My time I spent at Biola University

    8.0 /10

    I always wanted to study in the USA due to high growth and better opportunities for the future. I was asked to submit a common application form and application fee of $45 was also paid by me. I scored a 9.2 GPA in my 12th which was very helpful during the time of admission.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course provided me with expert training in computation and information processing strategies. It offered both a traditional computer science track and an information system track that emphasized on bridging computers and business management and equipped me with essential knowledge and skills.

    Exams :

    Due to growth and immense opportunities I chose this program. To get admission I had to give exam of ACT and TOEFL and scored 24 and 6.7 which matched their eligibility criteria. I also had to submit some other documents like a letter of recommendation and official transcripts.

    Placement :

    Most of the student got placed with the help of college placement cell and alumni network. Various companies came for placements like Dell, AT&T, IBM and selected almost 90% of my batched and offered the pay scale of $65,000.

    Events :

    Events were the main highlight of the college and many students used to participate in those events. Some events in which my friends and I took art were Art exhibition, Football match, fresher party.

    Fees :

    The tuition that I use to pay was $42000 along with that I also paid $1000 in form of books and supplies. My miscellaneous expenses were close to $2000. At the time of taking admission, I had applied for financial aid and through that, I received $2500 as help.

    Faculty :

    Faculty played a very major role in shaping my career and also helped me grow. Professors used to teach in small groups which made easy to take notes and ask any question. Professor Grace Lew taught me subjects like Database Systems, SQL and Applications very thoroughly.

    8.0 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life