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Masters of Science in Data Analytics in the USA: Universities, Scope, Cost and Benefits

Bhavya Rawal Bhavya Rawal
Study Abroad Expert

MS Data Analytics in USA has been like a craze for most of the students in the recent years, with an entry level pay scale of around 65.7 Lakhs INR every year. The placement records for MS in Data Analytics in USA says that around 95% graduates are employed post completion of the degree. 

MS in Data Analytics in the USA is a 1-2 years course depending on the university you choose. 

The field of information driven by Science is now attracting individuals from a wide range of specialized fields like computational and mathematical foundations. 

An ongoing IBM study has even revealed that there will be a quick development in Data Analytics occupations by 2020, with 2.7 million new Data Scientist and Analytics employments opening each year. 

Why Study MS Data Analytics in the USA?

  • MS in Data Science in the USA is a very fluid course as the students have the option to transfer their credits.
  • The USA has a diverse environment as there are around 4.6 million international students including 1.8 million from India itself.
  • As per the recent study by Research and Development Statistics report, the USA spent a huge amount of its GDP on R&D especially in data analysis.
  • There are many scholarships available for international students in the USAwhich cover most of their tuition fees.
  • Many colleges are collaborated with Transferwise for fee payments which make the process easy and hassle free.
  • Top recruiting companies: Google, Wipro, Amazon, HCL Technologies, Ebay, Facebook and many more. 
  • Universities in the USA are among the top 1% of all the universities in the globe as per QS world ranking list.. 
  • The USA welcomes international students too, as there are about more than 1,000,000 international students. 
  • Nearly 5% of the students admitted in higher education in the USA are international students as per the recent study by 
  • The US ranks 27th in the world in healthcare and education. 

Program Highlighting

CourseMaster of Science (Post Graduation)
EligibilityBachelor&rsquos degree with minimum of 3 GPA on the scale of 4 GPA
Must have completed one course on respective topics in the last 3 years: Calculus, Statistics, and Computer programming (JAVA, C++)
Entrance Exam (Average Score)GRE :299, TOEFL: 78, IELTS: 6.5, GMAT: 500
Exam TypeSemester Wise
Course Duration1-2 years
Course Fees8-32 Lakhs/Year
Courses TypesFull time
Top Recruiting CompaniesAmazon, Google, Facebook, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Ebay, etc.
Starting salaries offeredAround 65.7 LPA

Top Universities offering MS in Data Analytics in the USA

Mentioned below are some of the top universities providing MS in Data Analytics in USAand they are among the world’s top universities: 

Name of the UniversityRankingsFees (Yearly)hDurationh
University of Chicago#107.10 Lakhs1-1.5 Years
Yeshiva University#35923.2 Lakhs1 Year
Clark University#531-54020.1 Lakhs1 Year
Clarkson University#601-65025.1 Lakhs1 Year
Louisiana State University#651-70027.19 Lakhs1 Year
Georgia State University#701-75031.9 Lakhs1 Year
University of Central Florida#701-75025.7 Lakhs1.5 Years
George Mason University#801-100018.7 Lakhs1.5-2 Years
Appalachian State University#141713 Lakhs1 Year
Rowan University#142010.7 Lakhs1.5-2 years
Shepherd University#20938.8 Lakhs1.5-2 years

Apart from these universities that stand in the world rankings, additionally there are some other universities in the USA offering the program. These are as follows:

University NameCore Courses within the Program
Northeastern UniversityApplied Statistics
Database Systems
Data Prediction
Practical MAchine Learning
Decision Analytics
Cornell UniversityStatistical Analysis
Data Management
Machine Learning
Data Prediction
Drew UniversityApplied Regression
Financial Quantitative Analysis
Computational Finance
Large Data Analysis
University of IndianapolisStatistics
Applied Data Mining
Data Warehouse
Machine Learning
University of Illinois at Urbana &ndash ChampaignBig Data
Machine Learning
Python Programing
Visual Analysis
University of Notre DameBusiness Problem Solving
Data Analysis with Python
Data Management
Machine Learning
Boston UniversityData Visualization
Data Mining
Data Processing with Python
Machine Learning
Brandeis UniversityAnalyzing Data
Marketing Research
Supply Chain Analytics
Financial Risk Management

MS Data Analytics in USA: What is it About?

