management (2 years; Part-time) 49,320
    36 University of Maryland, College Park Master of Engineering (Project Management) (2 years) 48,750
    63 George Washington University Master in Science in Project Management (2 years) 80,300
    70 University of Kansas M.Eng Project Management (2 years) 34,254
    71 University of Connecticut MS in Business Analytics and Project Management (1.5 years) 41,580
    - Worcester Polytechnic University Master of Science Construction Project Management (2 years) 53,130
    - University of Houston Master of Science Technology ( Project Management (2 years) 33,880

    Project management aspirants looking for a short-term program can also apply for certificate or diploma programs offered at US universities which not only can be completed in shorter duration but also cost lesser than a master's degree. 

    Masters in Project Management in the USA - Admissions

    Pursuing higher education in the USA, required international students to fulfill certain specific criteria. One of the major requirements that international students must fulfill is to have 16 years of education- 10+2+4, which means you are required to have a four-year bachelor’s degree. Applications for admissions to US top universities can be made through the university’s program page or PG application portal. Applications are usually invited for the fall semester. Some universities may accept application for all three semesters. 

    Masters in Project Management in USA: Eligibility

    • For most of the universities, applicants must have a minimum of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0
      • The percentile equivalent to the same is 83-86%
      • The grade equivalent to is
    •  GMAT or GRE scores are mostly required for pursuing any MS in USA
    • Resume (Work experience will be required by most of the universities).
    • Proof of financial support- should state that you can afford your first-year tuition fees and living expenses.
    • Proof of health insurance.
    • Language proficiency: Non-native English speakers are required to submit proof of language proficiency for taking admissions in the USA.
      • You can submit: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores
      • Complete a pre-course language program.
    • I-20 forms issued by the university for acquiring the F-1 student visa. 
    • A valid passport

    The following table details the eligibility for masters in project management universities in USA

    University IELTS score TOEFL score
    GRE score
    Northwestern University 7.0 85-90 151 (V), 157 (Q)
    New York University 8.0 110 1501-55 (each quantitative and verbal)
    Pennsylvania State University 6.5 80 153(V)
    Boston University 6.5 84 no minimum requirement
    University of Maryland 7.0 100 158(v), 153(Q)
    George Washington University 7.0 100 Required
    University of Kansas 6.5 79 155 each
    University of Connecticut 6.5 70 Accepted
    Worcester Polytechnic University 6.5 80 No minimum score
    University of Houston 6.5 79 151 each

    Letters of recommendation from academic and professional referees are also required along with the application package. Applicants must ensure that the referrals know them and are aware of their achievements. A prominent referral can help a student in getting shortlisted. 

    Admission Decisions

    International students must not that admission decisions for masters in project management in USA are mostly released in 2-8 weeks of receiving application package. Personal statement, resume, and LORs are an important part of the application package. In rare cases, a personal statement/an outstanding resume/string referrals can be of great advantage as it can help in attaining admission even if you lack in fulfilling any basic eligibility criteria of admission.  

    US Student Visa

    There are three types of US Student Visa

    • F1 Student VISA: to learn at a licensed US school or college or to consider English at an English language Institute. 
    • J Exchange Student Visa: Applicable for the students applying for the exchange studies scheme, which includes both schools as well as university students. 
    • M Student VISA: For non-academic or vocational training purposes. 

    As a first step, you should initially apply for the VISA and need to be acknowledged by a US school or college that is affirmed by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). When acknowledged, you will receive a Form I-20 from the Institution’s International Students Office, which is a paper record of your data in the database called the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). 

    Documents Required for Student Visa

    • A valid Passport. 
    • Acknowledged certificate from SEVIS along with I-20 form. 
    • Receipt of the payment for applying in SEVIS. 
    • Non- Immigrant VISA application along with Form DS-160 confirmation page. 
    • Your recent photographs in the required format. 
    • Academic Preparation Documents. 
    • Evidence that you have sufficient funds from your sponsor to sustain in the USA, such as bank details or you have to show that you are enrolled in a scholarship program. 

    Masters in Project Management in USA – Cost of Study

    The cost of studying in USA is a cumbersome expense to cater to. International students must be familiar with various expenses that they will suffer when planning to study abroad. Being familiar with these expenses allows them to plan ahead and look for funding if required.

    Pre-Arrival Expenses

    Pre-arrival expenses are basically the expenses incurred before leaving for the USA. These include application fees, fees for exams to study in USA, visa fees, etc. Detailed below are such expenses: 

    Categories Cost (USD)
    GMAT 236
    GRE 187
    TOEFL 158-240
    IELTS 250
    Visa Application cost 192

    Tuition Fees for Masters in Project Management in USA

    The cost of pursuing masters in project management in USA varies from university to university. The overall program fees range between  

    Tuition fees for masters in project management in USA

    Cost of Living in USA

    An international student, living in the United States, will have to spend approximately 2500 USD- 4000 USD per month, in rent, food, and other necessities. Estimating the budget at the beginning of the month is always advisable in order to save yourself from overspending. The cost of living in the USA will depend on the lifestyle, city, and other factors. Some of the expenses are discussed below:

    Expenditure Costs per month (in USD)
    Food 900-1200
    Transportation 100-300
    Books and Supplies 300-500
    Health Insurance 450-700
    Other Expenses 300-600

    The accommodation expenditure ranges anywhere near 3000 USD - 8000 USD, annually. This depends upon a variety of factors such as the type of student accommodation you choose - off-campus or on-campus. If it's an off-campus rented apartment, per se, the student will have to bear other utility bills as well.

