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Psychology in the US – Ranking, Specializations, Short Courses, Application Process, Cost and Salary

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QS World Ranking – University wise

Based on the graduation rate, psychology major is famous in the US with 116,000 students graduating per year. Mentioned is the QS World Ranking of top institutions offering psychology as major in the US.

Psychology SchoolQS World Ranking
Harvard University1
Stanford University2
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)5
University of California, Los Angeles=7
Yale University=7
University of Michigan10
New York University11
Columbia University12
University of Pennsylvania=13

The best universities for psychology in the US come under top 15 QS list which proves the ability of the prestigious US schools.

After arts and humanities, engineering and technology, psychology ranks 3rd in the QS subject ranking 2018 under the category of life sciences and medicine in the US.

Psychology is an upcoming field in the US attracting numerous international students. It persuades the students for self-awareness, their actions and personalities.

One of the reasons, why psychology in the US is well-known is that it covers almost all major specializations in bachelor’s and master’s program.

APA (American Psychology Association) accredits 850 doctoral programs in school counselling and clinical psychology out of 1,900 psychology graduate programs in the US. 

QS World ranking proves the status of the US psychology schools in the world. A degree of psychology in the US earns a respectable job anywhere in the world, it is possible due to the state of art teaching methods and advanced knowledge base provided to the students.

Top Psychology Specializations in the US

Mentioned are the psychology programs, well-known in the US.

  1. General Psychology
  2. Clinical Psychology
  3. Child Psychology
  4. Counseling Psychology
  5. School Psychology
  6. Cognitive and perceptual psychology
  7. Social Psychology
  8. Forensic Psychology
  9. Addictions
  10. Sports Psychology

Eligibility of Psychology Degrees in the US

Bachelor’s degree – A high school graduate or have completed GED

Master’s degree – Bachelor’s degree

Ph.D. – Master’s in psychology or related field

Short Courses in Psychology (Full-Time)

  1. Introduction to Cultural Psychology
  2. Introduction to Psychology of Emotion
  3. Psychology of Bias - Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination
  4. Introduction to Statistical Methods – Precalculus
  5. Genes, Memes, and Behavior
  6. Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
  7. General Psychology
  8. Options in Mind, Brain and Behavior
  9. Psychology of Human Behavior
  10. Introduction to Neuroscience

Application Process for Psychology Course in the US

Admission Requirements

  • Filled admission form
  • Application fee
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution along with official transcripts
  • Related field of education is preferred or an aptitude for work in counseling through suitable experience.
  • GPA score
  • SAT or ACT score (not necessary at some institutions)
  • Letter of Recommendation – 2
  • Personal statement
  • Interview may be required for admission
  • Financial documentation is required for the proof of enough funds required by the authorities
  • English proficiency test results for the students who don’t have English as first language
English Proficiency TestMinimum score required

Paper-based – 550

Computer-based – 213

iBT - 79

Alternative to TOEFL exam

ExamMinimum Score Required
PTEscore of 53 with no sub-scores lower than 47

Note: Requirements may vary depending upon the university

How to Apply?

Applicants may fill the application form of the required universities directly or through application portals and submit required documents for further processing.

Who Should opt for MA Psychology?

Students who have good analytical and critical thinking skills and love for what they have learned may choose to opt for this course. They need to have compassion and patience towards the patients. Also, problem-solving abilities and sense of responsibility are other traits required in a student.

With excellent communication skills, students who have the passion to help people coming over their mental illness are completely fit for the course.

Cost of Studying Psychology in the US

The expenses of education at different levels in the US varies for resident and non-resident students. The education may not be expensive for residents while for international students the education might be hefty.

The average cost of studying in different programs at different levels is generally different. The cost of studying bachelors in the US institutions may be around 40,000 USD.

In master’s, it may appear to be around 35,000 USD per year. Finally, Ph.D. costs approximately 30,000 USD and around 35,000 USD for private not-for-profit colleges.

The most affordable degree in the US is offered by United States Military Academy with 0 USD per annum, this provides 100% discount from the national average program cost.

Fact: the University of Central Florida offers the nation’s most famous general psychology bachelor’s program with 963 degrees awarded per year.

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Scholarships for International Students

Curated Psychology Scholarships by American Psychological Association (APA)

Undergraduate Scholarship Program (CIA)18,000 USD
APA Student Travel Award300 USD
Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Psychology Graduate Student Fellowship25,000 USD
Roy Scrivner Research Grants15,000 USD
National Register Credentialing ScholarshipsAmount subject to cost of credentialing fees

Other Scholarships

American Psychological Foundation Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship10,000 USD
Merit Scholarship10,000 USD
The Dr. Michael Horowitz/Dr. Jeannie Gutierrez Immigrant/First Generation Scholarship10,000 USD
President's Scholarship7,000 USD
The P.E.O. International Peace scholarship12,500 USD

Average Salary of Jobs under Psychology

If the students are not sure about the career they can opt after doing psychology, here are the answers:-

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Psychologist65,000 USD
Social Worker45,000 USD
Counselor40,000 USD
Human Resources Manager100,000 USD
Educationist60,000 USD
Psychiatric Technician55,000 USD
Correctional Officer45,000 USD
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