MS in Data Analytics is a 1-2 year long degree mostly offered on-campus to international students. There are certain core subjects that all the students are required to study. Along with these are certain additional/elective courses that students can choose from. Some of the core subjects as per universities are tabulated below:

University NameCore Subjects
University of ChicagoResearch Design for Business Application
Leadership Skills
Time series analysis
Data Mining Principles
Machine Learning
Louisiana State UniversityBig Data Landscapes
Introduction to HADOOP
Machine Data
Internet of Things
Predictive Analysis

Yeshiva University

Analytics Programing
Machine Learning
Computational Mathematics
Visual designing
Business Modelling
Clark UniversityPython Programing
Data Management in IT
Data Mining with Splunk
Applied Machine Learning
Capstone Practicum
Clarkson UniversityBig Data Processing
Strategic Project Management
Machine Learning
Business Analytics
Georgia State UniversityData Programing for Analytics
Data Visualization
Machine Learning
Statistical Foundation for Analytics
Predictive Analysis
University of Central FloridaMachine Learning
Network Science
Parallel and Distributed Database
Statistical Analysis
Cloud Computing
George Mason UniversityBig Data to Information
Applied Statistics
Decision Analytics
Principles of Data Management
Machine Learning
Appalachian State UniversityStatistical Foundation
Network Science
Cloud Computing
Rowan UniversityVisual Analytics
Data Mining
Design and Analysis of the Experiments
Shepherd UniversityData Mining
Data Warehousing
Machine Learning
Python Programing
Visual Analytics

MS Data Analytics in USA: Admissions

International students planning to study abroad are required to submit their online graduate applications along with additional documents. They are also required to submit scores of various tests required to study in the USA.

MS Data Analytics in USA: Eligibility Criteria

  • English Proficiency Requirement: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, marks vary from university to university, with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, TOEFL score of 85-90. 
  • Entrance Examination: GRE or GMAT 
  • On the off chance that you are applying for MS in Data Analytics in the USA, you need to have a relevant bachelor’s degree from the recognized university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the scale of 4.0 GPA. 
    • The percentile equivalent of this is 83-86% and Grade B is the grade equivalent.
    • The CGPA 10-points scale equivalent is 7-7.4. 
  • Resume/CV 
  • Letter of Recommendation: 2-3 LORs, preferably academic are required as additional documents

Gateway to the USA: Student Visa

The US Government gives a chance to every Indian student to pursue their study in the USA however there is an essential prerequisite too, you'll need to acquire a student visa first. The visa you need will rely upon your age and the kind of study you wish to seek in the US. Here's an overview of the kinds of study visas and their application prerequisites: 

There are 3 types of student visa available for the overseas student: 

  • F1 Student VISA: to learn at a licensed US school or college or to consider English at an English language Institute. 
  • J Exchange Student Visa: Applicable for the students applying for the exchange studies scheme, which includes both school as well as university students. 
  • M Student VISA: For non-academic or vocational training purposes. 

As a first step, you should initially apply for the VISA and need to be acknowledged by a US school or college that is affirmed by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). When acknowledged, you will receive a Form I-20 from the Institution’s International Students Office, which is a paper record of your data in the database called the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). 

Documents Required 

  • A valid Passport. 
  • Acknowledged certificate from SEVIS along with I-20 form. 
  • Receipt of the payment for applying in SEVIS. 
  • Non- Immigrant VISA application along with form DS-160 confirmation page. 
  • Your recent photographs in the required format. 
  • Academic Preparation Documents. 
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds from your sponsor to sustain in the USA, such as bank details or you have to show that you are enrolled in a scholarship program. 

MS Data Analytics in USA: Cost of Study

Described below is the detailed information about the university fees as well as the average yearly living cost of an individual in the USA. Sections below also brief your expenses before leaving for USA.

Pre- Arrival Expenses

Given below are the expenses of an individual before arriving to the USA, which includes exam cost and VISA cost: 

GMAT Fees18000 INR
GRE Fees15000 INR
TOEFL Fees12000-18250 INR
Paper Based Examinaton13000 INR
VISA application cost14600 INR

Cost of Living in the USA

Living in the USA is a huge task for an overseas student as it is quite expensive relatively to other countries, but again the USA has the top universities in the globe and finding affordable stay is also not at all impossible, below are the average monthly cost of different expenditures made by the students:

Rent of the Apartment (Off Campus)73000-1,00,000 INR
On-Campus rent60,000-70000 INR
Cost of meals10000 INR
Transportation15000 INR
Personal Expenses29000 INR
Health Insurance36500 INR

Note: The cost of living in the USA will depend on your lifestyle and accommodation options. 

The image below compares the tuition and cost of living in various universities in USA:

Cost of Study by University in USA

So, the cost of studying MS in Data Analytics varies from 7.10 Lakhs/ year in University of Chicago to 31.9 Lakhs/ year in Georgia State University. Along with this, the overall living cost yearly goes up to another 19-20 Lakhs depending on the living style of an individual, which takes the cost to about 30-50 Lakhs/ year. 

