Muma college is the Best

    8.8 /10

    After my graduation, I was surfing the web and was searching for colleges that provide masters in data analytics. After searching and analyzing a lot I was amazed by the reviews and ratings of this college. I applied through the online application process which cost me $30.

    Course Curriculum :

    This course provided me the in-depth knowledge required by the analysts. Also, I feel my course curriculum is not putting any pressure on us. All the semesters are designed in such a way that they also provide the practical application of each and every subject.

    Exams :

    Since high school, I have developed a keen interest in data analytics. And to pursue it in my masters I have to apply for the competitive exams like GRE for aptitude knowledge and IELTS for language proficiency. I scored 158 in GRE and 7.2 in IELTS. I also have to submit my transcripts, statement of purpose, and LOR.

    Internship :

    The teachers here are so resourceful that they help the students in finding the best internships. The college also provides various opportunities at the undergraduate level most of the companies provide offer letters to their interns for job opportunities.

    Placement :

    My college provides us with the best placement and job opportunities. All the standard companies visit the campus for the hiring process. These companies include Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, USF Health, Verizon etc. Those who don't opt for placements have their different future perspectives.

    Events :

    There are variously celebrated regularly but I don't like to attend the cultural ones. The only event I like the most is guest lectures on data analytics.

    Fees :

    I paid $34000 for tuition and fee. Also some miscellaneous charges around $2000.

    Scholarship :

    I didn't avail scholarship or financial aid as my parents paid the whole of my fee because all of my educational journeys is sponsored by them.

    Faculty :

    The professors here emphasize more on practical knowledge rather than the bookish knowledge which I think is more profitable for us. Also, the professors are published in the well-reputed journals because of the researches in their relevant field. I feel that Muma college is providing us with the best group of professors.

    Hostel :

    I am accommodating in the on-campus hostel. Which turns out the best option for accommodating to the college. Also, I feel more secure and connected to the faculties. All the amenities are available in the hostel but on payable bases.

    8.8 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life