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Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA

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Mechanical Engineering is a STEM degree program that involves engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science, design, manufacture and maintains mechanical systems. You may consider one of the top mechanical engineering universities in USA for higher studies. According to QS Rankings 2020, USA has 87 universities that feature in the subject ranking for mechanical engineering. 

  • As per QS rankings 2020, Mechanical Engineering is the 7th most popular subject offered by top universities in the world. The USA is leading in this category with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranking #1 in this field to date.
  • Apart from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), four other top universities in USA rank among top 10 colleges for mechanical engineering. 
  • As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA, employment projections for mechanical engineers stand at 325,700 by 2028. This means there will be 12,800 new jobs between 2018- 2028.
  • As per US News, mechanical engineers mostly work inside the office and follow a shift of 9 am- 5 pm from Monday- Friday. Thus, it ensures a work-life balance among employees. 
  • Mechanical Engineering in USA are the third highest paid professionals with an average annual salary of 80,000 USD.
Top Paying Countries for Mechanical Engineers

Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA

As per QS, there are nine other top mechanical engineering universities in USA that feature among top 10 global colleges. The course is available at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels and offers students a bright career option in the future. So, let's have a look the list of some top-ranked colleges in the USA offering this course:

Colleges / UniversitiesQS subject-wise ranksPrograms Offered
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge1Bachelors - 3, Pre-Masters - 1 & Masters - 1
Stanford University2Bachelors - 2, Masters - 2, & Doctorate - 1
Harvard University4Bachelors - 1, & Doctorate - 1
University of California, Berkeley6Master - 4
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor10Masters -3, Doctorate - 2
Georgia Institute of Technology13Bachelors - 1, Masters - 1
California Institute of Technology17Bachelors - 1, Masters - 1
Purdue University20Bachelors - 2
Cornell University36Bachelors -1, Masters - 2, & Doctorate - 1
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign38Bachelors - 2, Masters - 3

Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA: Degrees & Specializations

Mechanical Engineering is a professional course that has good scope in the USA. A mechanical engineer in USA is the 16th best STEM JOB as per US News. You will find several world-class universities here offering mechanical engineering courses. 

As per the study of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median salary of mechanical engineers with a bachelor's degree is 87,370 USD. Whereas, with some experience and a master's degree, you can earn up to 136,000 USD. 

Mechanical Engineering as an option for studies in USA is available in several specializations and degrees at mechanical engineering universities in USA. The common degree types are as follows:

  • Bachelors - Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Masters - Master of Science, Master of Engineering.
  • Doctorate - Doctor of Philosophy/P.h.D.

The common specializations and areas of study are:

Biomedical MechanicsMechatronics
Energy and EnvironmentSolid Mechanics
Advanced Materials ManufacturingField Design
Energy and Thermofluids EngineeringManufacturing Engineering

Mechanical engineers are always pushing hard to produce safer, cheaper, and greener machines and mechanical systems. As a result, there are several areas of further study and research in mechanical engineering. These fields are:

MechanicsEnergy Science
NanoengineeringControls, Instrumentation & Robotics

Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA: Undergraduate Degrees

As per reports, with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, one can earn up to 66,800 USD at an entry-level. So, the job market is lucrative in Mechanical Engineering. An undergraduate course is a 4 years journey and leads you to masters and a doctorate subsequently. Let's list some of the bachelors courses offered at colleges in USA below:

CoursesColleges / UniversitiesApprox Total Fees (USD)
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Course -2)Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge219,328
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Course - 2A)219,328
Bachelor of Biomechanical EngineeringStanford University216,656
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering216,656
B.Sc. Mechanical EngineeringHarvard University150,904
B.Sc. Mechanical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology125,480
Bachelor of Mechanical EngineeringCalifornia Institute of Technology241,888
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical EngineeringPurdue University128,976
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Technology128,976
B.Sc. Engineering MechanicsUniversity of Illinois, Urbana Champaign175,984
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering175,984
B.Sc. Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringPrinceton University, Princeton186,668
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical EngineeringDuke University212,824
B.Sc. Materials EngineeringUniversity of Kentucky123,476

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in the USA: Eligibility & Documents Required

You need to fulfill certain entry requirements to study in a top mechanical engineering college in USA. In addition to that, you must provide specific documents to apply to these colleges. So, let's share the criteria along with the documents required below:

  • You will need 10+2 scores with a 3.6 GPA on a scale of 4 or 87 percent or B+ grades in science subjects.
  • SAT/ACT scores are also mandatory. You will need 1400 out of 1600 in SAT to be eligible for top mechanical engineering colleges in USA. For ACT 25 out 36 is a must to take admission to decent colleges.
  • Along with these, you will also need scores of English Language Tests. The minimum cut-offs are:
    • IELTS - 7
    • TOEFL (iBT)- 100
    • TOEFL (PBT)- 577

