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    Yale School of Management: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Tuition Fee, Cost of Attendance & Scholarships

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    Founded in 1976, the Yale School of Management was established as a School of Organization and Management by the Yale Corporation that approved the creation of an institution to offer a master’s degree in public and private Management. Renamed as its current name in 1994, it began offering a full-time MBA program in 1999 and rapidly became a coveted name in the US Education System.

    • Also known as Yale SOM, the college enrolled 347 students in full-time MBA class of 2020 that represented more than 58 countries across the globe.
    • Admissions at Yale School of Management are available in 3 intakes during a year and charges a non-refundable yet waivable application fee of 250 USD from all its candidates.
    • Having an acceptance rate of only 6%, which means candidates with a perfect 4.0 and ‘A’ in their academic year along with outstanding curriculum and overall persona can get accepted. The school is a highly competitive organization for aspirants seeking to study in the USA.

    Enrolling 1,000 students, annually Yale SOM accommodates 90 top-rated and highly qualified faculty members for its world-class programs and boosts 6:1 student faculty ratio that emphasizes every single candidate educating form this school.

    Yale School Of Management Rankings

    • The Yale School of Management has been reported by five major rankings, namely, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, U.S. News and World Report, Financial Times, the Economist, and Forbes.
    • The institute has been ranked 14th in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek annual list of top full-time MBA programs in the US in 2020.
    • In 2020, The Economist also ranked it as the top 21st full-time MBA programs across the globe.
    • In September 2020, Forbes ranked the school at 11th position among major business schools based on the school’s return of investment.
    • In March 2020, the U.S. News and World Report had ranked the institute 9th in its annual ranking of business schools in the U.S.


    Type of College Private
    Campus Setting Urban
    Location New Haven, Connecticut
    Official Website
    Total No. of Academic Programs 7
    Application Portal College Application Portal
    Student to Faculty Ratio 6:1
    English language proficiency score TOEFL or equivalent
    Financial Aid Available as grants, awards and scholarships

    Yale School Of Management Top Programs

    • Programs offered at Yale School of Management include including several degrees and certificate programs.
    • Its full-time MBA is a two-year program that has a distinctive integrated curriculum. The MBA executive program is offered to working professionals to gain fundamental expertise.
    • The institution also offers a Masters of Advanced Management program and a Masters degree in asset management, Global Business and Society, and Systemic Risk.
    • Joint Degree Programs are offered in Law, Environment, Public Health, Global Affairs, Medicine, Architecture, drama and others.
    • The Yale SOM also offers several executive programs in Leadership, Marketing and Finance in addition to Digital Programs, Partner Programs and Yale Executive Global Leadership Program.

    Below are the top 5 programs along with their fees:

    Requirements MBA Executive MBA (EMBA) Master in Assets Management Master of Advanced Management (MAM) Master in Systemic Risk (MMS)
    Application fee $250 $225 $95 $100 $100
    Program Fee (includes tuition fee along with other living expenses) $102,240 $198,500 $102,240 $102,240 $102,240

    Yale School of Management Campus

    • The school’s campus is known as the Edward P. Evans Hall. It is a modern architectural building situated at the northern end of the Yale University Campus.
    • The Edward P. Evans Hall was constructed in 2014 and spreads across an area of 2,40,000 square feet. It comprises 16 innovative state-of-the-art classrooms, 22 breakout rooms,13 interview rooms, 3 library spaces, a dining area, coffee shop, a Terrace room, a lecture room with an outdoor terrace, academic centers, faculty offices, meeting spaces and an enclosed courtyard.
    • The courtyard is the heart of the institute. It provides an outdoor space to study and socialize and links the Evans Hall to other buildings and colleges in the Yale University campus.
    • Evans Hall has been designed to keep sustainability in mind. Maintenance and irrigation requirements are low due to native vegetation, the heat island effect is also reduced due to underground parking. Most of the construction material and resources have been obtained from landfills.

