Affordable and Quality research

    7.2 /10

    The main reason for me choosing Syracuse University was the kind of research being done in the Earth and Environmental Science department. My research interest intersected with multiple faculties in the department. Another reason is the amount of scholarship (funding) provided and the cost of living in Syracuse.

    Course Curriculum :

    Course curriculum is fairly easy. You can always take high level courses. Or, take courses in other departments to increase your depth in any particular field. Research is the forefront of my degree, so I chose courses that helped me in doing my research. Idustrial exposure is also available for students who are interested in it.

    Exams :

    When I joined in 2015, the requirement was GRE and TOEFL. However, now they have waived the GRE requirement. TOEFL is still required.

    Internship :


    Placement :

    Most students get a job after graduating. There are career fairs and counsellors who help you to find a job after graduation.

    Events :

    Campus life is good. There are plenty of extracurricular activities and events all year round. Research facilities are top notch, as expected from an R1 institution. Libraries have huge collections and the inter-library loan makes sure you get any book you need for your education/research.

    Fees :

    Each Credit cost something around $1500. Depending on what program you get in you might need anywhere between 30-60 credits to finish.

    Scholarship :

    I received funding from my supervisor as a Graduate Assistant (Teaching assistant and Research Assistant)

    Examination Structure :


    Faculty :

    The Faculty student ratio is 1:3 in my department. Most of them are top-tier researchers in their own field. Down to earth and approachable. Especially, my co-advisor Linda Ivany has been very helpful in my degree progress.

    Hostel :

    Syracuse is a fairly less expensive place to live in. Off-campus housing costs anywhere between $350- $600 for a single room in multiple room housing. Commuting is cheap and there are plenty of on-campus part-time jobs.

    7.2 out of 10