Documents Required

The documents required to study in mechanical engineering in USA are as follows:

  • Academic transcripts of 10+2.
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation.
  • Proof of scores of standardized exams to study in USA
  • Yow will also need an updated CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Passport-size photographs
  • A valid ID proof
  • Copy of passport
  • Financial documents that prove availability of resources to at least cover one year expenses in USA

Fees & Funding for Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Courses in USA

To study this course in top mechanical engineering colleges in USA, you will have to pay a hefty amount. The average tuition cost for the entire course ranges between 120,000 - 250,000 USD. In addition to it, there are other miscellaneous study fees and the cost of living as well. The average cost of living is between 900 - 1300 USD per month in the US. But not to worry! The USA has several scholarships for international students. There are also loans from private organizations, and assistantships available to bear the expenditures. You may end up getting paid a stipend, which can cover your living expenditures to a certain extent.

Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA: Masters Degree

Studying masters in mechanical engineering in USA will upgrade your knowledge and skill level further. It will pave the path to pursue a Doctorate subsequently. The average placement package at Stanford University was 60,000 - 98,000 USD just recently. A masters degree is 1-2 years in duration. The table below shows masters in mechanical engineering in USA offered at various universities: 

ProgramsUniversities / CollegesApprox Total Fees (USD)Duration (Years)

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge109,6642
Stanford University69,6742
M.S in Mechanical EngineeringGeorgia Institute of Technology58,2802
California Institute of Technology121,8662
Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley
Master of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering60,218
M.Eng Materials Science & Engineering60,2182
M.Eng in Bioengineering60,2182
M.Eng in Mechanical EngineeringCornell University56,9881
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering59,4762
M.Sc. in Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Illinois, Urbana Champaign54,6482
M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering27,3241
M.Sc. Theoretical & Applied Mechanics27,3241
MS in Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis26,4121
University of South Florida31,7282
M.Eng in Mechanical EngineeringOregon State University44,1002

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in USA - Eligibility Requirements

There are certain criteria to apply for the masters in mechanical engineering in USA. These criteria are important while applying to your dream course. The following criteria are:

  • You will need a 3.5 - 3.7 GPA upon a scale of 4 or 85 - 89 percent, preferably in your bachelors degree with mechanical engineering or any other relevant subjects from the science stream.
  • Your GRE score should be 300 or more upon 340 to be eligible in a decent enough college. 
  • Proof of English language proficiency through one of the following exams- 
    • IELTS scores should be 7 upon 9
    • TOEFL (iBT) - 90 upon 120
    • MELAB- 80 upon 99.

Documents Required

  • Academic transcripts of all academic qualifications to date.
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation of previous qualifications and employers (if any)
  • You will need GRE, TOEFL, IELTS & MELAB scorecards.
  • You must have an updated CV 
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Three-four passport-size photographs 
  • Work experience certificates, if any. 
  • A valid ID proof
  • A passport 
  • Proof of finances

Fees and Funding for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in USA

Well, the course fees for masters programs in these top mechanical engineering colleges in USA are between 26,000 - 123,000 USD. But, there are various scholarships for master studies in USA, which lessens the cost burden from the students.

Certificate or Diploma Courses in Mechanical Engineering in USA

Diploma or certificate courses in USA are often pursued by working professionals and also students who are on a tight budget. These courses are really valuable in the development and upgrading of one's skills, which adds benefits to their careers. Please find the following certificate courses in mechanical engineering as given below:

Universities / CollegesCoursesDuration (Years)Approximate Total Cost (USD)Eligibility
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CambridgePre-Master Principles of Manufacturing MicroMasters Program151,520Bachelor's degree from a reputed college/university, English Language Tests are mandatory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MITx (edX online platform)Professional Certificate to Introductory Mechanics1.6196Anyone can apply, TOEFL & IELTS will be required

Ph.D. at Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA

Three things should be taken into consideration before choosing to study a Ph.D. in USA. First, deciding to pursue a research field. Secondly, whether the subject of study has enough scope in a specific country, and lastly, whether that country has a good reputation in research? 

Well, if you have decided, then Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular jobs as per the US News Survey. And USA spends more than 580 billion USD in research & development every year. So, pursuing a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in the USA is a good option. 