    Yale School of Management Accommodation

    The institute provides housing facilities in the form of dormitories and apartments but only for its graduates and professional students. The spaces are available in the form of apartments and dormitories like Mansfield, Divinity school, York-crown, white hall, prospect street, harkness hall, elm street, baker hall, etc.

    The facilities for each of the halls include kitchens, study space, well-equipped bedrooms, laundry rooms, connect space, among others. The cost for these various halls varies tremendously arranging from 900 USD to 10,000 USD per semester. The school also offers a housing website that lists off-campus accommodation alternatives for all its students by providing information regarding property rentals and on sale houses across and near the greater New Haven area.

    Yale School of Management Application Process

    Application portal: The college has a separate application portal for each program.

    Application Fee: The standard application fee is 250 USD which can be reduced as per student’s income.

    Application Deadlines

    The school has its deadlines for the fall, spring/summer, and winter semester. The deadlines are:-

    Full-time MBA: September 15/ January 7/ April 13

    Executive MBA (EMBA): October 26/ January 28/ March 29

    Management Masters (MAM): January 7/ February 23/ April 13

    Basic Admission Requirements:

    1. Four-year bachelor degree from a recognized university.
    2. GPA (3.34 to 3.92)
    3. Statement of purpose
    4. College Transcripts
    5. LOR to study in US
    6. Completed video questions
    7. Official GMAT ((Median GMAT- 680-760 required)/ GRE score (Median GRE- 160-170 required)
    8. Resume
    9. Interview

    MBA Admission Requirements: Certified copies of original transcripts with English translation, Recommendation letter, Video response to a question, GRE/GMAT score

    Other Programs: In addition to the above requisites, some programs require a resume, essay and employee approval for admission.

    English Proficiency Requirement: International students with English as a non-primary language can submit TOEFL, IELTS or PTE scores as proof of English proficiency. However, these are not mandatory requirements for admission.

    Yale School of Management Cost of Attendance

    For all the prospective candidates of the institute seeking admission in the coming sessional year, an estimated budget for international students looking to study in the US has been tabulated below.

    Type of Expense Cost (in USD)
    Tuition Fee 72,350
    Program Fee 2,210
    Room, Board and Personal Expenses 24,076
    Textbooks and Photocopies 1,000
    Health Insurance 2,604

    Note: Tuition fee for the Executive MBA for July 2020 entrance is 193,500 USD. The management masters and other joint programs have similar tuition fees.

    Yale School of Management Scholarships

    The Yale School of Management offers various kinds of scholarships for international students to study in the USA including General Merit Scholarships, Scholarships by Area of Interest, Joint Degree Scholarships, MBA for Executives Scholarships, International Scholarships and many more.

    Some of the International Scholarships include:

    1. Chapman Scholarship- Awarded to MBA students from Africa, India, China and Commonwealth states on the basis of merit.
    2. Yale Global Executive Leadership ProgramMBA Scholarship- Awarded to full-time MBA students demonstrating ethical leadership and commitment.
    3. Global Leaders from India MBA Scholarship Program- Awarded to full-time MBA students from India with strong academic and professional accomplishments.

    Yale School of Management offers several other kinds of scholarships to international students from Africa. China, Europe, Israel and Middle-East Asia as well. The institute, in association with other organizations, also offers various scholarships based on the area of interest and program to which a student is enrolled.

    Type Scholarship
    Merit-based Togbe Afede XIV ’89 MPPM Alumni Fund Scholarship, Joseph Wright Alsop (Ph.B. 1898) Memorial Scholarship, Harry and Nisha Arora ’04 MBA Scholarship, Shanna and Eric Bass '05 MBA Scholarship
    Advertising and Marketing Jess Morrow Johns (B.A. 1947) Memorial Scholarship for Advertising and Marketing
    Entrepreneurship Claire and Joe Greenberg Scholarship, Usha ’90 MPPM and Diaz Nesamoney MBA Scholarship, Nancy Pfund ’82 MPPM Scholarship
    Finance Nancy Pfund ’82 MPPM Scholarship
    Masters of Advanced Management Brandon Liu Tieh Ching Scholarship, Alec L. Ellison ’84 B.A. Master of Advanced Management Scholarship, Jane Sun and John Wu Scholarship
    MBA for Executives Yale SOM MBA for Executives Class of 2016 Scholarship
    Ph.d. Harry and Heesun You Fellowship

