Masters of Science in Data Analytics in USA: Universities, Admission, Cost, & Benefits

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    An MS in data analytics in USA is a 1-2 year program (full-time) costing around $16,000 to $60,000. For Indian students looking forward to pursuing an MS in data analytics from the US Colleges, the expense can reach as high as ~44 lakhs

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    Working with the new rising data currency in the world requires professionals with degrees in data analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, etc. This has resulted in a rise in the need for data analytics professionals across the world, hence making the course popular among students and universities. 

    If you are planning to study data analytics in USA, alongside your financial stability, to pursue this program you will be required to have GRE scores, strong academic background, and language proficiency. Even though the program is relatively new and full-blow postgraduate degrees are not often available, yet more than 70 universities in the USA offer MS in data analytics degrees.

    Alongside being one of the top-paying countries for data analysts USA is also home to some of the popular recruiters including Amazon, Google, eBay, HCL, Facebook, Apple, etc. Pursuing MS in Data Analytics in USA can secure your jobs paying as much as $200,000 a year ~1.49 Cr/year.  

    MS in Data Analytics in USA: Top Universities

    Mentioned below are some of the top universities providing MS in Data Analytics in USA and they are among the world’s top universities. The table elaborates on national rankings (QS), program offered, durations, and fees of the course.

    University Program Fees (Annual-USD)
    Cornell University MEng- Data Analytics track (1 year) 58,586
    University of Chicago MS Analytics (1.25 years) 61,200
    Carnegie Mellon University MSIT- Business Intelligence & Data Analytics (16 months) 51,000
    George Washington University MS Data Analytics (2 years) 18,562
    Tufts University Masters in Data Analytics (2 years) 26,362
    San Diego State University Masters in Big Data Analytics (2 years) 16,050
    George Mason University MS Data Analytics Engineering (2 years) 46,200
    Clarkson University MS Data Analytics (2 years) 28,908
    Louisiana State University MS Analytics (1 year) 38,300
    Georgia State University MS Data Analytics (1 year) 45,000

    MS data analytics in USA are available for online and distance learning education. International students looking for short-term programs can find out various certifications offered by the universities in USA to pursue data analytics. 

    Looking for programs in big data? Apart from MS Data Analytics, you can also pursue master's in data science in the USA.

    Why Study MS in Data Analytics in USA?

    • The USA is currently experiencing a projected 2% growth in each year for data analysts professionals required. This roughly equals 61,000 job openings. 
    • Big four, IT giants, and some of the other top recruiters have their home ground in the USA which improves the chances of landing into jobs with cushy median salaries.
    • With top universities like Cornell University, University of Chicago, and others offering the program, a student is guaranteed world-class education and graduate employability. 
    • A 7.4% increase in the demand for big data professionals is projected in the field of mathematics. 
    • Over the time period of the past 5 years (2015-20), the data science and analytics field have experienced a growth of up to 15%. 

    MS in Data Analytics in USA: Course Highlights

    It prepares students to handle, analyze, structure, and process data with a vision of helping businesses. Data analysts are now required in every walk of life, the increasing digitization of each industry as well as finances, the need for professionals who can simply data, decode, and utilize it for the company’s benefit is on its peak.

    Eligibility Bachelor&rsquos degree with a minimum of 3 GPA on the scale of 4 GPA
    Entrance Exam (Average Score) GRE :299, TOEFL: 78, IELTS: 6.5, GMAT: 500
    Exam Type Semester Wise
    Course Duration 1-2 years
    Course Fees 8-32 Lakhs/Year
    Courses Types Full time
    Top Recruiting Companies Amazon, Google, Facebook, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Ebay, etc.
    Starting salaries offered Around 65.7 LPA

    MS in Data Analytics in USA: Admissions

    International students who wish to study in the USA must note that barely fulfilling the eligibility criteria does not guarantee admissions. You are required to attain a score higher than the basic eligibility requirements, complete relevant documentation involved, and apply before deadlines to enhance your chances of admission. 

