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    Journey through shorter University

    Ruchi Bhatt

    My parents want me to pursue a bachelor's from the USA so I shortlisted some of the top colleges in the USA including the shorter University. I had given the written exam for many of the universities but I got selected by the shorter University and the curriculum that I wanted Hotstar highest acceptance ratio, as well as the carrier perspective of the curriculum at the shorter University, is high so I choose the university. The application fee of $25 was paid by me for the online portal.

    Course Curriculum


    The program is very flexible as well as it has provided me with a lot of skills and knowledge in the diverse field of chemistry. The course contains both practical and theoretical topics. There was a lot of hands-on experience with modern instruments in the first half of the curriculum. The curriculum surely seems to provide a good career in a diverse world.


    University Level Examination was not conducted I was selected on the basis of my SAT score of 1188 as well as TOEFL score which was around 70 in the internet-based test. I had submitted the photocopy of important documents such as passport, birth certificate, letter of recommendation as well as transcripts of the previously attended institution.



    The college has a well-developed career center and well as a student support service which is up to the mark of excellence. The college didn't charge for both of the services. The counselors at the centers are also well experienced and provide Remarkable advice. The college has a wide carrier network as well as Fellowship programs and these programs helped me to an extent.



    The college mainly focuses on the arrangement of the athletic tournaments as well as the intramural tournament. Shorter University events are always the talk of the town as the events go straight all the years and diversity of events are organized at the institution.


    College dispenses assortments of scholarship and some of them include academic merit scholarship and the shorter excellence scholarship. I recently got the shorter excellent scholarship and being an international student I was supposed to fill the FAFSA form and the further process was carried on that behalf. The scholarship is provided to the student who is a resident at the University.



    Professors are outstanding and they instructed me a lot in shaping up my carrier. They have immense knowledge in the field in both the practical and theoretical aspects. All of them are excellent in their fields. I am glad to have such kinds of instructors.