An alumni of Rutgers Business School !!

    9.2 /10

    It was my dream to study at a college in the USA. I was very much excited after completing my bachelor's. I applied to this college because my uncle has suggested to me this college. I applied to the college online via their official website and also submitted the application fee of $75.

    Course Curriculum :

    My accountancy program was designed by experts. Some major specializations include public accounting, tax accounting, cost accounting, government accounting, budget accounting, and internal auditing.

    Exams :

    Accounting was my favorite subject since high school. I always scored the highest marks on this subject. This being the reason I opted for this course as my major. I have submitted my scores of TOEFL which were 86 and my scores of the ACT which were 23 along with all the other required documents.

    Placement :

    There are very good placement opportunities to the student as research jobs at big enterprises are available. The placement also depends on the modern know-how of the technology and projects and internships done by the students. Some of the companies where my seniors are working include Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, etc.

    Events :

    My college holds a range of events and activities designed to help graduate students prepare, connect, succeed, and stand out as they pursue their degrees. Some of the events were a series of workshops and seminars, tournaments, and movie nights.

    Fees :

    I have spent around $35000 per year on my studies which include $29000 for the fee charges, $1500 for the books, and the remaining for the other day to day needs.

    Faculty :

    The faculties were very helpful and interact with the students as well. Each one of them had a very in-depth knowledge of their subject and is dedicated to making the concept easy and understandable. They also give a lot of motivation and future guidance.

    Hostel :

    I resided at the Busch residence halls which were maintained by the college. I lived there on a sharing basis. The rooms were very nice and loaded with all the things for daily needs. I have paid $10000 for the room and board and other $2000 for personal needs.

    9.2 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life