Studying at the University of South Florida

    8.2 /10

    My sister had graduated from this university, so I already knew pretty much everything about it and I did some research about the MBA program and applied. Even though I had been accepted by a few other schools, I selected this university mainly because of how affordable the MBA program was. I applied online with an application fee of $30.

    Course Curriculum :

    As far as I know, the curriculum was satisfactory with the foundation courses covering all core areas. I did feel the electives and concentrations could have a bit more variety but they offered all of the major ones, so it was mostly alright. I had a tad bit difficulty in selecting my electives but my professors were kind enough to guide me through.

    Exams :

    I realized if I wanted to succeed in the corporate world, I needed to transform my skills and upgrade my knowledge of business dynamics and that's how I decided to do an MBA. Along with my GMAT score of 570, TOEFL score of 80, and a GPA of 3.6 in bachelor's degree, I submitted my resume, three letters of recommendation, my Statement of purpose, and official transcripts for application.

    Placement :

    For me and my batch-mates, the placements and job opportunities were good. Around 92% of us got placed with an average starting salary being $44,000 per year. The career center and professors also gave us all the guidance we needed in grabbing good packages and boosting our career prospects. We mostly got placed in roles in Marketing and Logistics.

    Events :

    During my years of study, USF had students from so many diverse backgrounds and cultures, and the events celebrated on campus were reflective of that. Being an Indian myself, I attended all Indian festivities and also tried attending as many other events as I could. College can be quite stressful and it is these events like these that helped me not only connect with different kinds of people but also let loose and relax for a while.

    Fees :

    The fee for my MBA program was quite affordable, i.e $16,000 in a year. I also was able to avail of the Comindware Scholarship so that exempted me from paying $4,000 from my fees and thus had to pay around $12,000 of my tuition fee. The scholarship was offered to me by Comindware which is corporate.

    Scholarship :

    Yes, I was offered a scholarship grant of $4,000 by Comindware which is a corporate, that exempted a part of my tuition fee. All I was required to do was submit an essay on a given topic and mail it to them.

    Faculty :

    The faculty is quite encouraging and supportive. At times, I lagged behind in class but I got all the guidance I needed from my professors. My class only had 5 students in it, which is also why I was able to get the needed individual attention from my professors.

    Hostel :

    For a year I stayed on-campus and that cost me $10,000 approximately. But then for my second year, I pooled in with a few other students in a nearby apartment and that cost me around $4,000 with transportation costs being $1,600. Other miscellaneous expenses came up to $4,000 and books and supplies amounting to somewhere around $900 in a year.

    8.2 out of 10
    10.0/10Social Life