The college of business : review

    8.8 /10

    My career counselor founded this college and suggested me to get admitted to this college. She analyzed me on the basis of previous academic performance and my interests. I paid $40 for the online application which I have made.

    Course Curriculum :

    Through our course curriculum, we are learning the skills to improve how businesses function. We'll learn how business operations, information systems, business analytics, logistics, and the use of technology impact an organization. With a solid understanding of how business processes and technologies work together, we'll be prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing economy.

    Exams :

    I always wanted to do something different from others. I explored many courses at the college and found this course as the best fit for me. And, decided to opt for this course. I submitted all the required documents such as transcripts, scores of SAT (1248), scores of TOEFL (530), etc.

    Placement :

    I don't know much about the job and placement opportunities because I am new to the college and also I don't want to pursue a job right after my bachelor's. I have decided to go for the masters first and then for a job.

    Events :

    My college holds a range of events and activities designed to help graduate students prepare, connect, succeed, and stand out as they pursue their degrees. Some of the events were a series of workshops and seminars, tournaments, and movie nights.

    Fees :

    I am paying $15000 for my tuition and fee, $2000 for the books and supplies, and other $1500 for daily needs and necessities.

    Faculty :

    All of our professors held Ph.D. degrees. My professors were really passionate about the subject they taught. They made the class an interactive space where we were allowed to put our questions forward and have a healthy debate with our peers. They taught us several important subjects and topics that helped us in our careers.

    Hostel :

    I managed to live at a hostel behind my college campus on a sharing basis. I lived there with one of my classmates. The facilities there was top class and the charges were nominal. I have paid $7000 for the room and $2500 for the meals.

    8.8 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life