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MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA: A Complete Course Guide

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
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MS in Biomedical Engineering in the USA is a 1.5 to 2 year STEM degree related to healthcare and medicine. It is a combination of engineering, biology and applied engineering discipline. 10,652 international students took admission in masters in biomedical engineering in USA universities and the number has increased by 5.57% from the previous year. 

  • 4.48 million people are engaged with this profession in the USA. This increased by 4.23% in 2019.
  • The average annual tuition fee of masters in biomedical engineering in USA universities is between 
  • The annual average wage rate of biomedical engineers has also grown by 2.11%.
  • The average median salary of biomedical engineers is 95,000 USD. 

Why Study Masters in Biomedical Engineering in USA

  • As per the statistical projection, employment in biomedical engineering will increase to 20,500 by 2028 in the USA. 
  • 19,800 engineers in the USA are engaged in the healthcare industry,industrial applications, agricultural departments, or environmental biotechnology sector. 
Type of WorkPercentage
Supplies medical equipment19%
Engaged for research work16%
Start to teach in colleges or in schools10%
Measure and control the instrumental manufacturing and electromedical department9%
Engaged in health care sector for social assistance9%
  • The pay scale of biomedical engineers in the USA has increased from 85,000 USD to 95,000 USD from the year 2010 to the year 2018. 
  • According to salary explorer, the average salary of biomedical engineers will increase by 36% in the next 5 years of their joining. 
  • As per the research, biochemists and biomedical engineers can earn the highest wage rate than the other engineers in the USA. 
  • The average income of the biochemist and biomedical engineers is close to $112,500, whereas the average salary of the epidemiologist or the forensic science technicians are either $75000 or less than that in the USA. 

Top Universities offering MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA

Following are the top universities offering masters in biomedical engineering in USA, along with their US News ranking and course fees: 

UniversityUS News RankingProgram OfferedCourse fees in USD (Annually)
John Hopkins University (Whiting)#1MS in Biomedical Engineering: 1 year$55,350
Emory University-Georgia Institute of Technology#2MD in Biomedical Engineering: 1 year$42,628
Massachusetts Institute of Technology#3MD in Biomedical Engineering Program (MEBE): 1 years$53,450
Duke University#4MS Biomedical Engineering: 2 year$26,683
Stanford University#4MS Bioengineering: 2 years$50,703
University of California-Berkeley#4MEng Bioengineering: 2 years$55,754
University of Pennsylvania#8MSE Bioengineering: 1 year$56,786
Boston University#9MS Biomedical Engineering: 1 year$55,552
Columbia University#9MS Biomedical Engineering: 1-1.5 years$60,540
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor#9Masters in Biomedical Engineering: 2 years$25,163
Northwestern University#12MS Biomedical Engineering: 2 years$54,559

Course Curriculum of MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA

The demand of the masters in biomedical engineering has increased with the rising general shift of the society towards machinery and technology. Students will learn the revolutionary and life-saving aspects such as replacement with artificial organs, surgical robots, kidney dialysis, advanced prosthetics etc in their masters. 

Some of the special courses offered by the universities of the USA are: 

  • John Hopkins University (Whiting): Specializes in offering Cancer Nanotechnology, and Cardiovascular Bioinformatics. 
  • Emory University-Georgia Institute of Technology: Biomaterials and regenerative technologies, biomedical robotics, cardiovascular engineering, cancer technologies, neuroengineering and immune engineering.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Approximately 20 research centres in the campus, which offer coursework like cancer research, soldier nanotechnology etc.
  • Duke University: Biophotonics, biosensors and bioinstrumentation, drug and gene delivery, mechanobiology.
  • Stanford University: Cellular and molecular bioengineering, clinical technology, microfluidic device laboratory, diagnostic devices Lab.
  • University of California Berkeley: Medical imaging, imaging informatics, neuroengineering, diagnostic engineering
  • University of Pennsylvania: Designing of medical devices, biomechanics, biomedical health systems.
  • Boston University: 12 research centres of the university offer different range of biomedical engineering courses such as neuromuscular research, robotics and quantum imaging etc.
  • University of Michigan Ann-Arbor: The interdisciplinary programs of the University of Michigan Ann-Arbor emphasizes on project-based learning.
  • North-Western University: Advanced systems physiology (with and without thesis)

Admission Procedure of MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA

Minimum percentage of 80% in bachelors degree and GRE test scores are required to apply for masters in biomedical engineering in USA. 

Eligibility Masters in Biomedical Engineering in USA Admission

  • Have the degree of 10+2+4 education
  • Bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering or related field
  • GRE test scores
  • Proof of English proficiency

Minimum percentage required in bachelors and GRE test scores required for some of the top-ranking universities offering MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA are as follows: 

UniversityMinimum GRE ScoreMinimum % in Bachelors
John Hopkins University (Whiting)RequiredNo minimum criteria
Emory University-Georgia Institute of TechnologyNot RequiredStudied one-year calculus-based physics and organic chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology299No minimum criteria
Duke University151-15785%
Stanford UniversityRequired85%
University of California BerkeleyVerbal: 155;
Quantitative: 161
University of PennsylvaniaQuantitative: 165;
Verbal: 150
No minimum criteria
Boston UniversityAccepted (Average score: 164)85%
Columbia UniversityRequiredMinimum 3.5 or higher
University of Michigan Ann-ArborQuantitative: 165;
Verbal: 153
Northwestern UniversityVerbal 156;
Quantitative 156

