BS degree at NIU College of Business

    7.5 /10

    According to Businessweek and Poets & Quants NIU College of Business is one of the top business colleges in the States. I filled the NIU's online application form and made the payment of $40 through MasterCard and provided a copy of my passport and other documents.

    Course Curriculum :

    Operations and Information Management is a course that comprises of different aspects such as Business operations, Analytics, Logistics and technology.

    Exams :

    The bachelor's program is entirely career-oriented and pursuing it from NIU just makes it better. Along with IELTS 7.0 score, I had to provide my official final secondary school transcripts and diploma certificate. Proof of financial stability was also to be shown.

    Placement :

    Data Analyses and IT management are the most explorable fields in terms of job opportunities. The career department has a stepwise plan to prepare us for the professional field. It helps us to explore options, choose the best opportunity and make the best out of it. There are job fares on campus.

    Events :

    The mainly active clubs/organizations are the departmental clubs. They arrange a number of events and seminars.

    Fees :

    The website provides curated fee structures and payment plans for International students. Along with the tuition fee, we can opt for health insurance from a number of options. There are additional expenses like the general fees, books and stationery, etc to add on.

    Faculty :

    As the course has a bit unique curriculum my entire course faculty's teaching method is also very unique. They try to get personal and real-life examples to explain the most complex concepts. We have developed a certain level of understanding with them.

    Hostel :

    There three main residence halls to choose from Stevensons, Grant tower and the Neptune hall. The rates for the double room were comparatively affordable so I signed up for that along with the Huskie Block 15 dining plan.

    7.5 out of 10
    6.0/10Social Life