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Top Medicine Colleges in USA

Bhavya Rawal Bhavya Rawal
Study Abroad Expert

If world-class education and a secured high-paying job in medicine is the dream, then the USA is an ideal destination. Having said that, QS Rankings enlisted 18 medicine Colleges in USA among the top 50 positions in the world. 

  • Unlike other countries, studying medicine in the USA begins as a postgraduate (Doctor of Medicine) program. 
  • Aside from this, there are other essentials for studying medicine in the USA. These include meeting pre-medical school requirements as an international student. 
  • As per reports, the healthcare sector in the US has seen maximum growth due to huge investments (as high as 14.2 billion USD in 2017) in its research and development.
  • The USA offers the highest paid jobs to medical professionals with a median salary of 208,000 USD per annum.
  • Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) claims, out of 1,195 international students who applied for MD programs, only 97 were selected. However, acceptance rates increase if international students pursue undergraduate degrees from Medical schools in the USA.
  • This rate of acceptance suggests that cracking into medicine schools in the USA can be extremely challenging. 

Each year many applications for MD programs drop in, from different parts of the world compared to the vacancies. As a fact, convoluted selection procedures sift the best candidates. Hence, the only workaround is excellent academic records and better performance at the interviews.

Globally Ranking Medicine Colleges in USA

As per the QS Global Rankings 2020 for Medicine, about 30 Medical Colleges in the USA are ranked in the top 100 positions, globally. Listed below are 6 medicine colleges of the USA that made it to the top 10 positions in the world.

UniversityQS RankingDegrees offered
Harvard University12 postgraduate degrees and 2 PhD degree
Stanford University41 undergraduate degree, 2 postgraduate degrees and 1 PhD degrees
Johns Hopkins University55 postgraduate degrees, 6 doctorate degrees
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)73 postgraduate degrees and 2 doctorate degrees
Yale University92 undergraduate degrees, 2 postgraduate degrees, 2 doctorate degrees
University of California, San Francisco101 undergraduate degree, 1 postgraduate degree

These medicine colleges in the USA are the global leaders which makes it really difficult to get selected in one. But if you are the gem who is capable of cracking the entrance with these, it can be assured that there lies a pool of opportunities waiting ahead of you. 

Medicine Colleges in USA: Degrees and Specializations

Studying in the USA can make a huge difference in a students life. With a plethora of choices before them, the country offers the right infrastructure, job security and handsome payoff.

Below are some of the degrees and specializations in the medical colleges in the USA at different educational level:

Education LevelDegreeSpecialization
UndergraduateBA in BiologyMedical Anthropology and Global Health
Mechanisms of Disease
BA in Health and SocietiesGlobal Health
Disease and Culture
Human Biology and Society
MSMedical Technology Quality
Community Nutrition
DoctoratePhDPublic Health
Human Medicine
Clinical Psychology
Dental Surgery

Applicants must note: There is no bachelors in medicine available at medicine schools in the USA. However, pursuing a related pre-medical degree (bachelors) from the USA increases the chance of an international student to get into the postgraduate programs offered in the field of medicine in the USA. 

Medicine Colleges in USA: Undergraduate Programs

Before embarking on a medical career, students need to look for a bachelor’s program that pertains to a Master of Doctor (MD) degree in the future. Here are some of the undergraduate programs available at some of the popular Medical colleges in the USA:

ProgramUniversityProgram Duration (years)Annual Tuition Fees (USD)
Bachelors in Speech and Hearing SciencesUniversity of Washington435,152
Bachelor Brain and Cognitive ScienceMIT451,520
BA in PsychologyStanford University452,827
Bachelors in EntomologyCornell University452,139
BSc in PsychobiologyUCLA445,951

Eligibility for Bachelors in USA

The basic requirements that every student applying for undergraduate programs in the USA have to conform to, are as follows:

Academic requirements: Completed Class XII (having Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) with a minimum average of 85%. 

Language Requirements: Minimum scores for IELTS-6.5, TOEFL (internet-based)-79 to 90/(paper-based)-577, Duolingo-120, PTE-70.

