Great college but expensive!

    8.7 /10

    Actually, it wasn't me who chose this college but my parents. They are a couple of intellectuals and I totally had faith in them when they selected this college for me, which now I realize, it was a great choice. The application process here was done through the online portal and the application cost us about $50.

    Course Curriculum :

    The program is helping us learn creative media making, critical analysis, and reflection. We are also being taught entrepreneurialism and management - guided by a faculty that includes noted filmmakers, researchers designers, and scholars.

    Exams :

    I was required to submit all my official transcripts, my financial statement, and also my scores in the English proficiency test. Many test scores are acceptable but I appeared for the TOEFL exam and managed to score 625 in it.

    Internship :

    I haven't opted for any internship programs yet but I'm planning to do one during this break.

    Placement :

    Media Studies graduates get work opportunities in a wide range of fields, including advertising, journalism, TV and radio, online media, media research, social advocacy, and education.

    Events :

    In my department, we usually go for field trips, hand-on practical workshops and film fairs.

    Fees :

    The fee is quite high for my program, I had to pay $39500 per year for the tuition and fee. I also had to pay $1000 for the books. Also, I wasn't able to secure any financial assistance from the college as mostly they are provided to undergraduate students.

    Scholarship :

    No, I haven't.

    Faculty :

    We work closely with the professors, in small groups, so there's a lot of interactions between us and we have a great relationship with the faculty. One of my teachers even guided me with my personal problem.

    8.7 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life