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Alisa Franasiak, United States

University at Buffalo

Business Administration
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Updated on 22, Aug 2019

University at Buffalo

University at Buffalo - horns up

  • University at Buffalo is one of the major colleges around where I was born and raised. I grew up going to basketball and football games. It was only natural that when the time to look for colleges came about, The University at Buffalo was on my list to check out. Once I researched it further, I found that UB had an amazing business program and it had tuition I could afford all while staying local. Not to mention UB social life and 600+ clubs, I felt as though it was the perfect fit for me.


    In my opinion, the curriculum is very well rounded and I feel as though the required courses make us knowledgeable in our field and they are very hands-on and career-oriented.


    I opted for the bachelor's business administration program because coming into college I had a really strong passion for business and wanted to delve deeper into the knowledge and curiosities I had. UB has an amazing business program. The program didn't need any separate application or tests to get in if you got into the college - you were accepted into the business program as well.


    The exam structure also varies class to class but I have found that the professor usually finds a style that will suit the course best and I also find that taking unique styles of exams prepares me for my career better because it helps me to approach learning and solving problems in different ways.


    There is a high faculty-student ratio at UB; however, despite being a big school they are so many resources for you to find help if you need it in any area. The teaching methodology at UB varies from professor to professor but overall they do an amazing job teaching the courses to ensure students succeed. The staff is also all very knowledgeable and well versed in what they teach.


    Tuition is approximately $6,600 a year without fees or room and board. I did not receive any loans. I was awarded pride of New York merit-based scholarship for $2,500 a year. There are many loan and aid options for students attending UB. There is also a lot of aid that is both merits and needs-based.


    Off-campus worked for me because I have lived in Buffalo my entire life and live less than ten minutes from the campus. So to me commuting only made sense. But as far as the residence options at UB go, the dorms have many options and styles and the apartment options for campus housing are also really nice.


    As mentioned above, UB has a website/program called handshake that helps to pair students with job opportunities that suit them best. 75% of job-seeking undergraduates employed by graduation or within three months with an average salary of $49,421.


    Yes, as afore-mentioned UB has so many resources. One of them being a handshake, which is an online tool to pair students to job, volunteer, and internship opportunities. On this website, you create a profile with your major and skills you have and it helps to match you with an internship that will suit you and your interests/skills the best.


    There are many events celebrated at UB, it is such a diverse place filled with a vast amount of students that you can probably find a celebration almost every day. But some main things celebrated by UB are homecoming weekend, international fiesta (dances and performances of all cultures), welcome weekend (welcoming students back to UB), and Oozefest (the largest mud volleyball tournament).


    Yes, I have received both a merit-based scholarship and financial aid at both the federal and state level. To receive the federal aid I had to fill out the FAFSA, and for the state aid, a form called the TAP. For my merit-based scholarship, I received it based on my test scores and grades from my high school transcript.

  • Monthly Expense : $500 - $1500

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