Masters in Public Health in USA: A Comprehensive Course Guide

    Masters in Public Health (MPH) in USA is a 1 to 2 year degree offered with various specializations such as epidemiology, microbial diseases, health policy, etc. Approximately 3.3% of international students are pursuing public health degree from the USA universities. Among them, over 2.9% are from India. Around 17,000 students take admission in MPH in USA every year. 

    • Annual tuition fees for Masters in Public Health in USA is around 11,000 USD to 57,000 USD.
    • Students are required to have a bachelors degree along with GRE scores to apply for MPH in USA universities.
    • Public Health graduate earns approximately 90,000 USD per annum in USA

    Why Study Masters in Public Health in USA?

    • Once the students complete their post-graduation in public health, they can earn 45500 USD to 53800 USD annually on average. 
    • According to the Labour Statistics of the US, the growth rate in this sector will be increased by 5%-25% by the year 2024.
    • The medical universities in the USA serve the best educational services to the students. Hence, over the years, the USA becomes the prime attraction to the readers. 
    • The academic standards of the USA have been growing vigorously. Hence, both domestic and international students get the opportunity to make a wonderful career. 
    • Scholars can choose their preferable MS degree from 2000 varieties of public health programs. 

    Top Universities for Masters Public Health in USA

    Following are the top-ranking universities of the USA offering Masters in Public Health program, according to THE World University Ranking of 2020: 

    THE Ranking 2020 University Program Offered and Duration Total Program Fees (in USD)
    7 Harvard Universities

    MPH 45 credit;

    MPH 65 credit



    8 Yale University  Chronic Disease Epidemiology; Microbial Diseases; Health Policy etc: 2 years 95,680
    9 University of Chicago MS in Public Health Sciences for Clinical Professionals; 2 years 99,468
    11 University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Global Health; Environmental Health; 2 years 63,364
    12 Johns Hopkins University MPH: 11 months  69,720
    13 University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) MPH: 2 years 22,884
    16 Columbia University MPH: 2 years 79,576
    17 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) MPH in Biostatistics; Community Health Sciences; Epidemiology; etc: 2 years 64,748
    19 Cornell University MPH in Infectious Disease Epidemiology; Food Systems & Health: 2 years 76,708
    21 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor MPH in Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology; Global Health Epidemiology: 2 years 76,700

    Course Details of Masters in Public Health in USA

    Masters in Public Health in USA is a part of the healthcare management program aimed at imparting advanced knowledge and multidisciplinary training in solving health problems. Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH) regulates the education of this program in the USA. 

    Some of the specializations you will study in the USA while pursuing an MPH degree are:

    • Biostatistics
    • Epidemiology
    • Social and Behavioural Determinants of Health
    • Management Sciences
    • Public Health Problem Solving
    • Environmental Health
    • Biological Sciences
    • Public Health Policy

    Admission Process of Masters in Public Health in USA

    Students with a 3-year bachelors degree preferably in the medical field can apply for MPH in USA. GRE tests scores are also a compulsory requirement in many universities. 

    How to Apply for MPH in USA

    To apply for USA universities, first of all, go to the university’s website and fill the online application form as instructed. Then, download the application form and sent it to the university’s address along with required documents either via mail or post. 

    Eligibility for MPH in USA Admission 

    • 3-year bachelors degree from a recognized institute
    • 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or 83% at the undergraduate level
    • Minimum one year course in calculus, algebra, general or human biology (depends upon specialization and university)
    • GRE test score (varies with the university)
    • Proof of English proficiency

    Documents Required for MPH in USA Admissions

    • Official transcripts of a bachelors degree and all other institutes previously attended
    • English translation of non-English transcripts by an accredited agency
    • Credit by credit evaluation of foreign transcripts by a university-approved authority
    • Two to five letters of recommendation depending on the university.
    • Updated Resume
    • Objectives of doing Masters in Public Health in USA stated in an SOP, LOI, or other supporting documents
    • Work experience

    English Language Proficiency for International Students

    If you are from a country where English was not the primary language, then you must submit IELTS, TOEFL or other equivalent test scores to demonstrate proficiency in the same. Minimum scores needed for tests required to study in USA are:

    • IELTS: 6.5 to 7.0
    • TOEFL (iBT): 90 to 100

    Cost of Studying Masters in Public Health in USA

    Pursuing a masters in public health in USA can cost you like crazy. The overall expense will include application fees, student visa fees, tuition fees, and cost of living in the USA. Detailed below are some of these major expenses. 

    Pre-Arrival Expenses

    The money you will be spending on your applications, exams and other processes before leaving for the USA are a part of your pre-departure or pre-arrival expense. 

