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    University of Pennsylvania 2021 Rankings: World Ranking, National Ranking and Subject-wise Ranking

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    Updated on - Apr 27, 2021

    As one of the top 100 universities in the world, the University of Pennsylvania holds a strong reputation in a variety of norms and standards. Commonly known as UPenn, the university is one of the oldest universities in the US, based in Philadelphia. The consecutive success of the university in international rankings by a wide range of ranking organizations attracts numerous students from across the globe to study in the US.

    The institute has been honored with the 14th rank by the US News among the world and 8th across the USA. These rankings provided by different organizations give the students insights to make an admission decision with clear comparison between closely ranked universities.

    The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania ranks 2nd among business schools and 1st in the courses Finances and Real Estate according to the report by US News, 2021. The University of Pennsylvania Law School has been ranked 6th in the world by the US News, 2021 attracting the international students to take admission in the University of Pennsylvania.

    By financing the cutting-edge infrastructure and resources to 189 research centres and institutes with an enormous research and development yearly budget of more than 1.02 billion USD, UPenn has elevated itself to the 20th rank in THE Reputation Rankings 2021. A combined strength of 5000+ research faculty comprises the university generating knowledge in courses of science, technology, medicine, business and more.

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: World Ranking

    UPenn is recognized as one of the top research universities in the USA. UPenn is also one of the first institutions to follow a multidisciplinary model of education consisting of several elite faculties under a single roof.

    Keeping innovation of education as one of their key motto, the University of Pennsylvania has secured its place among the distinctive schools according to various ranking institutes. The following University of Pennsylvania rankings in the world will give a better understanding of the quality of the institution.

    Ranking Agencies Latest International Rank
    CWUR National Ranking, 2020-21 #8
    THE US College Rankings, 2021 #13
    US News Rankings, 2021 #14
    QS US University Rankings, 2021 #16
    ARWU Ranking, 2020 #19

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: QS Rankings

    The QS Ranking 2021 has discovered the top 1000 universities in the world from 80 distinguishable locations. UPenn has procured the rank 16th in the QS World University Rankings in 2021. The University of Pennsylvania has an overall score of 88.3 in terms of the latest QS Graduate Employability Ranking.

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    The criteria based score of the University of Pennsylvania QS World Ranking is tabulated here:

    Criteria QS Score 2021 Weightage
    Overall 88.6 100%
    Faculty Student Ratio 100 40%
    Academic Reputation 96.1 10%
    Employer Reputation 91.5 20%
    Citations per faculty 63.8 20%
    International Faculty Ratio 88.7 5%
    International Students Ratio 65.3 5%

    Check out this chart representing the QS World University Rankings of the University of Pennsylvania in the recent years:

    QS World University Rankings of the University of Pennsylvania

    The score obtained by the university is listed here:

    Ranking Criteria QS Score 2021
    Overall 95.5
    Academic Reputation 100
    Employer Reputation 79.9
    Hi-index Citations 97.2
    Citations per Paper 94.5

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: Graduate Employability

    The University of Pennsylvania has ranked 20th in the world in Graduate Employability Ranking. UPenn students have a potential of achieving excellent career options in the USA after graduation. The major factors responsible for the University of Pennsylvania rankings in employability and it’s score in each sections are listed below:

    Ranking Criteria QS Score 2021
    Overall 88.3
    Alumni Outcome 100
    Employer Reputation 91.8
    Partnerships with Employers 79.6
    Employer-student Connections 49.1
    Graduate Employment Rate 93.4

    According to the QS US UNI (university) Rankings, the ranking of University of Pennsylvania is 8th among the nation’s top educational institutions. The scores in the individual parameters are given below:

    Criteria QS Score 2021
    Overall 76.1
    Learning Experience 96.8
    Research 66.7
    Diversity and Internationalization 78
    Employability 66.6

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: US News Rankings

    US News ranks the universities on a diverse set of measurements. The University of Pennsylvania has acquired its individual position in multiple criteria. The overall score of UPenn according to the latest records of the US News is 94/100. Check out this chart showing the eligibility criteria and up to date rankings:

    Criteria Ranking in 2021
    National Universities #8
    International Universities #14
    Best Undergraduate Teaching #39
    Best Value Schools #17
    Most Innovative Schools #25

    US News has used 13 indicators to calculate the University of Pennsylvania rankings in the Global Best University Rank. Here’s a tabular form of the institution’s rank for each indicator:

    Ranking Criteria Relative Rank Weightage
    Global Research Reputation #17 12.5%
    Regional Research Reputation #12 12.5%
    Publications #16 10%
    Books #18 2.5%
    Conferences #214 2.5%
    Normalized Citation Impact #52 10%
    Total Citations #11 7.5%
    Number of Publications that are among the 10% most cited #11 12.5%
    Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited #24 10%
    International collaboration - relative to country #934 5%
    International Collaboration #1020 5%
    Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #11 5%
    Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #62 5%

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: THE World University Rankings

    According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Pennsylvania has achieved the 13th position across the world. The THE rankings of UPenn are:

    • 13th World University Rankings 2021
    • 13th US College Rankings 2021

    Close Comparison: Princeton University vs University of Pennsylvania

    The University of Pennsylvania has a wide variety of programs and offers excellent subject combinations to the students. The following table will give a brief note on the scores of the university based on some key factors. Times Higher Education has determined the ranking of the University of Pennsylvania depending on these vital elements:

    Criteria Scores
    Overall 88.9
    Teaching 85.4
    Research 89.9
    Citations 98.1
    Industry Income 77.9
    International Outlook 66.3

    The following chart represents the positions of the University of Pennsylvania at the THE World University Rankings in the recent years:

    University of Pennsylvania - THE World University Rankings

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: WUR

    CWUR, the UAE based organization makes the largest academic rankings of international universities around the globe. The Center for World University Rankings segregates the top 2000 universities in the world from a survey of nearly 20,000 universities in the world.

    Compare Closely Ranked University: UPenn with Brown University

    UPenn proudly obtained the 8th rank in the world according to CWUR 2020-21 with an overall score of 91.6/ 100. The rankings of UPenn in different criteria are arranged here:

    Criteria Ranking in 2020-21
    National Rank #6
    World Rank #8
    Alumni Employment #9
    Research Performance #12
    Quality of Education #14
    Quality of Faculty #43

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: Academic Ranking of World Universities

    The University of Pennsylvania has occupied its space in the 19th rank of the Academic Ranking of World Universities by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, 2020. The university has scored an overall of 46.2% and 33.5% score on alumni.

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: National Rankings

    As UPenn is one of the best universities in the world according to the report of multiple agencies, it is unsurprising that the institute is a top school in the country. Various rankings of the university in the US according to different agencies are:

    • QS US University Rankings, 2021: #8th
    • US News Rankings, 2021: #8th
    • THE US College Rankings, 2021: #13th
    • CWUR National Ranking, 2020-21: #6th
    • ARWU Ranking, 2020: #15

    University of Pennsylvania Rankings: Subject Wise Rankings

    Before taking admission to any of the courses offered by the University of Pennsylvania, once can check the subject wise rankings of the university by different agencies.

    Several courses offered by the University of Pennsylvania have acquired positions in various rankings. Given below are some of the remarkable rankings of the programs offered by UPennn:

    The area of the specifically notable faculties of UPenn in the US News rankings are mentioned below in a tabular form:

    Subjects US News Ranking in 2021
    Business Programs #1
    Computer Science #6
    Biomedical #10
    Undergraduate Engineering Programs #22
    Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects #44

    Here’s a table of the significant subject wise rankings of the University of Pennsylvania according to THE World University Rankings, 2021:

    Subjects THE World University Rankings by Subject 2021
    Psychology #8
    Business and Economics #11
    Social Sciences #13
    Education #13
    Arts and Humanities #14
    Clinical and Health #17
    Life Sciences #22
    Law #27
    Computer Science #32
    Physical Sciences #38

    UPenn ranks 1st in the QS World University Ranking by subject. Here’s a table of the rankings of some top subjects offered by the University of Pennsylvania according to the QS World University Rankings:

    Subject QS World University Rankings 2021
    Nursing #1
    Accounting and Finance #6
    Business and Management Studies #6
    Communication and Media Studies #8
    Psychology #10
    Economics and Econometrics #13
    Anatomy and Physiology #13
    Life Science and Medicine #14
    Social Sciences and Management #12
    Dentistry #16
    Linguistics #16
    Statistics and Operational Research #19
    Education and Training #20
    Biological Sciences #23
    Laws and Legal Studies #26

    The aforesaid rankings reinforces the fact that the University of Pennsylvania is an institution with career building intensity. Further, the University of Pennsylvania offers an excellent opportunity of sports and athletics to its students. The sports arena is well maintained and the university has consecutively ranked among the top 10 in men’s football and many other ranks in different sports across the nation.

    Be it science, arts or business, the University of Pennsylvania never disappoints the career aspirants concerning rankings. It can be derived and reasoned that pursuing a top ranking course from UPenn assures a supreme potential of a bright future for the student.

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