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Alyse Johnson, United States

Virginia Tech

Multimedia Journalism
BATCH : 2022













Updated on 25, Mar 2019

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech

  • Virginia Tech is the campus of inventing the future, and the future lies in the potential of the students. I have been accepted early-decision into Virginia Tech and will major in broadcast journalism and plan to minor in psychology with a long-term goal of being a reporter. One of the main reasons why I fell in love with Virginia Tech is because of school?s motto, 'That I may serve'. This is very influential to me as I have come to terms with one truth: find your passion and inspire others. My passion is shown by my involvement in the community. I have been a member of my local student-run local broadcast journalism station and I have also been a staff writer for my high school newspaper. In July 2016 I was chosen to represent my high school at 'The Washington National Journalism and Media Conference' in which the best students from across the nation were chosen through thousands of applicants, all nominated by teachers or members of the community. During this week-long conference experience, I stayed at George Mason University for a study of journalism in the Nation?s Capitol. The connections I made at that conference will help propel me in the right direction as I pursue my future career goals. I have already demonstrated the ability to handle work in this field of study as well as a college course load by taking nine AP courses throughout high school while maintaining a 4.067 GPA. I plan on using psychology to enhance my work in journalism in the future. Throughout my high school career, I have inspired others to get their stories heard through journalism as well as inspire others to give back to the community. Virginia Tech is the perfect school to continue these passions both on campus, and into the future. Virginia Tech is expanding its communication studies major at just the right time for me to take advantage of all there is to offer. From state of the art equipment to the best connections possible, multimedia journalism major is very versatile and I believe that Virginia Tech is one of the best places I could ever gain these skills from. The 'Hokies-Hiring-Hokies? program makes me confident that I will have the resources provided to me to be successful even after graduation. Being able to communicate with people is a crucial part of being a journalist. As a captain of three varsity sports teams, Winter Track, Cheerleading, and Outdoor Track, I have seen many athletes who have been able to come to me with their questions, and being able to help them is one of the most fulfilling experiences. Leadership is not just being a boss to a group of people, but instead, being someone who can connect themselves to people and lead by example. Being passionate about something and sharing that passion with others is something that every leader should strive to do. Virginia Tech is the perfect campus for me and I am beyond excited because they provide plentiful opportunities to get involved through leadership in the field of journalism to create positive change. I will use the experiences I have gained throughout my high school career to step up and continue to make a difference on campus and into the future. I am confident that I will leave Virginia Tech as a stronger student with all of the resources I need to excel as a reporter in the field of multimedia journalism.


    My first semester of college has been a very enriching experience. I have enjoyed my classes this first semester as a journalism major at Virginia Tech. The most valuable extracurricular activity that I was able to get involved in was the student-run radio station, in which I broadcasted the News section every Tuesday of the semester. I am also proud to say that I was able to balance D1 cheerleading and schoolwork gracefully, as I finished the semester with a 3.62-grade point average. My two favorite classes were my journalism class and my statistics class and I look forward to seeing what I can do to expand on those subjects in the future. Through journalism, I was already able to make many connections that will help me in the future and I am glad my school has a 'Hokies hiring Hokies' program in which I plan to use to find an internship over the summer with. This semester has started me off on a high note and I hope to keep learning more about my area of interest.


    I took the SAT exam and got a score of 1300. I also took the ACT exam and got a score of 26. I have not taken any standardized tests since I have gotten to the university, however, I believe that I will. Virginia Tech is a campus that relies a lot on standardized exam scores to measure student progress.


    There is a lot of multiple choice exams which I believe limits thinking. As a journalism major, I would think there'd be more ways for me to show my learning through writing but I am required to take core classes in every subject regardless.


    The faculty of my college is extremely helpful. I have been able to take courses that actually interested me this semester. My advisor is my English teacher so I have grown a close relationship with her in which I will have for the next four years. A lot of the large lecture classes it is hard to forms relationships with the faculty but my major is smaller so it makes it easier to communicate and ask questions if I need any clarification.


    It costs about $27,000 to attend for one year. I got scholarships and grants from the school, but I probably will not get as many this upcoming year. My school is quite stingy on the amount of financial aid it awards to students.


    I was eligible for work-study but I decided not to do it this year so I did not get in over my head. Unfortunately, a lot of the jobs that are most common are in the dining halls which can be a little difficult. If I chose a job next year, I would like it to be an academic one.


    Yes, they provide internships. However, I am just a freshman so I am unable to take advantage of the internship opportunities. I believe that my program will help me set up an off-campus one if desired.

  • Monthly Expense : $200 - $500

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