MS in Marketing in the US- Top Universities, Rankings, Job Opportunity

by rishika.saluja

Choosing to study in the US itself increases your value of education and doing a specialized degree speaks volumes about your calibre. MS Marketing is one of the popular courses among all the undergraduates who are interested in learning advanced marketing skills or are marketing professionals. Through this course the graduates are equipped with the marketing tools and concepts and are trained to work in the industry, NPOs, consulting firms, government and at all other places where there is a requirement of marketing professionals with core knowledge.

World University Rankings for MS in Marketing 2019

QS Business Masters Rankings: Marketing

RankUniversity NameSchool NameSubject Name
1Columbia UniversityColumbia Business SchoolMSc in Marketing Science
7The University of Texas in AustinMcCombs School of BusinessMSc in Marketing
8University of Southern CaliforniaMarshall School of BusinessMSc Marketing
17Michigan State UniversityThe Eli Broad Graduate School of ManagementMS Marketing Research
18Texas A&M UniversityMays Business SchoolMS Marketing
20Florida International UniversityChapman Graduate School of BusinessMSc in Marketing
21Purdue UniversityKrannert School of ManagementMS Marketing
27Johns Hopkins UniversityCarey Business SchoolMS Marketing
30University of Alabama – Manderson-MS Marketing
31American UniversityKogod School of BusinessMSc in Marketing

Top Universities in the US with Highest Graduation Rate

Given are the top 10 universities in the US with the highest number of graduation rate in the field of marketing at the master’s level.

School NameAcceptance RateEnrollment RateGraduation Rate
University of Notre Dame21%53%96%
University of Pennsylvania10%65%96%
Washington University in St Louis17%35%95%
Georgetown University17%47%95%
Columbia University in the City of New York7%62%95%
Johns Hopkins University16%37%93%
Vanderbilt University13%42%93%
Boston College34%29%91%
Villanova University49%22%89%
Bucknell University31%39%89%

MS in Marketing- Admission Requirements

Minimum Requirements for applying to all the universities to study MS in Marketing in the USA are given below. A few of the universities also claim of not having any minimum requirements for admission, though, with a subtle reference, want their applicants to have fulfilled certain criteria before filing the application.


Scanned copies of the official transcripts have to be submitted by the applicant through the online document submission portal. The transcripts should include a copy of your bachelor’s program along with other necessary documents. Also note, that if your transcripts are in your native language which is other than English, then a copy of English translated documents is also required to be submitted along with the native language copy. 


The applicants have to write 500-1000 words article (some universities ask for two articles) explaining their reason for pursuing MS in Marketing including their long-term and short-term career goals. The essay should also convey the relevance of this course, stating the role this degree would play in achieving your career objectives.

Letter of Recommendation

The applicants have to provide 2 Letters of Recommendation (maximum 5) from the people with whom they have/ had professional relation, preferably who were their managers or professors at some point of time. Such instructors must have analyzed your work at some stage and should provide a letter stating your abilities and caliber professionally.


Applicants applying to Masters in Marketing in the US universities have to supply their Resume along with other formalities. Their resume should contain their academic background, work experience – business/academic, paid or volunteered internships or any other type of professional experience worth sharing.

Test Scores – GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL or PTE

The applicants have to submit two types of standardized test scores – GMAT or GRE score and IELTS, TOEFL or PTE score.  GMAT and GRE are the exams that have to be taken for admission in the master’s programs. The aspirant can choose between the two exams depending upon the requirement of the universities you have shortlisted for admission and other subject preferences. The aspirants, being the international students, also have to take any of the IELTS, TOEFL and PTE exams, if the first language of the country in which they have studied was not English.

MS Marketing VS MBA Marketing

Many marketing aspirants at the start of choosing their graduate program get confused as to choose MS Marketing as the course to study or MBA with a concentration in Marketing.

Choosing between the two programs depends on your long-term career goal.

MS Marketing helps you get a focused insight about the marketing field. It gives its students deeper knowledge about marketing techniques. If you plan to work in the area of marketing, you should definitely consider doing MS in Marketing. Also, this subject being marketing specific, is also suitable for pursuing PhD in this field, making it easier for you to move into the academic area. After completing MS Marketing, you can apply to any of the three categories of jobs:

  • Research Firm
  • Managerial Positions
  • Academics (PhD)

MBA Marketing is more management centric. Doing this program gives you a general managerial idea about how things function in a corporate, involving marketing, finance, HR, etc. So, if you plan to consider moving out of marketing into other areas in the future, then having a general understanding of all areas of business would be highly beneficial.

Job Opportunities After Doing MS in Marketing from the US

  1. Marketing Analyst
  2. Marketing/ Product Specialist
  3. Marketing and Business Development
  4. Brand Manager
  5. Marketing Manager in the marketing department of a firm
  6. Media Campaign Manager
  7. Sales/ Marketing Manager
  8. Admission in PhD (marketing)
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