Entrance test: SAT and ACT scores are accepted. Students are required to score a minimum score of 1500 for SAT or a minimum of 35 for ACT.

Documents: Students need to keep these following documents in-hand-

  • School leaving certificates
  • All academic transcripts
  • Evidence of language test scores
  • Application emails

Fees & Funding for Bachelors in USA

The tuition fees for undergraduate programs in the USA ranges between 20,000 USD to 50,000 USD per year. Cost of studying in the USA can burn a hole into pockets. International students can, hence look for viable scholarships for UG programs in USA

Medicine Colleges in USA: MD Programs

In most of the medical schools in the USA, the MD programs are available as dual degrees with an MBA or PhD degree integrated with it. These are usually 7 to 8 years’ programs. Here's a list of popular Master of Doctor (M.D.) programs offered as single degree by the Medical Colleges in the USA:

ProgramUniversityProgram Duration (years)Annual Tuition Fees (USD)
M.D.Johns Hopkins University354,900
M.D.Stanford University360,226
Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical InvestigationHarvard University243,076
M.D.New York University357,476
M.D.University of Chicago556,550

Applicants must note that residency is an important aspect of pursuing MD from medical colleges in the USA. 

Eligibility for MD Courses in USA

There are university-specific conditions that students need to meet. Here are the common requirements that every medicine school in the USA expects of an international student: 

Academic requirements: Completed 4 years of bachelor’s program in Biology or related field of study. Students are also required to have working knowledge of computers. Completion of one year of your previous degree in USA/Canada/UK is one of the important eligibility criteria for pursuing the program in some of the top medicine colleges.

Entrance examination: Acceptance is provided only after clearing the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) with a minimum score of 519. Not more than 4 years old MCAT scores are considered for admission. GRE scores around 155-165 (average of verbal, quantitative and writing) .

MCAT: Fact File 

MCAT is a multiple-choice examination standardised for admission into MD programs across all medical schools in the USA. AAMC conducts this examination to evaluate critical thinking and problem-solving skills of an applicant in terms of biological and social sciences. This 7 hour 30 minutes of a test comprises 4 segments each contributing 125 marks to the total of 500 scores.

Language Requirements: Language tests like TOEFL are primarily required for undergraduates who have passed out from institutions where the language of instruction is not English. Minimum scores of TOEFL (internet-based)-100/(computer-based)-250 to 300, Duolingo- 125.

Documents: Documents required for admission are as follows:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Two letters of recommendation from the science department of the college attended by students
  • CV with relevant work experience
  • All academic transcripts
  • Evidence of language tests
  • MCAT scores
  • GRE scorecard

However, prior to the third year of MD program students need to appear for USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). Passing this examination will allow students to enter residency programs.

Indian students who wish to pursue medicine post completion of the degree in the USA. 

Fees & Funding for MD Course in USA

The tuition fees of masters programs in medicine in the US ranges between 24,000 USD to 61,000 USD per year. This is exclusive of the cost of living for international students in the country. To facilitate these aspects, students can look for scholarships available for international masters applicants as well.

Medicine Colleges in USA: PhD programs

Doctoral programs are specifically designed to enhance the scope of knowledge for physician-scientists. With a majority of globally renowned universities in the USA, PhD programs can be of enormous boost to one’s career. 

For some institutions like New York University or Duke University, applicants have to take up a PhD training Program for 1 year before applying for a PhD program. Here’s a peek into the available PhD programs in medicine in the USA:

ProgramUniversityProgram Duration (years)Annual Tuition Fees (USD)
PhD in Epidemiology and Clinical ResearchStanford University520,078
PhD in PathologyNew York University657,476
PhD in PathologyDuke University361,900
PhD in Psychological and Brain SciencesJohns Hopkins University642,000
PhD in OptometryOhio State University646,050

In the US, physicians aspiring for a career in research, can opt for PhD programs after a successful career as a medical practitioner. However, other options for dual degrees pertaining to MD-PhD are also available.

Eligibility for Doctorate in Medicine in USA

There are variations in the specific requirements for a PhD applicant that any university in the USA may expect. For which, students have to visit their official websites for better comprehension. Despite this, some of the common entry requirements are stated below:

Academic requirements: Completed a master’s program from a recognized university in the USA with at least 85% marks.

