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    Kansas State University: World Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-wise Rankings 2020-21

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    Kansas State University is a research-intensive university and one of the best in learning Agriculture and Forestry. The institution has nine different campuses and some hundreds of degree courses to choose from. Kansas State University is the only University to have a +3 Carnegie Professor of the year teaching and have some of the highest citation scores for research per faculty.

    Kansas State University is considered as the forerunner in research into the global food chain. The institution is ranked as the top #25 university for sustainability by The institute attracts over 22000 students every year from more than 100 countries and is known for its distribution of grants, scholarships, and loans amounting to $286 million every year.

    Mentioned below are the rankings of Kansas State University from the significant ranking agencies:

    Kansas State University World Ranking Highlights

    Ranking Agency Ranking- 2020 Ranking- 2021
    Times Higher Education #601-#800 #601-#800
    QS #701-#750 #701-#750
    US News #414 -
    CWUR #420 #437
    Webo-metrics #407 -

    Kansas State University QS Ranking 2021

    Global Ranking: #701-#750

    The QS has ranked Kansas State University as the top #750 universities globally and under the top #180 universities in the US.

    • Despite this, the University has continuously lost its rankings in the last 7 years, from #480 best universities globally in 2014, it has come down to #750 by 2021.
    • However, according to QS, irrespective of the global ranking, K-State University has continuously increased its rankings for Agriculture and Forestry as individual subjects.
    • The QS has also given the institution and whooping score of 80.2 for citations per faculty concerning Agriculture and Forestry.
    • Moreover, Kansas State University has a 5-star rating from the QS for all the parameters used to evaluate a university’s ranking.

    Kansas State University Times Higher Education Ranking 2021

    The Times Higher Education has ranked Kansas State University between #601-#800 globally.

    • THE further states that the institution comes under #401-#500 according to the US College Rankings 2021.
    • THE also states that according to Princeton Review, the Kansas State University is one of the best colleges in the nation and is home to more prestigious national scholarship winners than any other public researching university in the country.

    Mentioned below are the individual criteria that THE uses while marking universities, and the scores obtained by Kansas State University is also listed below:

    Parameters Scores Global Ranking
    Teaching 24.3 #601-#800
    Research 19.9 #601-#800
    Citations 45.9 #601-#800
    Industry Income 42.4 #601-#800
    International Outlook 45.7 #601-#800

    After analysing the above table, we can certainly see a very high citation score of 42.4, which further demonstrates the research intensity that the University carries out.

    Kansas State University CWUR Ranking 2021

    CWUR has stated Kansas State University as the top #437 university globally. It has also given the institution a prestigious National Rank of #124. CWUR uses rankings of four individual criteria to obtain the overall global order of any university.

    Listed below are all of those individual ranking criteria and the ranks obtained by Kansas State University for these particular criteria.

    Sections Ranks Obtained
    Quality of Education Ranking #355
    Alumni Employment Ranking #475
    Quality of Faculty Ranking -
    Research Performance Ranking #422
    World Rank #437
    National Rank #124
    Overall Score 74.9

    After averaging these above rankings, CWUR has given Kansas State University an overall score of 74.9.

    Kansas State University US News Ranking 2021

    The US News has ranked the K-State University as the top #414 universities globally and top #170 nationally. Apart from these, the US News considers K-State University as #83 in Top Public School and #366 in Performance on Social Mobility.

    Mentioned below are the 13 diverse criteria that the ranking agency takes into consideration while evaluating any university, and also the marks obtained by Kansas State University:

    Parameters Ranks Weightage
    Global research reputation #351 12.5%
    Regional research reputation #112 12.5%
    Publications #468 10%
    Books #312 2.5%
    Conferences #829 2.5%
    Normalized citation impact #553 10%
    Total citations #441 7.5%
    Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited #433 12.5%
    Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most #530 10%
    International collaboration - relative to country #370 5%
    International collaboration #847 5%
    Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #415 5%
    Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #512 5%

    The above table further demonstrate the research reputation of the University, which is considered to be #112 in top regional research reputation.

    Kansas State University National Rankings 2021

    Listed below are the national rankings of the Kansas State University as given by several ranking agencies.

    Ranking Agencies Ranks
    The QS Ranking (2021) #171-#180
    CWUR(2021) #124
    US News Ranking (2021) #170
    Webometrics (2020) #135

    Kansas State University Subject-wise Rankings

    Subjects QS (2020) THE (2021) US News (2021)
    Agriculture & Forestry #46 - #49
    Life Science & Medicine #401-#450 #301-#400 -
    Physics #501-#550 #401-#500 #244
    Biology #351-#400 #144 -

    Kansas State University Vs. Other Universities in the US: Comparison

    Below tabulated is the comparison of Kansas State University with University of Mississippi, University of Massachusetts (Boston) and University of Kansas

    University/College Kansas State University University of Kansas University of Mississippi University of Massachusetts (Boston)
    World Ranking (QS) #701-#750 #383 #801-#1000 #651-#700
    National Ranking (US News) #170 124 #160 #227
    Status Public Public Public Public
    Age >100 >100 >100 >100
    Research Very High Very High Very High Very High
    Popular Programs Biology, Physics, Agriculture & Forestry, and Life Science & Medicine. Social Science, Engineering, Business, Management, Communication and Journalism, and Health Professions. General Studies, accounting, Digital communication & multi-media, Finance and psychology. Business, Management, Marketing, Social Science, Biology and Biomedical science.

    Also Compare University of Massachusetts Amherst vs University of Maryland

    Though Kansas State University has not won many prestigious awards as a whole, several of its faculty members have won many awards and honors for their leadership, mentorship, and research citations. Not to forget that they are the only University in the nation to have three professors who have won the prestigious National Carnegie Professor of the year award.

    All in all, Kansas State University is an excellent university for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Agriculture and Forestry. Apart from this subject, admissions at Kansas State University can be considered as an appropriate choice for an average candidate. The University has an acceptance rate of 96%, making it easy for intermediate students to get in. Furthermore, K-State University provides a high-quality education at lower than the average cost than other universities of a similar price.

    According to a survey conducted by, around 87% of the students are delighted with their professors' ways. Another survey also states that about 89% of the students receive financial aid from the University, making the institution very affordable.

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