    Masters in Project Management in USA with Scholarships

    International students are offered a varied number of scholarships to study in the US. Given below is a list of university-specific and general scholarships available to international students studying masters in project management in USA. Scholarships specific to Indian students are also offered in the USA. 

    Scholarships Amount (USD) Awarding Body Eligibility
    Dean’s Scholars Award 10,000 NYU Minimum GPA 3.7,
    must have 12 credits of the program
    PEO International peace scholarships for women 12,500 IPS Full-year of coursework must be left for completion
    National Overseas Scholarship Varies Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Minimum55% in UG
    JN Tata Endowment Scholarship 1,3000 Trust UG from Indian University
    Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Variable Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation UG from Indian University
    International Student Grant 2000 University of Kansas Meritorious international students.

    If you are unable to grab these scholarships, loans are also available for studying in the USA. In case you are looking for more scholarships to study masters in the USA, click here

    Masters in Project Management in USA: Scope

    The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes project managers as a residual category of unclassified managers. One can easily land in various jobs in the USA with cushy median salaries post completion of this program. A Project Manager typically earns 46,700-157,000 USD per year depending upon various factors such as level of qualification, the city you’re working on, and the work experience. 

    • A graduate student, right out of the university, with no years of experience, can earn a minimum of 53,900 USD.
    • A master’s degree in Project Management helps you earn 31% more than a Bachelor's degree.
    • The salary of a project manager is also entitled to a 12% increment, every 15 months.
    • It is considered one of the highest-bonus paying jobs in the country as 85% of the project managers receive an average bonus of 5-9%, annually.

    The table below throws light on the various job designations a graduate in masters in project management in USA can apply for along with the average salaries offered:

    Job Profile Salary/year (USD)
    Business Development Manager 133,000 
    Head of Projects 129,000 
    Construction Project manager 107,000
    Information Technology Asset manager 100,000 
    Assistant Project Manager 100,000 
    Risk and Capital Manager 99,800 
    Logistics manager 97,300 
    Administration Manager 95,700 
    Area Manager 91,000 

    The job description of project managers involves defining project goals, creating a plan, monitoring progress, and closing out the project when completed. They are the ones responsible for communicating the company’s needs to their employees and discussing demands of the employees with the senior board. The basic hourly wage at an initial stage for the job ranges between 45-58 USD per hour. With gain in experience a project manager can earn as much 200,000 USD per year (dependent on company and profile). Given below is a graphical representation of the rise in salaries with experience:

    Salaries by Experience for Project Managers in USA

    The salary trends of the project managers in the United States has seen overall growth in the past years. The pattern was 4% from 2016 to 2017, 3% from 2018 to 2019, and so on. With the expectation of the Project Management industry growing to almost 31.34% by 2027, consideration of pursuing a masters in project management in USA is an apt choice. 


    Ques. What are the English Language requirements for studying Masters in Project Management in USA?

    Ans. All the universities accept IELTS or TOEFL scores. Students can also present PTE scores in some universities. The average score required is 70-100 (Internet-based). It varies from university to university. The IELTS score required is 6.5-7.0. Universities like NYU it goes up to 8.0.

    Ques. What is the total cost of studying Masters in Project Management in the United States?

    Ans. The cost of studying Masters in Project Management in the USA 19,000-56,000 USD. The cost varies from university to university.

    Ques. What exactly do project managers do?

    Ans. Project managers have the responsibility of managing everything from planning, organizing, executing to controlling. The job roles denifed incorporate defining project, creating a plan, planning and monitoring progress, and closing out of the project. 

    Ques. Where can I pursue Masters in Project Management in USA?

    Ans. Yes, the universities offering masters in project management rank globally with universities such as Northwestern University, NYU, Boston University, etc. holding positions in the Top 100. 

    Ques. Can a person pursuing MBA become a project manager?

    Ans. Yes, MBA is an advanced degree and is sometimes chosen to become a project manager. You are not required to pursue another masters degree in project management degree. 

    Ques. Can I study Masters in Project Management in USA without GMAT?

    Ans. Most of the universities require either GRE or GMAT scores. Although, there are some universities such as Pennsylvania State University that do not ask for GRE or GMAT scores.

    Ques. Is it worth pursuing masters in project management in USA?

    Ans. Yes, USA is considered as one of the best countries for pursuing masters in project management. The growth rate expeceted in the US-market is high for project managers. The degree may cost a hefty amount but with companies like EY, BAin & Co hiring grauates of project management, handosme salaries are offered.  

    Ques. Is masters in project management in USA a STEM program?

    Ans. Yes, Masters in project management is a STEM course in USA. STEM categorization of a program is usefull for an international student as this allows them stay back in USA for up to 3-years to look for jobs.