    Yale School of Management Alumni Network

    The institute’s alumni network is a close-knit community that offers career advice and industry insights to recent graduates. The School also promotes and helps its alumni through mentorship programs that help the students to create a relationship with Yale SOM alumni who are experts in their fields.

    The university databases allow the institute’s students to search for alumni in different industries and connect with them.

    Notable alumni of the institute include Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, Inc; Ashwin Sanghi, author of Chanakya's Chant The Rozabal Line and many such famous books and Laszlo Bock, Vice President of Google.

    Yale School Of Management Placements

    Yale SOM has an excellent career development center that strategizes the graduate and alumnus employment and helps form their connection with reputed employers.

    The school has innumerable recruiting policies and also it partners with various employers and organizations in recruiting young Yale talents.

    100% of the 2020 class students enrolling in various masters programs were employed right after their graduation with 87.1% employing in USA and 12.9 were hired around the globe with annual median base salary ranging the highest between $106,000-$150,000 and lowest at $112,000.


    Ques. What is Yale SOM known for?

    Ans. Yale SOM is unique in its combination of curriculum design, small class size and dual focus on both business and society and then the flexibility that the program offers that allows applicants to create their own intersection between business program as well as an art program.

    Ques. Is it hard to get into Yale SOM?

    Ans. With an extremely low acceptance rate of 6%, candidates applying at Yale SOM are required to have an outstanding GPA of 4.0 along with an outstanding curriculum and overall persona.

    Ques. What is the application fee for programs at Yale SOM?

    Ans. Application fee varies for programs and ranges between $100-$250.

    Ques. Can I get application fee waiver on application fee at Yale SOM?

    Ans. Although the application fee is non-refundable, application fee waiver is granted to eligible candidates on terms and condition.

    Ques. Do I need to submit GMAT/GRE scores while applying for admissions at Yale SOM?

    Ans. Yes, GMAT/GRE scores are mandatory while applying for admissions at Yale SOM.

    Ques. How much GMAT/GRE score is required while applying for admission at Yale SOM?

    Ans. Yale SOM does not have specify minimum GMAT/GRE scores although good and balanced score of around 640 is submitted by most applicants.

    Ques. Do I need to submit English Proficiency Test Scores while applying for admissions at Yale SOM?

    Ans. Yes, English Proficiency Test Scores are mandatory for international applicants while applying for admissions at Yale SOM.

    Ques. Does Yale SOM offers scholarships and bursaries to international applicants?

    Ans. Yes, all candidates Yale SOM are considered for merit-based scholarships and are notified of other scholarships that they maybe able to avail at the time of application.

    Ques. Are recommendation letters and references compulsory for application at Yale SOM?

    Ans. Yes, it is essential for applicants to submit references/referee/letters of recommendation in application at Yale SOM.

    Ques. Do any programs have upper age limit?

    Ans. No, Yale SOM does not have upper-age limit for any programs.

    $74,5001st YEAR

    2 years

    Course Duration

    Sep 15

    Application Deadline


    ENTRY Requirement

    Degree Available


    9.2 / 10

    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Finance

    full time | Course Based | Thesis Based

    5 years

    Course Duration

    Dec 15

    Application Deadline


    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Marketing

    full time | Course Based | Thesis Based

    5 years

    Course Duration

    Dec 15

    Application Deadline


    5 years

    Course Duration

    Dec 15

    Application Deadline


    Yale School of Management Overview

    Insitution type
    Yale University
    Student Population
    Application Cost
    Average Cost of Attendance
    $99,250 / Year

