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    Harvard Business School Class Profile 2022 - Admission Statistics and Employment Reports

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    One of the most leading business schools in the world, the Harvard Business School's new MBA class profile 2022 exhibits that the B-school has admitted its smallest MBA cohort in many years. HBS class profile statistics portray 732 students who chose to enroll themselves for the 2022 batch. Whereas the last year’s cohort totaled 938 candidates. The total application count resulted in 9,304.

    The shortfall occurred when Harvard Business School provided the batch of 2022 enrolled students the option to defer their registration for a year or two and decided against pulling more of its Harvard MBA applicants from an enlarged waitlist.

    HBS Class Profile 2022: Highlights

    Below we have discussed some of the key elements of the Harvard MBA class profile:

    Harvard Business School Data
    Class Size 732
    Harvard Business School Fees $68,440
    % placement within 3 months after graduation 94%
    Median Base Salary $148,750
    Median Signing Bonus $30,000
    Average GMAT Score 730
    GRE Quant Median 163
    GRE Verbal Median 163
    Women 44%
    International Candidates 33%
    U.S. Minority 45%
    Average Work Experience 56 Months

    Harvard Acceptance Rate: MBA 2022

    Harvard Business School, the leading institute in the US provides a full-time MBA program, an Executive MBA program, 8 full-time doctoral programs, and online programs. As mentioned above, admissions at Harvard MBA program are highly competitive and selective where a candidate must possess a GPA of 3.7 or above with other requirements.

    • For the fall 2019 session, Harvard Business School received 43,330 applications, among them only 5% were approved and 82% were enrolled into the program of their preferences. Candidates need to have an exceptional academic background, leadership skills, analytical aptitude to be a part of the Harvard MBA program.
    • The Harvard MBA 2021 batch has 33% of international origin; representing 69 nations around the globe and 44% of the total admitted students in the program are women.
    • For 2018-2019 Harvard MBA admission, 9228 applications were received and 938 candidates were finally admitted for the class of 2021.

    International students applying for an executive education program at Harvard Business School must keep in mind to apply for a 90-day B1/B2 visa and not to go for the standard F1 student visa. All the students studying at Harvard Business are eligible to apply for need-based financial aids and scholarships. Nearly 50% of the candidates obtain need-based scholarships for studying at their favorite B-school.

    Harvard University MBA Class Profile: Application Deadlines 2022

    The following provides a detailed information about the HBS class profile’s application deadlines:

    HBS Admission Rounds Application Deadline Decision Released
    ROUND 1 8th September 2020 10th December 2020
    ROUND 2 5th January 2021 30th March 2021

    Harvard Business School Class Profile 2022: Employment and Salary Reports

    Harvard Business School MBA organizes several career fairs for its students such as Fall Career Fair, Workshops, Startup Career Fair, Placement Test, Creative Industries Career Fair, Teacher-Recruitment Fair, Career Assessment Activities, Career Link, and numerous others workshops which facilitate students in getting respectable jobs.

    Harvard MBA graduates generally choose their careers as advisors of top companies, corporations, in varied other organizations like manufacturing, non-profits, financial services, health care, retail, software, entertainment, e-commerce, etc., or launch their own ventures. The Career & Professional Development team of Harvard provides its students with the best-personalized career advice.

    There are 55 career coaches, 600 recruiting partners, and 150 alumni career programs, for Harvard MBA graduates. Around 77.3% of students get their employment at renowned companies at their graduation. Various summer internships as well as entrepreneurial resources are also offered to HBS students. As per the statistics presented on the official website of Harvard Business School, the candidates graduating from this deemed business school can easily bag an average salary of 1,20,000 USD. Continue reading to know the detailed statistics of the HBS MBA Employment and Salaries

    Pre-MBA Industries of HBS Class Profile

    The following data gives a comprehensive idea about the prior work experience of the candidates before enrolling in HBS MBA 2022:

    Pre-MBA Industries of HBS Class Profile

    Pre-MBA Salaries of HBS Class Profile 2022

    The Harvard University MBA class profile of graduating class of 2019 statistics with regard to the salary offered is being presented below:

    Industry Median Base Salary ($) Median Signing Bonus ($)
    Consulting 165,000 30,000
    Entertainment/Media 149,000 22,500
    Financial Services 150,000 30,000
    Investment Banking/Sales 150,000 57,500
    Venture Capital/Private Equity 160,000 25,000
    Manufacturing 130,000 25,000
    Technology 135,000 25,000
    Consumer electronics 130,000 37,500

    Pre-MBA Employment by Job Function of HBS Class Profile 2022

    Pre-MBA Job Function of HBS Class Profile 2022

    29% of Harvard MBA class which was the highest in terms of students opting for the Finance department with the median base salary of $150, 000 whereas the highest paying median salary of $165,000 was paid to the students who joined consulting firms which were 22%. 13% of students joined Marketing and got $130,000 as a Median base salary.

    Harvard Business School Class Profile 2022: Education

    The average GPA recorded was 3.7 out of 4.0 The undergraduate degrees of the incoming Harvard Business School MBA have a diversified background:

    Subject Percentage
    Engineering 26%
    Business/Commerce 22%
    Economics 19%
    Math/Physical Science 15%
    Social Sciences 14%
    Arts/Humanities 4%

    Harvard Business School Class Profile 2022: Notable Alumni

    Harvard Business School notable alumni range up to a massive number of 83,000+, and a few of the names are:

    • Walter Haas
    • Sheryl Sandberg
    • Philip Caldwell
    • Michael Bloomberg
    • George Bush
    • Meg Whitman

    Studying at Harvard Business School is an honor for candidates aspiring to pursue management, therefore, the HBS class profile 2022 will act as a helping guide to the candidates.

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