Scholarships for International Students in USA

Your MS Data Analytics degree will cost you anywhere around 50 LPA including your accommodation and other costs. This can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Funding available for international students in the USA is of two forms, Scholarships and loans. Some of the scholarships available to international students are as follows:

  • Go Clean Scholarship: The Go Clean scholarship is available to all the students applying for a master’s degree in the USA. 

Scholarship Amount: 2,48,500 INR, applied only on tuition fees and is available for only one time. 

  • Brokerfish International Scholarships: Brokerfish basically provides financial aid to all overseas students to save money during their academic year and help to achieve success. 

Scholarship Amount: 71,000 INR, applied only on tuition fees. 

  • Inlaks Scholarships: Available only for University students from India, Inlaks scholarshiphas two types of scholarship programs- University programs and Specific courses. Available for top US universities only. 

Scholarship amount: 71,00,000 INR, applicable for one time only and is applicable on tuition fees, living cost and travel expenses. 

  • Global Study Awards: Provided by ISIC Association (International Student Identity Card). Its main aim is to encourage young minds in the field of science and technologies. It is applicable to Indian students selected in the top USA institutes

Scholarship Amount: 9,11,300 INR, applicable on tuition fees and travel expenses for one time only. 

  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarships: this scheme is available for a few selected master’s course and PhD courses in the top US universities. 

Scholarship Amount: 23,99,800 INR, it is a yearly based scholarship scheme available for tuition fees, living cost, travel expenses and health expenses. 

Specific scholarships for Indian students in USA are also available for aspirants. Loans for studying USA are also available exclusively for Indian students. 

Didn’t get any scholarships or loans for studying in USA?

Students are permitted to work as long as 20 hours a week, with extra nominal overtime depending on the job being done. The sort of occupation will rely upon the university educational plan, alongside a student's work experience, foundation, aptitude, English capabilities and individual desire. 

The most lucrative activity as an intern could be of a gentleman type as an advisory counsellor in a bank and can be paid over 73 LPA per year yet you need understanding and aptitudes along with that, your English-speaking ability should be excellent. 

MS Data Analytics in USA: Salaries

Payscale reports that the entry level data analyst with a masters degree gets an average pay of about 65.7 LPA. Following two to four years at work, you can expect a normal compensation of about 73 LPA.

DesignationsAverage Salary (in LPA)
Data Scientist82.71
Data Engineer66.96
Director of Analytics107.17
Information Security Manager82.95
Business Analyst49.89
Data Architect79.04
Machine Learning Engineer83.30
Quantitative Analyst77.92

A senior data scientist or information security manager with around six years of experience gets a more significant pay of about 81.6LPA. Yet a specialization like data architect can make the compensation past the 85 LPA mark. 

Post Study Work Permit, Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a one-year work and stay-back license given to the international studentson fulfilment of a degree program in the US. There are two kinds of OPT – one which can be utilized during one's studies for example Pre-Completion OPT, and another which begins subsequently after finishing one's study for example Post-Completion OPT. 

The American economy is extended by 2.3% in 2017 as indicated by the figures given by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The US economy expanded 3.5% in the third quarter of 2018 followed by 4.2% in the second quarter of 2018, which is the most elevated figure since the third quarter of 2014. 

The U.S. economy included 148,000 occupations in the most recent month of 2017, while the joblessness rate stayed at 4.1 percent as per the information given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overall, 2.11 million occupations were included 2017. This suggests that pursuing a degree from this developed country will pay you back with least chances of being unemployed and landing you with cushy median salaries. 


Ques. Is a mathematics background is important to opt for MS in Data analytics in the USA?

Ans. Yes, Mathematical background especially statistics, probability and linear algebra are the most important topics to be considered.

Ques. Is online or distance learning for MS in data Analytics in the US available?

Ans. No, there is only a full time option available for this particular course. Applicants are required to study on-campus full-time programs for MS Data Analytics in USA. 

Ques. What is the overall cost of Studying MS in data Analytics in the USA?

Ans. Overall cost includes the tuition fees as well as the accommodation cost which varies from the amount of 30-50 Lakhs per year.

Ques. What is the eligibility for pursuing MS Data Analytics in USA?

Ans. International students are required to have a bachelor's degree with 83-86% score (B grade) in relevant fields, GMAT/GRE score, and IELTS/TOEFL score are the minimum requirements for admissions in MS data analytics in USA. 

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