    The details of the eligibility criteria for MS in data analytics in USA is given below

    MS in Data Analytics in USA: Eligibility Criteria

    • On the off chance that you are applying for MS in Data Analytics in  USA, you need to have a relevant bachelor’s degree from the recognized university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the scale of 4.0 GPA. 
      • The percentile equivalent of this is 83-86% and Grade B is the grade equivalent.
      • The CGPA 10-points scale equivalent is 7-7.4
    • English language proficiency: Non-native English-speaking applicants, irrespective of their nationalities are required to submit IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores as proof of language proficiency. 
    • Each university may require you to have different scores. The details of eligibility for top universities offering the program are as follows:
    University GRE Additional Requirements
    Cornell University Required Programming courses, calculus, JAVA/Python
    University of Chicago Required Calculus
    Carnegie Mellon University Required Java/Python
    George Washington University GRE optional Computer programming, calculus
    Tufts University Required Programming courses
    San Diego State University Required Statement with research goals and professional goals
    George Mason University Required Statement with research goals and professional goals

    English Language Requirements for MS in Data Analytics in USA

    University IELTS TOEFL
    Cornell University 7.0 100
    University of Chicago 7.0 104
    Carnegie Mellon University 7.0 Reading, Listening, Writing: 20;
    Speaking: 18
    George Washington University 7.0 100
    Tufts University 6.5 90
    San Diego State University 6.5 80
    George Mason University - Cbt: 230

    USA Student Visa

    There are three types of US Student Visa:

    • F1 Student VISA: to learn at a licensed US school or college or to consider English at an English language Institute. 
    • J Exchange Student Visa: Applicable for the students applying for the exchange studies scheme, which includes both schools as well as university students. 
    • M Student VISA: For non-academic or vocational training purposes. 

    As a first step, you should initially apply for the VISA and need to be acknowledged by a US school or college that is affirmed by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). When acknowledged, you will receive a Form I-20 from the Institution’s International Students Office, which is a paper record of your data in the database called the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). 

    Documents Required for Student Visa

    • A valid Passport. 
    • Acknowledged certificate from SEVIS along with I-20 form. 
    • Receipt of the payment for applying in SEVIS. 
    • Non- Immigrant VISA application along with form DS-160 confirmation page. 
    • Your recent photographs in the required format. 
    • Academic Preparation Documents. 
    • Evidence that you have sufficient funds from your sponsor to sustain in the USA, such as bank details or you have to show that you are enrolled in a scholarship program. 

    MS in Data Analytics in USA: Cost of Study

    Pursuing an education in the USA is an expensive affair. Indian aspirants may have to spend lakhs and lakhs of money to pursue MS in data analytics from USA. Planning ahead of these expenses allows the students to look for funding options available to study in the USA. Detailed below are all the expenses involved in an international study abroad aspirant. 

    Pre- Arrival Expenses

    Given below are the one-time expenses incurred before arriving in the USA. This includes application fees, visa fees, registration fees of tests required to study in the USA, etc. 

    Type of Expense Cost (USD)
    Program Application Fees 100-200
    US Student Visa Application Fees 160
    IELTS Fees 185-190
    TOEFL Fees 160-250
    GRE Fees 205-230

    Tuition Fees for MS in Data Analytics in USA

    The tuition fees for pursuing MS Data Analytics in the USA 16,000 to 60,000 USD. For an Indian student, it equals around 12 Lakhs INR to 44,000 Lakhs INR. The cheapest university to pursue the program at San Diego State University while the most expensive is the University of Chicago. This cost may seem too much for an individual on a budget, you can look for scholarships to study in the USA to handle the finances involved.

    Tuition Fees for MS in Data Analytics in USA for Indian Students

    University Cost in INR
    Cornell University 42.97 lakhs
    University of Chicago 44.89 lakhs
    Carnegie Mellon University 37.40 lakhs
    George Washington University 13.61 lakhs
    Tufts University 19.37 lakhs
    San Diego University 11.77 lakhs
    George Mason University 31.24 lakhs
    Clarkson University 21.19 lakhs
    Louisiana State University 28.09 lakhs
    George Mason University 35.20 lakhs

    Cost of Living in the USA

    Living in the USA is a huge task for an overseas student as it is quite expensive relative to other countries, but again this country has the top universities around the globe, and finding an affordable stay is also not at all impossible. Below are the average monthly expenses that students have to pay while living here: 

    Categories Cost/month (in USD)
    Rent of Apartment 1000-2000
    Meals 120-160 
    Transportation 100-300 
    Personal Expenses 300-400 
    Health Insurance 450-700 

    MS in Data Analytics in USA with Scholarships

    International students are offered a variety of funding options such as scholarships, loans, etc. There are specific scholarships for Indian students in USA, which can be utilized for cutting the expenses down. Some of the popular scholarships available are:

    Scholarship Eligibility Amount (in USD)
    Go Clean scholarship Masters students 3,500
    Inlaks Scholarship Masters or doctoral students 100,000
    Global Study Award Indian students 12,000
    Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarships Masters and PhD students 31,700
    QS Scholarship Bachelors, Masters, and PhD students 2,000 – 10,000
    In case you do not receive a scholarship, loans for international students in USA are also available.

