Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA in USA

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    Statement of Purpose or SOP is a supporting document attached with the admission application that serves as the personal presence of the applicant in front of the selection committee. Through the Statement of Purpose for MBA document, you can say and emphasize on all things that you would like to discuss with the admission’s committee.

    A Statement of Purpose for MBA in USA needs careful drafting, planning, and writing if one wants to get the desired results from this document. When is it wise to spend considerable time collecting all the relevant information and then articulating the language keeping it purely academic and official to get the best results?

    This document should be considered as an opportunity which no other document in your admission application can provide you.

    Point to Remember While Writing an SOP for MBA in USA

    For your Statement of Purpose for MBA in USA, there are quite a few essay prompts and structural guidelines provided by the universities that each and every applicant needs to keep in mind. Some of these pointers are mentioned below:

    • Write briefly about the personal and academic life
    • Reasons for choosing the particular institution to pursue your MBA studies, and a particular country for the Advanced Studies.
    • You need to write about your short term and long term career goals
    • Write a little about your vision to serve your community or country after gaining advanced knowledge.

    This document needs to be carefully planned so that it is not repeating information that is available elsewhere in your application but at the same time must be highlighting all the relevant information that can help you to get admission to your dream institution.

    Sample SOP for MBA in USA Universities

    From my childhood only I was observing different business profiles as I was born in a business family. By the time I went to school it was almost very clear to me that I will be making my career as a businessman. Therefore I decided to study commerce when I reach senior secondary.

    By the time I finished college I realized that the manufacturers are not able to earn as much as the trader's other distributors and then I made up my mind to study marketing management.

    Once I had my career path fixed I opted for a bachelor's in Business Administration with Honors in marketing management. During this study, I was able to understand the fundamentals of marketing and how the network works. I also got opportunities to work on various projects and visit some large business houses to observe their functioning.

    Along with my studies, I also assisted my father whenever I could. This gave me real-life experience and increased my hunger to actually study the marketing channels and marketing management in depth.

    I have participated in the competitions held at my department and in my college, referred to the resource books, and also watched various videos and movies based on marketing strategies or talking about how to run a business. During my zeal and passion to learn about marketing management, I surfed for an international degree and the hands-on experience one is able to get along with a world-class degree if one can study business management in a world-class University either in my own country or abroad.

    As I really wanted to have in-depth knowledge in this subject area before venturing out in my own business at a global level it was a prudent decision to go for international studies. There wasn't any better option than opting for the business hub of the world, the United States. I started exploring the various institutions and the curriculum that can give me the desired knowledge especially in marketing management. I came across xxxxx university and the content of the course which just suited what I was looking for.

    All the eligibility criteria were according to my grades and skills, and completing the language proficiency and standardized tests was not at all difficult. I have an excellent academic and Co scholastic record.

    As a management student, I have participated in various workshops and projects and have acquired the basic knowledge to study Masters in Business Administration. My parents easily agreed to finance me for my education in the US as they have always seen my passion for becoming a businessman and they also feel that I need thorough knowledge to succeed as a businessman in today's Global competition.

    I strongly feel that a world-class degree and practical knowledge along with hands-on experience in real-life situations will prepare me to face the business world with complete preparation. Studying at a foreign institution will also provide me the much-needed confidence and I will be able to become more self-disciplined and self-motivated which are also essential requirements for becoming a successful businessman.

    I have enclosed my academic and co scholastic achievements along with all the relevant documents with this application and I am hopeful that I will be able to get admission in MBA at your esteemed university to fulfill my dreams.

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