8.8 out of 10

    Getting ready at College of Business

    Virat Chia

    My grandparents lived in the USA, but since my childhood, I am pursuing my studies in India because of my dad's business. But now as I have completed my bachelor's and have grown old I want to spend some time with my grandparents and hence I decided to pursue my further studies there only. I applied to many of the universities through the online application process and luckily I got an application in the College of Business for which I have paid $40 as the application fee.

    Course Curriculum


    My MBA program was very finely divided among different semesters and never pressurize any of us. The subjects being taught are providing in-depth knowledge for being the upcoming managers in the healthcare industry.


    I always wanted to be a professional and always wanted to have a good white-collar job. I had completed my bachelor's in business administration and further wants mastery in it therefore I read about a lot of courses and the one which drew my attention the most is MBA in health care and hence I opted for this course. I have given exams GMAT and IELTS and have scored 590 and 7.2 respectively. I also have to submit my academic transcripts.


    Our college has collaborated with organizations for ACADEMIC credit, non-paid internships to gain experience in the field of applied learning, projects, networking, etc. Paid Internships generally occur during the SUMMER semester. I just need to fill out the internship form and have to wait for the call.



    My college provides us with both i.e. on-campus and off-campus drive for placements. All I have to do is fill the form of placement and if I want my marks to be circulated off-campus the I again have to fill a form for that. But these efforts always result in a good placement offer and a better opportunity for the future.



    The homecoming festival is celebrated here at a grand level. In fact it is the biggest event celebrated here. In addition to that many seminars and guest lectures are also organized which gives a vast exposure to many of the things and also will help a lot in the near future.


    This college is not as much costlier as compared to the others. I only have to pay $24000 as the tuition fee in addition to some miscellaneous charges which comes out to be $2000.


    No, I have not availed any scholarship or else. But you may seek financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans.



    The faculties here are having the highest qualifications in one or the other fields with being published in the renowned research papers. The faculties have the best nature and are always ready to help and support us in any of the difficulties.



    My college allowed me to live off-campus if the student is living within 50 miles of the college campus. My grandparents live nearby the college, therefore I decided to accommodate from there which will be beneficial for both of us. If I talk about expenditure, my transport charges come out to be $1500.