The table below shows popular Ph.D. programs in mechanical engineering in USA: 

ProgramsUniversities / CollegesApproximate Total Fees (USD)Duration (Years)
Ph.D. in Mechanical EngineeringStanford University215,1804
Ph.D. in Materials Science & EngineeringHarvard University142,6805
Ph.D. in Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor82,0263
Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering82,0263
Ph.D. in Robotics82,0263
Ph.D. in Mechanical EngineeringCornell University146,8205

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in the US: Eligibility & Document Requirements

Studying doctorate at top mechanical engineering universities in USA will bring along some eligibility requirements. These requirements need to be fulfilled while applying to the course. Along with the entry requirements, certain specific documents are also essential to complete the application process. So, let's discuss these criteria below:

  • First, you will need at least 85 percent marks in your master's degree in the same field or equivalent.
  • You also need to be ready with your GRE scores. A minimum score of 300 is on par. But a score more than that is preferable.
  • English Language Test scores:
    • IELTS - 7
    • TOEFL - 100
    • MELAB- 85

Mandatory Documents Required

  • To study Ph.D., academic transcripts of all academic qualifications are mandatory.
  • 2- 3 Letters of recommendation from previous colleges and employers (if any).
  • Research proposal
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Updated CV 
  • Experience certificates (if any)
  • Three-four passport-size photographs.
  • Valid ID proof
  • Passport
  • Financial Statements are a must to apply.

Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering in the USA: Fees & Funding

Fees for Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in USA offered by these top mechanical engineering colleges is 82,000 - 220,000 USD. To finance these courses, there are a number of doctoral scholarships and fellowships in USA for international students along with education loans, and assistantship. 

Scholarships at Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA

The tuition fees for the various levels of mechanical engineering courses will range between 26,000- 250,000 USD. In addition to it, there are other miscellaneous study fees and the cost of living, which is between 900- 1,300 USD monthly. So, to manage all these expenses, various international scholarships and fellowships to study in USA are available to international students. Let's discuss them below:

NamesApplication DeadlineScholarship Worth (USD)WaiversLevel of Study
Tata-Cornell ScholarshipMarch 2020VariableTuition fees & annual course feesUndergraduate
BrokerFish International Student Scholarship21st December 20201,000Health insurance against sickness or injuriesAll levels of study
Go Clean Scholarship31st December 20203,500Tuition fees only, but can be extended to living expenses, accommodation, travel expenses, health cover, etc.All levels of study
Debesh Kamal Scholarship30th April 20201,385Tuition fees onlyAll levels of study
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Program31st March 2020100,000Tuition fees, living expense & airfareMaster's & Doctorate
Comindware Scholarship-4,000Tuition feesAll levels of study
RD Sethna Scholarships31st May 202015,000It is a grant or loan to cover Tuition Fees & and other miscellaneous expensesUndergraduate

Jobs after Studying at Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA

With a quality education, there is also an abundance of job opportunities in USA after studying mechanical engineering in USA. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the requirement of mechanical engineers in the country will grow from its present numbers by 4% by 2028. Also, mechanical engineers enjoy a decent salary all through the country. But in certain states, they are paid the most according to US News. These high paying states are:

Average Annual Salary for Mechanical Engineers in USA

As per the latest reports of The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean compensation is the highest among Software Publishers at 127,540 USD. The Oil and Gas sector follows next, which offers 122,140 USD to mechanical engineers. The Machinery Manufacturing sector offers the least but still a decent 81,720 USD as median compensation.

Average salaries for mechanical engineers in USA are listed below:

Job RolesAverage Annual Salary (in USD)
Mechanical Engineer54,000 - 99,000
Senior Mechanical Engineer76,000 - 131,000
Mechanical Design Engineer54,000 - 93,000
Project Engineer52,000 - 97,000
Manufacturing Engineer54,000 - 91,000
Aerospace Engineer61,000 - 129,000
Automotive Technician30,000 - 81,000
Mechanical Engineering Manager81,000 - 146,000
Principal Mechanical Engineer92,000 - 150,000
HVAC Mechanical Engineer52,000 - 97,000

Top 7 Employers with their mean compensation for mechanical engineers in USA are:

Top EmployersAverage Median Salaries (in USD)
Northrop Grumman Corporation76,000
Lockheed Martin Corp69,000
The Boeing Company78,000
Raytheon Co.75,000
General Electric Co (GE)80,000
Ford Motor Company85,000

Do you need a license to work as a Mechanical Engineer in the USA?

Licensure is not mandatory for entry-level job roles as a mechanical engineer in US. A Professional Engineering (PE) license ensures that you can work with higher levels of leadership and independence. Engineers with this license are known as Professional Engineers. Professional Engineers have the authority to supervise other engineers, sign off on projects, and often provide services to the public directly. To get this license, you will need:

  • An ABET-accredited engineering program
  • You must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam
  • You also must have at least 4 years in same field
  • A passing score is all that is required in the Professional Engineering (PE) exam.

Finally, why is USA one of the most preferred study destinations? Well, USA is the world's strongest economy housing Global Economic Powerhouses like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Northrop Grumman Corporation, etc. Also, there are ten American universities among top 40 universities in the world for mechanical engineering program. USA also experienced about 1095,299 international students in 2019. Hence, the situation is ideal for applying to the course in any of the top mechanical colleges in USA.

In addition to this, the USA is also a leading spender in the world in research & development, making it an ideal destination for Doctorate aspirants. Boston, New York, and LA are some of the best student cities as per QS. All these make the USA a perfect place to pursue Mechanical Engineering!

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