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    Johns Hopkins Ranking 2021-2022: World Rankings, National Rankings, Employability & Subject Rankings

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    Johns Hopkins University is a private research institution located in Baltimore recognized for its research investments among other US universities. Serving over 21,000 students through nine academic divisions, JHU has its presence in 150 countries from across the world.

    Among the first institutes of America to integrate academic programs and research together, it is among the most cities institutes in the world. With its accomplished faculty members and exceptional programs, Johns Hopkins continues to top the global university ranking list of many ranking agencies.

    It is often recognized among the top 25 universities in the world. Apart from being recognized among world rankings, JHU is also recognized among national university rankings and subject rankings.

    Johns Hopkins University World Rankings

    Various rankings agencies rank Johns Hopkins among the top 10-25 universities. The university rankings across the world are:

    • QS rankings- #25
    • Times Higher Education- #12
    • US News- #10
    • CWUR- #15

    John Hopkins University Rankings: Times Higher Education

    John Hopkins University is placed at #12 in THE World University Ranking 2021 for the consecutive three years followed closely by the University of Pennsylvania at #13.

    Also read: Johns Hopkins University vs University of Pennsylvania

    THE 2021 US Universities rankings recognized the JHU #11. The university is also recognized among the World Reputation Rankings 2020 #12.

    Johns Hopkins University rankings by Times Higher Education are based on ranking criteria including teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook and John Hopkins University shows an excellent overall score in all categories.

    A glance at John Hopkins University rankings THE 2021 overall score is as:

    Ranking Criteria THE 2021 Scores Weightage
    Teaching 81.6 30%
    Research 91.8 30%
    Citations 97.7 30%
    Industry Income 93.5 7.5%
    International Outlook 73.9 2.5%
    Overall Score 89.2 -

    A gradual increase in international students applying for admissions with JHU is seen. The outlook since last decade with more than 3,000 international students in the total student population making upto 27% of the total student percentage.

    John Hopkins University QS Rankings

    Ranked consistently among the top 50 universities in the world for the last decade, John Hopkins University is placed at 25 in QS World University Ranking 2021 which is the lowest rank it has occupied in the years.

    This how the JHU rankings have changed over 2012 to 2021:

    Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 2019 2020 2021
    Rank #16 #16 #14 #16 #17 #17 #21 #24 #25

    Johns Hopkins rankings as per QS are decided on the basis of following criteria:

    Ranking Criteria QS Score 2021 Weightage
    Academic Reputation 86.7 40%
    Employer Reputation 47 10%
    Faculty Student Ratio 100 20%
    Citation per Faculty 75.9 20%
    International Faculty Ratio 66.3 5%
    International Student Ratio 87.7 5%
    Overall Score 82.7 -

    Despite the drop-in world university ranking, the University has maintained a high academic reputation score of 86.7 and faculty-student score of full 100%.

    Johns Hopkins University Employability Rankings

    Apart from being recognized among global universities, JHU is also reputed among the Graduate employability rankings released by QS. The factors determining the employability rankings are:

    Parameter Score
    Partnership with Employers 86.2
    Employer Reputation 52.8
    Alumni Outcomes 85.9
    Graduate Employability Rate 71.5
    Overall 70.9

    JHU ranks #46 for graduate employability in the world. It is suggestive of the lucrative jobs offered to US graduates from JHU.

    John Hopkins University Rankings: US News

    US News and World Report 2021 ranked John Hopkins University as

    John Hopkins University Ranking Position
    Best Global Universities #10
    Best Value Schools #16
    Most Innovative Schools #12
    Top Performers in Social Mobility #251

    US News ranks universities/colleges/schools based on a widely accepted set of indicators that holds their reputation and they may vary for other publications/magazines.

    Thirteen indicators are used to position John Hopkins University in overall global university ranking. These are detailed below, the global score of JHU as per US News and World Reports is 85.1:

    Ranking Criteria Relative rank Weightage
    Global research reputation #18 12.5%
    Regional research reputation #11 12.5%
    Publications #6 10%
    Books #47 2.5%
    Conferences #139 2.5%
    Normalized citation impact #65 10%
    Total Citations #6 7.5%
    Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited #6 12.5%
    Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited #55 10%
    International collaboration - relative to country #218 5%
    International collaboration #753 5%
    Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #8 5%
    Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #88 5%

    Along with these various graduate schools of John Hopkins University was also ranked among the best globally and the rankings are listed below:

    Graduate Schools Rankings
    Best Nursing Schools: Masters #1
    Best Nursing Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice #2
    Best Medical Schools: Research #7
    Best Education Schools #17
    Best Engineering Schools #17
    Best Medical Schools: Primary Care #59

    John Hopkins University Rankings: CWUR

    The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) is a leading consulting organization and publisher of the largest academic ranking of global universities.

    John Hopkins University rankings by CWUR are depending upon the following criteria:

    Institution Name John Hopkins University
    World Rank #15
    Quality of Education Rank #20
    Alumni Employment Rank #188
    Research Performance Rank #6
    Quality of Faculty Rank #22
    Overall Score 89.3

    Johns Hopkins University Rankings in the USA

    Among US universities, Johns Hopkins has made its mark by putting in enough investment in research. The overall academic excellence, performance, and teaching at JHU allows it to be recognized within the top 15 universities in the USA.

    The national rankings of Johns Hopkins University are:

    • Times Higher Education- #11
    • US News- #9
    • CWUR- #12
    • QS- #14

    Compare Closely Ranking Universities: JHU with Duke University

    Johns Hopkins University Subject Rankings

    If you plan on getting admitted with Johns Hopkins University courses, it is important to note the rankings and offers made by these courses that make them stand out.

    Among the excellent programs and subjects offered by this prestigious university, various of them made the World Ranking By Subjects Top 200 list.

    Subjects THE World Ranking BY Subjects 2021
    Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health #8
    Life Sciences #9
    Social Sciences #32
    Physical Sciences #35
    Arts and Humanities #41
    Engineering and Technology #41

    US News also placed some of the subjects/programs offered by the university in the top 50 world subject list.

    Subject World Subject Ranking 2021
    Oncology #2
    Surgery #2
    Immunology #4
    Molecular Biology and Genetics #5
    Cell Biology #7
    Biology and Biochemistry #9
    Gastroenterology and Hepatology #10
    Microbiology #13
    Endocrinology and Metabolism #15
    Space Science #18
    Psychology #26

    Applicants for nursing and medical courses at JHU must note that they can take medical electives in 19 countries. BA in general engineering students is encouraged to spend at least one semester studying abroad. These are some of the perks of opting for popular courses at Johns Hopkins University.

    Why choose John Hopkins University?

    Some of the key facts that make john Hopkins university a preferred education hub among international candidates are:

    • A competitive cultural environment with vigorous and strenuous academic programs that pushes the potential limit of students and moulds them to blossom as emerging leaders.
    • Most of undergraduate and graduate students can easily avail scholarships, fellowships, once they are enrolled on the basis of merit.
    • Small class-size with students: faculty ratio of 5:1 that offers more personalized expertise and attention to students.
    • John Hopkins University is also acclaimed for its reputed and stellar research work, outstanding reputation in all fields of science along with providing students an unparalleled experience and opportunity that comes along with this university.
    • Provides an interdisciplinary and inclusive learning environment and the students are taught by faculty members who are experts in their field that are undertaking ground-breaking research.

    Students seeking education in higher institutes always look at the ranking to consider its reputation in the educational and professional world and the global ranking of John Hopkins University has been rather impressive in overall criteria which makes its reputation stand-out in education around the world.

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