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    Kellogg School of Management MBA Class Profile 2022: Ranking, Class Profile by Origin, Fees, MBA requirements, Placements, Salary Details, and More

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    Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, being one of the M7 group of schools, is one of the most preferred universities for management courses. Apart from the impressive views of both Lake Michigan and Chicago Skyline, the class profile of Kellogg School of Management is much diverse. The most important factors here are the class size, female population, and post-MBA employment statistics.

    Kellogg School of Management MBA Class Profile Details

    Factors Numbers
    Number of enrolled students 559
    Female Students 224
    Post-MBA employment 95%
    % of Women in the Class 40%
    % of International Students 26%

    It signifies around 40% female population of the total, which is quite good. Moving on to the post-MBA employment statistics, it is 95% and percentage of the international candidate is 26%.

    Kellogg Class Profile Based on Origin and Race

    The official document for this is not available for 2022 MBA class. As per the report of 2020 MBA intake the origin of the candidates as follows:

    Kellogg MBA Class Profile based on Candidates Origin

    Maximum number of candidates in MBA program at Kellogg School of Management are white. They sum up around 64% of the total population. Check the graph below for details:

    Kellogg MBA Class Profile according to race

    Kellogg School of Management Ranking

    US news marks the following disciplines of Kellogg School of Management MBA

    • 1st Position in marketing courses
    • 3rd Position in management courses
    • 5th Position in non-profit courses
    • 7th Position in Productions and Operations

    Kellogg School Of Management Fees

    In the study year 2020-2021, the fees for a full-time MBA was US$74,871

    Kellogg School Of Management Admission Requirements

    The table below holds the primary requirements of Kellogg School of Management for

    Factors of Kellogg MBA Numbers
    Average GMAT 727
    Average GPA 3.6
    GMAT Score Range 640 – 770
    Average GRE 326
    Average Work Experience 5 years

    Kellogg School of Management GMAT requirement is nonetheless very high and candidates need a minimum of 730 for admission in their preferred courses.

    Kellogg School Of Management Acceptance Rate

    In 2021 MBA intake, Kellogg School of Management acceptance rate was 21% and the rate for 2022 is not yet released from the end of the university.

    Kellogg School of Management MBA Deadlines

    Kellogg School of Management application deadlines differs as there are 3 different rounds. The admission deadlines are tabulated below:

    Rounds Deadline Decision
    Round 1 September 16, 2020 December 9, 2020
    Round 2 January 6, 2021 March 24, 2021
    Round 3 April 7, 2021 May 12, 2021

    The admission deadlines of round 1 are over; however, it is recommended to apply in the first and second rounds.

    Pre-MBA background of the candidates in Kellogg School of Management

    The following graph holds the details of pre-MBA employment sector of the candidates of Kellogg School of Management:

    Kellogg Pre-MBA Employement Details

    According to this graph, candidates from consulting and financial sector send the maximum number of candidates to this university.

    Kellogg School of Management Employment Report

    The post-MBA employment percentage of Kellogg School of Management is 95% and graduates of this institution can access almost 500+ employers. These employers recruit actively on campus. Plus, Kellogg School of Management events includes Kellogg School of Management career services which provide the candidates additional help.

    One-on-one coaching is also available for the candidates with workshops and other resources.

    Post- MBA Employment Statistics

    Kellogg Post MBA Employment Statistics by Industries

    According to Kellogg School of Management Employment Report, a huge percentage of candidates after completing MBA from Kellogg went for consulting and technological sectors. Here a difference can be seen from the profile of the pre-MBA employment statistics.

    In Kellogg, the highest number of candidates come from the consulting and financial sectors, and after MBA consulting and technology sectors are the highest chosen ones.

    Kellogg Post-MBA Median Salary

    Now, moving on to the salary structure of these candidates after completing MBA, the candidates of consulting and financial sectors secures the highest salary. Technology comes at the 4th position.

    Kellogg Post MBA Employment Statistics by Function

    In case we look at the post-MBA employment statistics as per the function or job role, a major percentage of the candidates are seen to be consulting professionals. Next to these, there are finance professionals and tech professionals.

    So, a similarity in the pre and post-MBA employment and is clear here. Salary of these employees as follows:

    Job Role Median Salary
    Business Development 125000
    Consulting 165000
    Finance/Accounting 150000
    General Management 130000
    Human resources NA
    Marketing and Sales 120000
    Operations/Logistics 140000
    Others 134345
    Technology 140000

    Major Employers of Kellogg School of Management MBA

    In the table below, the top employers of the MBA candidates of Kellogg are mentioned:

    Adobe Danaher Corporation Goldman Sachs Group McKinsey & Company SC Johnson
    Amazon Deloitte Consulting LLP Google Microsoft The Boston Consulting Group
    Apple Evercore IBM Parthenon-EY Uber
    Bain & Company Facebook JP Morgan Chase PepsiCo, Inc. William Blair

    Kellogg School of Management – Notable Alumni

    The notable alumni of Kellogg are:

    • James L. Allen and Edwin G. Booz – Founders of Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Arthur E. Andersen – Founder of Arthur Andersen
    • Tony Vernon – CEO, Kraft Foods
    • Brad Blum – CEO, Emeritus, Burger King
    • Mallika Chopra – President, Intent
    • Kushagra Bajaj – CEO, Bajaj Hindusthan
    • Roshni Nadar – CEO, HCL
    • Christopher Galvin – Former CEO, Motorola

    Candidates who are struggling for admission in the regular courses in Kellogg School of Management can check Kellogg School of Management online courses. In case, the candidates are unable to meet the GMAT requirements, they may try Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA and other short term courses.

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