    Expense item Cost estimate in USD
    GRE $205
    TOEFL $170
    Application fee $1,200
    IELTS $250
    Flight fare (one-way) $700
    Student Visa Fee $170
    SEVIS Fee $200
    Total ± $2895

    Tuition Fees for Masters in Public Health in USA

    Given below is a graphical image comparing the tuition fees for pursuing the program at the popular universities in USA

    Tuition Fees

    Cost of living in the USA

    The estimated standard of living in the USA is 10,000 USD to 12,000 USD in a year. Hence, the monthly spending is 800 USD to 1000 USD. The expenses vary based on room rent, food habits. Apart from this, the transportation cost, the cost of entertainment and clothing are the same for everybody. 

    Types of expenditures Cost in USD (Annual)
    Hostels or room rent $5000-$7000
    Cost of food $2500
    Public transport $350-$800
    Entertainment cost $1000-$1200

    Funding for Masters in Public Health in USA 

    If you have a sharp academic background, then you do not need to bear the expensive masters cost by opting for a scholarship program. Masters in Public Health in USA along with scholarships or loans have numerous benefits, which are discussed in the following. 

    Scholarships for Masters in Public Health in USA

    Following are some of the scholarships in UK for international students pursuing a Masters in Public Health program: 

    Scholarship Awarding Institute Amount (in USD)
    YSHP Scholarship Yale University Varies
    School of Social Service Administration Scholarship University of Chicago Tuition fee waiver
    Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program University of Pennsylvania 50% tuition fee waiver
    Sommer Scholars Program John Hopkins University 100% tuition fee waiver
    Reed Frost Scholarship John Hopkins University 20,000 to 30,000
    Endowed Student Funding John Hopkins University 5,000

    To know more about scholarships in USA, click here

    Loans Available for International Students

    Education loans are the most reliable source of arranging financial funds for studying MS from the USA. However, the loan takers need to meet the financial eligibility criteria. They need to confirm the bank balance of their parents, the source of loan repayment, guarantor, ITR and financial credibility. Nowadays, international students can apply to study loans without a cosigner. 

    • When you are going to apply for a study loan, you should submit the KYC documents and the other financial proofs. In addition, the banks or the financial institutions also ask for the exam scores, VISA application, admission application from the University, acceptance letter by the University and collateral documents. 
    • The loan application process is followed by the official like immigration records, professionals and academic certificates and legal verification (For the applicants of J1, F1 and H1B VISA). 

    Click here to learn more about the loans available to international students in USA

    Scope of Masters in Public Health in USA

    The USA government generally issues 5 years tenured visa for International students. On the other hand, the MPH in USA can be completed within 2 years. Therefore, the fellows will get ample time to boost up their career by staying over in the country for the rest of the years. 

    In 2018, most of the MS students got successful placement in psychiatry, internal medicine and paediatrics departments. Based on the research report, approximately 31.4% doctors get success in their early career, more especially once they complete their masters.

    Following are the jobs in USA available for public health graduates: 

    Job types Annual Salary (in USD)
    Public Health Analyst 95,400
    Public Health Specialist 76,000
    Epidemiologist 140,000
    Healthcare Consultant 93,900
    Health and Safety Engineer 112,000
    Healthcare Assistant 637,000

    Some of the highly paid organizations of the USA apart from health care institutions are Kaiser Permanente, Methodist Healthcare, Fairview Hospital, and Johnson & Johnson. Their average pay-scale structure is high, such as $270K, $233K, $363K, and $280K respectively. 

    It can be inferred that the demand for physicians and surgeons across the USA will be increased at least by 7% within the year 2028. Considering the other features and benefits, it can be said that Masters in Public Health from the USA over the other countries is ideal to opt. Once the aspirants complete their degree, they can flourish their career path in broad domains in the future.


    Ques. Name some of the top universities for MPH in USA.

    Ans. Harvard University, University of Chicago, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) are some of the popular universities offering Masters in Public Health in USA.

    Ques. What is the tuition fees for Masters in Public Health in USA?

    Ans. The annual tuition fees of top universities offering Masters in Public Health in USA ranges between 11,400 USD to 57,000 USD. UC Berkeley charges the lowest tuition fees of 11,442 USD per year.

    Ques. Can I apply for Masters in Public Health in USA without GRE test scores?

    Ans. Most of the top universities for MPH in USA require submission of GRE test scores for admission. However, some universities like Baylor University and Tufts University also accepts students without GRE test scores. 

    Ques. What is the salary of graduates with a degree in Masters in Public Health in USA?

    Ans. Average salary of Masters in Public Health graduates in USA is 90,000 USD per annum. A healthcare assistant can earn up to 637,000 USD per annum.