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Aayushman Ram Lal, India

California State University

Bachelor of Arts in Economics
BATCH : 2021













Updated on 07, Mar 2020

California State University

My experience at California State University Fullerton

  • I got to know about this college through a friend who'd previously done his BA here and when I did my research, their program in Economics appealed to me and that's how I ended up applying. I was directed to an online portal called 'Cal State Apply' and had to pay an application fee of $55.


    Over the duration of four years, we've been studying a few courses related to business such as Accounting, Business Communications, and Business Analytics, and a few courses to study economics in-depth such as Micro and Macro Economics, Econometrics, Research Methods in Economics, and the like. We also have a variety of electives to choose from. I find this curriculum to be a bit challenging and rigorous but it helps that I like the subject and the professors are quite helpful too.


    I was interested in economics but not necessarily in its application to business, more like social science. That's why instead of going for business administration in economics, I went for a bachelor of arts degree in it. I had an ACT score of 25 and along with its proof, I submitted my unofficial academic transcripts including the proof that I'd done prerequisite courses required for the program, financial statement, two letters of reference, and a copy of my passport. Additionally, as an international student, I also had to prove my English proficiency with my IELTS score of 6.5.


    The annual tuition fee for my bachelor of arts in Economics program comes somewhere around $16,500. But I was awarded the Kathleen Taylor Business Scholarship that grants me an amount of $4,000 per year. The scholarship is offered by Kathleen Taylor who is an alumnus.


    I mostly go for off-campus accommodation with other classmates to reduce my expenses as that comes somewhere around $3,000 in a year. But for a couple of semesters, I also went for on-campus residence costing me around $15,500 in a year. Books and supplies cost me around $2,000 and other miscellaneous expenses were around $3,000 in a year.


    Career services are great though as undergrads, most aren't planning to go for jobs right away and rather move on for further studies, mostly either a Masters in Economics or an MBA. Some of my seniors though have been appointed in known banks, government bureaus, and financial consultant companies.


    College events are something I look forward to always, be it athletic events, student organizations, business programs or seminars, and conferences. Four years could have been a lot of hectic and stressful if not for these events to relax and enjoy. I love attending business events, in particular, they challenge me to come up with new ideas, learn new stuff, and connect with different people.


    Yes, after getting enrolled in the university, I applied for a few scholarships and was awarded the Kathleen Taylor Business Scholarship being offered by Kathleen Taylor who is an alumnus. The scholarship grants me an amount of $4,000 per year to meet my tuition expenses. I visited the online portal directed by the university website, answered their questions, and submitted an essay to complete my application.

  • Monthly Expense : $200 - $500

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