    Didn’t get any scholarships or loans for studying in the USA?

    Students are permitted to work as long as 20 hours a week, with extra nominal over time depending on the job being done. The sort of occupation will rely upon the university educational plan, alongside a student's work experience, foundation, aptitude, English capabilities, and individual desire. 

    The most lucrative activity as an intern could be of a gentleman type as an advisory counselor in a bank and can be paid over 73 LPA per year yet you need understanding and aptitudes along with that, your English-speaking ability should be excellent. 

    MS in Data Analytics in USA: Jobs

    Post completion of your MS in data analytics in USA, there are various sectors in which jobs are offered. Some of these include IT, Mathematics, Finance & Services, etc. Jobs for graduates with a data analytics degree offer cushy median salaries. Some of the job roles for which you can apply are listed below along with their average annual salary. 

    Designations Average Salary (in USD)
    Data Scientist 210,000
    Data Engineer 221,000
    Director of Analytics 107,000
    Data Administrator 157,000
    Business Analyst 135,000
    Data Architect 200,000
    Machine Learning Engineer 213,000
    Business Intelligence Analyst 136,000

    Salaries offered to a graduate with master's in data analytics in USA at an entry-level range between 70,000 USD/yr to 90,000 USD/yr. However, the salaries offered in India are lower and range between 9000-1000 USD/yr at an initial level.  

    A senior data scientist or information security manager with around six years of experience gets a more significant pay of about 81.6LPA. Yet a specialization like data architect can make the compensation past the 85 LPA mark. 

    Pursuing MS in data analytics will land you in jobs with high paying salaries and offer a good return on investment. With top recruiters like Google, Amazon, Apple, etc in the USA, graduates of data analytics are unlikely to run out of job opportunities.

    Post Study Work Permit, Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a one-year work and stay-back license given to international students on the fulfillment of a degree program in the US. There are two kinds of OPT – one which can be utilized during one's studies, for example, Pre-Completion OPT, and another which begins subsequently after finishing one's study for example Post-Completion OPT. 


    Ques. Which is the best country for studying masters in data analytics?

    Ans. Some of the best countries to pursue a master's in data analytics are the USA, Australia, Canada, and Germany. Some of the best universities to study in the USA are Columbia University, University of Chicago, New York University, University of Washington. In Australia RMIT University, UTS, and in Canada UBC, Saint Mary’s University, and Trent’s University are some of the best universities for data analytics.

    Ques. How much does a MS in data analytics in USA cost?

    Ans. An MS in data analytics in the USA costs around $16,000 to $60,000 which equals 11 to 44 Lakhs for Indian students. 

    Ques. What are some of the top universities offering Masters in data analytics in USA? 

    Ans. Some of the top universities offering MS in data analytics in the USA are University of Chicago, Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University, George Washington University, etc. 

    Ques. How much can I earn with a data analytics degree in USA?

    Ans. A master's in data analytics can land you in jobs offering entry-level salaries ranging between 80,000-90,000 USD a year. This equals 59-67 LPA. However, students in India earn up to 6-8 LPA at an entry-level. 

    Ques. What is the eligibility for Masters in data analytics in USA?

    Ans. Students are required to have 83-86% around in a relevant bachelor’s degree with core subjects including computer programming, language proficiency (IELTS- 6.5 to 7.5 or TOEFL-80 to 100), and GRE/GMAT scores to get admission in data analytics programs offered at US universities.

    Ques. Can I get a job in USA easily after MS in data analytics?

    Ans. Yes, as the demand for professionals is increasing on an everyday basis and the data prevailing in the business world is rising the requirements for data analytics professionals are on its pinnacle. Finding a job hence is easy post completion of a MS in data analytics in USA.   

    Ques. Is GRE mandatory for pursuing MS in data analytics in US?

    Ans. No, some data analytics universities in US offer admissions to students without a GRE score. However, having one will always make your application stronger.  

    Ques. Is MS in data analytics in the US a STEM course?

    Ans. Yes, MS in data analytics is categorized as a STEM course making your eligible for a time period of up to 2 years to stay back after completion of studies to find a relevant job.