Proof of English Proficiency

International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language to apply for any program of the US universities. The minimum requirement for masters in biomedical engineering in USA admissions are: 

John Hopkins University (Whiting)7.0PBT: 600; CBT: 250; iBT: 100
Emory University-Georgia Institute of Technology6.578
Massachusetts Institute of Technology6.578
Stanford University7.0iBT: 100;
PBT: 570
University of California Berkeley6.5IBT: 90
University of Pennsylvania7.0iBT: 100;
CBT: 250;
PBT: 600
Boston University7.0iBT: 90
Columbia University7.0iBT: 100
PBT: 600
University of Michigan Ann-Arbor7.0PBT: 600;
iBT: 100
Northwestern University7.0106

Documents Required for Masters in Biomedical Engineering Admissions

Once you are going to start the process for studying in the USA, you should submit the following documents:

  • Transcripts of educational certificates from previous colleges and institutes.
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation
  • If you have any prior work experience, you should make a resume consisting of all the details.
  • SOP, by mentioning the statement of purpose for admissions.
  • Attach the score of the relevant English Proficiency Test. 

Cost of Studying MS in Biotechnology Engineering in USA

Cost of studying abroad is not only dependent upon the course fees and cost of living of the country, but also the students need to spend a lump sum percentage of money in pre-arrival costs. 

Pre-arrival Cost

The pre-arrival expenditure consists of the fees of English proficiency test (either IELTS or TOEFL), US student visa etc. 

Types of ExpenditureFees (in USD)
IELTS fee$215-$240
TOEFL fee$180
GRE fee$205
Transcription cost of prior educational certificates (For Masters students)$80
One way flight fare$700
Visa application fee$1200
SEVIS Fee$200
Tuition fees of MS in biomedical engineering in USA

Cost of Living in USA

As discussed earlier, the cost of living and the tuition fees of the USA Universities are higher than the other countries. The estimated expenditure of living in the USA varies between 10000 USD to 12000 USD a year. 

Types of expendituresCost in USD (Annually)
Hostels or room rent$5000-$7000
Cost of food$2500
Public transport$350-$800
Entertainment cost$1000-$1200

Funding Options for MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA

Rising inflation rate of the USA (1.5% to 2.3% in 2020 from the year 2010) is one of the major reasons for looking for funding options while taking admission to the universities of the USA. 

Some of the scholarships for international students in USA are: 

ScholarshipAmount of Scholarship (in USD)Additional information
AACE International scholarshipsUpto 2500The amount depends upon the nationality
IISE scholarships and Fellowship program4000At least 3.40 GPA in bachelors
Anne Naureen Whitney Barrow Memorial Scholarship7000.Enrol names in ABET accredited engineering programs.
Arsham Amirikian Engineering Scholarship2500.3.0 GPA in bachelors

Loan for International Students in USA

Since, expenditure for completing the MS in the US is costly, students not able to avail any scholarship can apply for a student loan. The loan application starts with the filling up of i20 form. The form is sent by the universities to the scholars. 

Before applying for an education loan, do not forget to check and compare the interest rate and processing fees charged by the banks or the financial institutions: 

Name of the financial institutionAmount of loan (in USD)Percentage of the processing fee
HDFCMaximum amount of loan $269541.5%
State Bank of India$40431 maximum2%
Axis bank$10,100 Maximum---
  • You have to show your income tax exemption certificate, loan margin before you apply for the education loan.
  • You should submit the immigration record to the bank or financial institute along with the academic, professional and legal verification certificates (such as F1, J1 and H1B VISA). 

Career Prospect after MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA

Students who completed their masters in biomedical engineering in USA get a good prospect and growth in their career. Few of them get into the industrial sector, whereas the rest of the students enrol for Phd and doctoral courses. 

Jobs after MS in BIomedical Engineering in USA

The median biomedical engineering salary in the USA is $93,300 per annum after completion of masters. On the other hand, the maximum and minimum annual wage rate of the engineers are 137,000 USD and 67,830 USD respectively. 

Once the students complete their masters in biomedical engineering in USA, they are recruited as mechanical, chemical, and marine engineers apart from biomedical engineers.

DesignationPay Scale (in USD annually)
Assistant pharmacist$71500
Assistant Pharmacy director$137000
Associate media affairs director$123000
Bioinformatics scientist$124000
Bioinformatics technicians$77500
Naval architect$92560
Food processing engineer$79341
Marine engineer$78748
Agricultural engineer$77110

It can be concluded that opting for MS in biomedical engineering in the USA can broaden their career path. Not only that, but the engineers can also get a leap in their pay scale after gathering experience in the same field. Some of the highest paying states of the country are California, Minnesota, Texas, Florida and New York. 


Ques. Is it worthy to study MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA?

Ans: In order to get a long term success in your career path, you should go for a masters in biomedical engineering in USA. Though the fees of the study is higher, however, you can get a good return once you get into the job market. 

Ques. What is the eligibility criteria for studying MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA?

Ans. Most of the Universities are asking for 3.0 (80%) GPA scores in bachelors. In addition to this, international students need to qualify and get either 6.5 score IELTS or 90 score in TOEFL (iBT) as a proof of English proficiency. GRE scores are also required for admission in some universities.

Ques. Is it possible to make a lot of money from Biomedical engineering? 

Ans. Compared to the other engineering coursework, biomedical engineers can get the highest wage rate in the industry. Also, the growth rate of biomedical engineers has been increasing at a rapid pace in the USA.

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