Entrance Examination: Students are advised to submit GRE scores for entry into PhD programs. There is no specific minimum score to be obtained.

Language Requirements: Students need to provide proof of taking language tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc. Most of the universities do not have any minimum requirements as such.

Documents: Documents required at the time of admission are as follows:

  • CV with relevant skills and research experience (if any) 
  • All academic transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation/reference
  • Evidence of GRE scores
  • Proofs of English language tests
  • Statement of purpose

Fees & Funding for Doctorate in Medicine in USA

The tuition fees for PhD programs range from 20,000 USD to 65,000 USD for international students in the USA. Also, the cost of living adds up. However, there are many scholarship programs for PhD international students as well. 

Scholarships in the USA for Medicine Studies

As per the Fulbright Commission, USA universities offer more than 600 scholarships to international students. The scholarships are awarded based on their merit, need or certain extracurricular contributions. Here are a few of the popular scholarships for USA, that are awarded to international students for medicine studies:

ScholarshipOrganization/ UniversityEligibilityScholarship Award (USD)
Tata ScholarshipCornell UniversityAll undergraduate programsVariable
Harvard Medical School ScholarshipHarvard Medical SchoolAll medicine programsFull tuition fee waiver
Medical Scholars Research ProgramStanford UniversityPhD programs in medicineUp to 100% tuition fee waiver
Go Clean ScholarshipGo CleanAll programs3,500
Novus Biological Scholarship ProgramNovus Biological, LLCAll science programs1,500
RD Sethna ScholarshipsRD Sethna Scholarship FundAll postgraduate programs15,000
BrokerFish International student scholarshipBrokerFishAll programs1,000
QS Connect Master’s ScholarshipQSAll Law, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and FAME (Finance, Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics) postgraduate programs2,000
Scholarships for MD StudentsNew York UniversityMD programsFull tuition fee waiver
Scholarship (School of Medicine)Johns Hopkins UniversityMD/PhD programs5,000
JN Tata Endowment ScholarshipJN TataAll programsVariable
Aga Khan Foundation ScholarshipAga Khan FoundationAll programs50% grant
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s FellowshipsUnited States- India Educational Foundation (USIEF)All PhD programsVariable
National Overseas ScholarshipGovernment of IndiaAll PhD programs30% grants
AAUW International FellowshipsAAUWAll postgraduate and doctoral programs18,000- 30,000

Medicine Colleges in USA: Scope

In the USA, physicians and surgeons are of great demand who work for the government, academia or even the hospitals. The demand further increases with better qualifications and training. 

  • Payoffs for physicians are the highest in the US with a median wage of 208,000 USD a year. 
  • Till 2028, the employment rate is projected to increase by 7%, a rate higher than any other occupation in the country.
  • In 2018, Census Bureau estimated 65 million baby boomers in the US; the reason why healthcare services are of great demand in the country.
  • Recent statistics have revealed that physicians or surgeons willing to practice in rural areas are more likely to expect more demand.
  • With higher risks of heart diseases and cancer, doctors specializing in cardiology and oncology can have a booming career. 
  • As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, maximum demand of medical scientists is in treatments of cancer, AIDs and Alzheimer’s. 

Below are some of the expected job roles and annual median salary for medical students in the US:

Job TitleAnnual Median Salary (USD)
General Paediatrician183,240
Family General Practitioner211,780
Physicians and Surgeons203,880
Obstetrician and Gynaecologists238,320
Life Scientists75,850
Medical Scientists84,810

Aside from this, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has also estimated higher rates of employment rates in the period 2018-2028. The employment rates of psychiatrists will increase by 16%, general physicians by 10% and physicians and surgeons of any discipline by 8%. 

To sum up, Medical Colleges in the USA offer the highest standard of education in the world after the UK. The majority of USA Colleges making it to the 100 best medical colleges of the world is a testimony to this. Even though the program fees are quite expensive, scholarships and fellowships are in place to fix this hurdle. However, it is also a matter of realization that physicians and surgeons enjoy the highest paid jobs in the US.

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