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    Shorter university has a best curriculum

    Vijayent Lal Issac

    I am a science enthusiast and I've always wanted to have a broad life science background so I decided to pursue a course in a University which offers me excellence in the field of life sciences and the shorter University Met My criteria and it's satisfied all my enthusiasm as the curriculum offered here is best in the field of life sciences as well as the alumni of the college is also known in various fields. For the admission process, I choose the online method and paid the application fees of around $25.

    Course Curriculum


    The course satisfied my enthusiasm of having a broad overview in life sciences. The program provided me with the option of having concentration in either human life sciences or environmental studies but due to my enthusiasm in life sciences I opted for the human life sciences. The course is up to the mark and the curriculum is very well designed. I am clearly practicing for the research work and the curriculum is providing me big perspective towards research projects.


    My documents such as transcripts, personal essays as well as the photocopies of passports, birth certificate and letter of recommendation were submitted. University level exam was not been taken instead of that I have submitted my SAT exam score of 1278 and a TOEFL score of 91.



    The Career network of the college is very strong as well as college organizes a lot of Fellowship programs for all of the students. There is a career advisor appointed at the college and I have consulted with him and he helped me in rebuilding my resume. A new resume helped me in gaining an internship so college is helping each and every student for the secure worth.



    In shorter University the event Go Round the year, as well as there, are many of the student organizations which organize events. A lot of Athletic tournaments also took place and most of them attended by me and I have also participated in ample of them. Shorter University is a place where something is always happening in form of events


    The college provides various financial aid to the students in form of scholarships and I am also benefited from the academic merit scholarship which is worth around $1200 and I have submitted the tuition fees around $22,000 for the first year and after submission of fees, I was benefited with scholarship.



    University contains a lot of top professors, as well as the graduates that are, are master in their fields. Professor provided a concrete base to the curriculum and they promote a healthy environment in the classroom. Each student got an equal opportunity to present himself in the classroom.