my journey at the Clarkson university.

    8.3 /10

    Being a student of science background I had planned to pursue my career in the field of bioethics from the USA, and for this, I had done a lot of research in the field and had applied in 5 colleges. I had selected this university as it was providing me with rigorous academics, research, and social life to collide with my personal passions with a powerful learning experience. The university is accredited by various known institutes for the quality of education it provides. I had secured a GPA of 7 in my bachelor's degree and had applied at the university through an online application form after paying an application fee of around $75.

    Course Curriculum :

    The program consists of 36 credit hours of graduate coursework and provided competency-based education in clinical ethics, research ethics, and bioethics for skills, credentials, and specialized professional expertise. The curriculum included presentations to be made by the students in groups as a method of transferring learning through coordinated efforts of students and providing students with in-depth knowledge of the field through teamwork.

    Exams :

    I choose this course as I was having a keen interest in the field and wanted to get settled in the USA, after completing my graduation in the field due to diverse career opportunities at the university. I had applied at the university after submitting my test score of the TOEFL exam- with a score of 95 (internet-based exam) I even had to submit my official high school transcripts and a bachelor's degree in the field. I had submitted an essay, finances form, a copy of current passport. along with three letters of recommendation for my admission process.

    Placement :

    The university maintains close relations with the employers and multi-national organizations and provides students with the information for job offers and vacancies through an online portal. The EMMES corporation provides us with internships and career opportunities in our respective fields with good packages.`

    Events :

    The university organizes a wide range of events throughout the year for the students and teachers. Some of the events include a graduate open house, president's challenge showcase, parent/family weekend, and spring open house, along with many more events to increase coordination and communication among the students.

    Fees :

    I had paid around $52000 for my tuition and fees, books and supplies had cost me around $3000. My personal expenses were around $5000. I had even applied for an international scholarship at the university through filling common application only and it hovered around $25000 of my tuition expenses. Good academic progress was a major concern for the scholarship at the university.

    Faculty :

    The professors were trained and experienced in the field of bioethics, having Ph.D., MSB, and MPH degrees in their field of coursework. With smaller batch sizes in the classrooms, it was easier to learn and understand the concepts deeply. The professors made use of presentations, workshops, seminars, and classroom lectures to teach us.

    Hostel :

    The on-campus residential facility of the university had cost me around $8300, with meals costing around $7200. The housing facility at the university was really comfortable and safe. Some of my friends stayed at the off-campus housing facility and had spent around $20,000, with travel expenses costing around $5000.

    8.3 out of 10
    7.0/10Social Life