    Yale School of Management comparison

    Yale School of ManagementMIT Sloan School of ManagementHarvard Business SchoolColumbia Business SchoolTuck School of BusinessThe Fuqua School of Business
    programsPG Programs -2
    Doctorate Programs -3
    UG Programs -3
    PG Programs -3
    Doctorate Programs -8
    PG Programs -2
    Doctorate Programs -2
    PG Programs -4
    PG Programs -1
    PG Programs -2
    Doctorate Programs -1
    cost to studyAverage Tuition Fees   ARS 99250
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - ARS 22214 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   ARS 51520
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   ARS 17800
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - ARS 14720 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   ARS 73440
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - ARS 23010 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   ARS 50496
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - ARS 21816 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   ARS 77520
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - ARS 15742 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   ARS 86835
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - ARS 15178 Per Year
    collegedunia reviews8.9/10 Read 3 reviews8.9/10 Read 6 reviews8.5/10 Read 16 reviews8.7/10 Read 3 reviews8.6/10 Read 3 reviews8.7/10 Read 8 reviews
    ranking (overall)# 4 Financial Times 2021
    # 14 Financial Times 2020
    # 11 Financial Times 2019
    --# 8 Financial Times 2020
    # 9 Bloomberg 2019
    # 9 Financial Times 2019
    # 10 Financial Times 2021
    # 16 Financial Times 2020
    # 2 Bloomberg 2019
    # 9 Financial Times 2021
    # 16 Financial Times 2020
    # 19 Financial Times 2019
    -Read Full ComparisonRead Full ComparisonRead Full ComparisonRead Full ComparisonRead Full Comparison

    Admission & dates

    Application Portal :

    Round 1 Deadlines

    September 15

    Application deadline

    Round 2 Deadlines

    January 7

    Application deadline

    Round 3 Deadlines

    April 13

    Application deadline

    Test Scores For International Applicants

    ExamsAvg. ScoreMin ScoreMax. Score%Submitted
    Language Proficiency

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Post Graduate Program
    $99,250 / Year
    On Campus
    Room, Board and Personal Expenses
    $22,214 / Year

    Top Accreditations [Institutional & Program Wise]

    Program wise accreditation
    Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education


    Financial Times logo

    Financial Times

    Ranked #4

    Overall (International)

    College Rating

    Based on 3 Students Rating

    8.9 out of 10
    9.7/10Social Life


    9.2 /10

    I certainly didn't expect to secure a seat at the MBA program at Yale as I didn't even have any work experience but I just applied for admission and did not expect any luck of hearing back from them. My application fee was around $200 and I heard back from them for an interview shortly.

    Course Curriculum :

    We have a beautiful campus in new havens for the MBA program, some days of the week are a little busier than the rest but throughout the week we learn something new.

    9 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    8 /10 accomodation
    10 /10 placement
    10 /10 extracurricular
    8.2 /10

    I came to know about the Yale School of Management from my relative. They recommended this college to my father as their son has graduated from this college. So I took admission to this college. The admission fee was about $250 for submitting the form online.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course in my program is very entertaining. We have many opportunities to learn through different means like online sessions with guest faculty, guest face to face QNA, web seminars, and even industry visits. We are required to have attended along with a determined and creative mindset to achieve in the future. That's what I think.

    8 /10 academic/food
    8 /10 faculty
    8 /10 infrastructure
    7 /10 accomodation
    9 /10 placement
    9 /10 extracurricular
    9.5 /10

    I have always been interested in the non-profit sector of business learning and the way NGOs work, and Yale is at the highest peak when it comes to producing executives and leaders to lead this sector, so I never had a doubt about where I'll get my MBA from. My first step was to apply online along with the required application fee of $250.

    Course Curriculum :

    Yale curriculum is developed and designed in such a way that in two years of time not only you will learn about general management but also master your field of interest. It surely helps if your curriculum is well thought out. I am one of many who are reaping the benefits.

    10 /10 academic/food
    10 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    9 /10 placement
    10 /10 extracurricular
    165 Whitney Ave, CT 06511

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