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    Rockefeller University 2020-2021 Admissions: Acceptance Rate, Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    Easily counted among the most prestigious and selective universities in the world, Rockefeller University is a world renowned research institute for higher studies in the US for its various scientific research programs. The programs are often offered to school students as well, giving them an equal opportunity to experience real research in a fully-equipped laboratory.

    • The university has a dynamic community including 75 faculty members, 200 graduate students, 325 post doctoral scholars with research and support staff of 1,325 members with a 228 Million USD Research budget.
    • The facilities like high-tech labs, brilliant and innovative mentors together with a research conducive environment makes the university a centre for huge attraction.
    • Admission at Rockefeller University is held for Doctoral programs– M.D. / science and research. The University also offers the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship for college sophomores and juniors.
    • The university offers various kinds of science outreach programs like Talking Science, SNP, Science Saturday, SSRP etc. The university has 10 broad areas of research. 44% of faculty at Rockefeller University are members of the National Academy of Science.
    • The university looks for applicants who have demonstrated high aptitude, curiosity and commitment to science and research. Students after admission in the programs receive an annual stipend of 41,700 USD with a guarantee of housing on or near the campus with a rent ranging from 700-1,225 USD.

    COVID-19 Update: The admissions at Rockefeller university is closed for the 2020-2021 session while the university is only open for researchers working on the COVID-19 situation. The applications for the CCTS program are open for the July 2020 session.


    Application Portal Online Application System
    GRE, TOEFL Not Required
    Application Fee UG: Nil
    PG: 50 USD
    Admission Documents PDF Format
    Intake Season Fall/Spring/Winter
    Financial Aid Full Financial Support
    Accreditation NYCB

    Application Deadlines

    Applications for 2020 are closed. Students can apply for 2021 admissions in Fall 2020.

    Program Deadline
    Undergraduate SURF February 1, 2021
    Graduate December 1, 2020

    International Students Students

    Admission at Rockefeller University for international students is similar as that for native students. Students reaching the university campus after successful admissions are supposed to register themselves and similarly notify of their departure to the office for legal advice and security.

    Academic requirements

    • Official transcripts from each college or university attended
    • Letters of Recommendation from three or four sponsors
    • A research statement including 
      • Applicant's most meaningful research with reasons 
      • Influence of their past research and their topic of interest in the Rockefeller's graduate school
    • GRE or GMAT not required

    Visa Process

    The Visa proceedings for international students are handled by The Office of Immigration and Academic Appointments in Human Resources. The first time International students and foreign nationals require a visa to study in the US. Hence, they are issued a D-2019 form that enables them to work under the J-1 non-immigrant status for a continuous period of 5 years.

    • Documents for F-1 Students Status
    • SEVIS form I-20 
    • I-94 Card (arrival/departure record)
    • Letter of financial support from the office of Graduate college.
    • Passport
    • The Ph.D. students of Rockefeller University are granted 6 years length for the F-1 form. In case of extending the time period the students are supposed to request the Immigration office , Human Resources of the University.

    For further queries the student should report to-

    Human Resources
    The Rockefeller University
    1230 York Avenue
    New York, NY 10065

    Rockefeller University Undergraduate Admissions

    Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, SURF, is a coveted program offered by the Rockefeller University to provide an opportunity of laboratory research to highly qualified college students. Only 25 students are accepted into this program which is extremely individualized. Accepted students earn a stipend of 6,000 USD for their 10 week period.

    Application Portal: SURF Online Application

    Application Fee: None

    Application Prerequisites

    • Official transcripts of each previous institution attended
    • Two recommendation letters from professors or mentors
    • A two-page summary statement including academics, interests, career goals, research experience, etc

    Rockefeller University Graduate Admissions

    The Rockefeller University also provides a KL 2 Mater Degree course in Clinical and Translational Research. The program is a 3-year long training period designed to give an independent start in patient-oriented and translational investigator.

    • Application mode- Online Application System (OAS)
    • Admission Prerequisites- The candidate applying for the CCTS should have a doctoral degree in the clinical field. (MD, DDS, PhD in Psychology or Nursing)
    • Documents required-
      • Letter of Recommendation 
      • Academic Background
      • Written document explaining Research experience and future goals related to the CCTS program
    • Program code- 3131 (M.S.)
    • HEGIS Code- 0499
    • NOTE- The students who show exemplary performance and innovation during the program become eligible to extend a Ph.D. degree from the Rockefeller University Graduate School.

    Physics and Biomedical Sciences

    The Admissions at Rockefeller university for graduate level is provided in two advanced level courses in Physics and biomedical sciences.Selected candidates are invited to visit the campus with a chance to meet the university faculty and for interview sessions by the first week of February.

    • Application form fee- 50 USD
    • Documents required
      • A meaningful research statement that describes the research, methods of experiments, research findings, result and future plans in maximum 750 words.
      • Official Transcripts from each educational institution attended.
      • Letter of Recommendation from 3-4 sponsors who have access to the research

    The Rockefeller University is an eminent place with world famous mentors and scientists working in the field of biomedical sciences making innovations and scientific breakthroughs. Getting admission at Rockefeller University is very difficult and demands a critical thinking individual with skills of an exceptional researcher.

    The admissions are held for the fall, spring and winter season via the OAS. The university has many grants and aids and provides the students with health, accommodation and housing facilities with financial aid including stipend.


    Ques. How do you get into Rockefeller University?

    Ans. Admission into Rockefeller University is a tough nut to crack as it demands exceptional academic brilliance and an inquisitive research bent mind. The college does not accept any additional test scores. It takes admission on the basis of your research experience and background in the clinical field/

    Ques. Who founded the Rockefeller University?

    Ans. The university was founded by Dr. John D. Rockefeller in 1901 and conceived by Reverend Fredrick Taylor.

    Ques. Can I apply to the David Rockefeller Graduate Program via Fax or Email?

    Ans. The admission at Rockefeller University is done through the Online Application System (OAS) and all the required documents are submitted online in the form of PDFs. Make sure that the PDF does not contain any password. If the applicant is unable to do so then they should contact the Graduate School Administrator:

    Office of Graduate Studies
    The Rockefeller University
    1230 York Avenue, Box 177
    New York, NY 10065
    (212) 327-8086

    Ques. What type of a university is Rockefeller University?

    Ans. Rockefeller University is a Private (Not-for-profit) University situated in New York.

    Ques. What are the required application materials to be submitted?

    Ans. Candidates should keep the following documents handy at the time of the application process:

    • Full Online application form
    • A summary statement consisting of two pages about the applicant’s academic and professional background
    • An official letter from each college and university you have attended
    • Two LORs

    Ques.  In which file format the documents are to be submitted?

    Ans. All the documents uploaded should be in PDF format. Make sure that the documents you submitted do not contain any password protection.

    Ques. What to do if I forgot my password while logging in?

    Ans. You'll find a link on the login page "Forgot your password". Click on the link and you'll receive an email containing your password.

    Ques. How to know that the application procedure is complete?

    Ans. After the completion of all the steps and uploading of all the documents, you'll receive an email stating that your application is complete.

    Ques. Can I check the status of my application? If yes, How?

    Ans. Yes, candidates can easily check the status of their application by logging into the portal and clicking on the "view application status" tab.

    Ques. How many LORs are required to be submitted?

    Ans. Candidates need to submit at least two LORs along with the details of the recommenders.

    Ques. What can I do if my school doesn’t use a 4.0 GPA scale?

    Ans. If your school doesn’t use a 4.0 GPA scale you can leave this section of the application blank.

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