Learning all about Counseling at Boston University's, Wheelock College

    10.0 /10

    Boston University is one of the best universities in the world and that was why I chose to apply here. I had applied online as a graduate level international student. I had also paid a non-refundable application fee of around $95 by credit card and had submitted the required documents.

    Course Curriculum :

    Our program was designed outstandingly, in quality and content. It was a full time program and a minimum of 60 credits was required for it. The program was offered with three different concentrations and we received indepth training on how to handle different kinds of population groups, each with differing mental health issues. We learnt all about the treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults in areas such as counseling theories and techniques, cross-cultural perspectives, lifespan development, psychopathology, psychological testing, research, positive psychology, and ethics. We had an extensive course as well as intensive field training.

    Exams :

    As I had applied to a Masters' level program, a prerequisite was that I have a Bachelors' degree and I had also submitted all my Bachelors' level official transcripts. Also, I was specifically required to submit my GRE of 390 marks and the IELTS test scores of 7.5.

    Placement :

    Practicum and field work were an integral part of our coursework and our school made sure that we got practical work experience with a number of public, private, and charter schools, community organizations and agencies, in Boston, as part of our necessary on job training under the guidance of expert teachers in this field.

    Events :

    With our college in the hub of the Boston area, campus was always rife with activity, games and festivals in our spare time. There were 24 NCAA Athletic Teams on campus and over 450 student clubs.

    Fees :

    I was a graduate level student and my tuition fees were around $54700 each year and apart from this I was also required to pay a university fee of around $800 each year. On applying we had immediately been considered for scholarships and therefore no essay or separate applications were needed for these awards. Those applying much before the application deadlines were given scholarship consideration priority.

    Faculty :

    All of our esteemed professors were clinical practitioners in the field of counselling and had years of practical experience in dealing with patients belonging to diverse social backgrounds. They ensured that we got well trained in all that it takes to deal with an issue as delicate as counselling others.

    Hostel :

    I had chosen to live off-campus with a few of my batchmates who were also international students. We had rented an apartment in the Boston area and had spent around $14200 each year on our rent and meal expenses.

    10.0 out of 10
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