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Give an amazing review of your institution full with facts & help others in deciding the right college. Remember You’re a part of critical decision making. .
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Every published review will be rewarded between Rs 50-200 within 14 days. Write something brilliant about your college and you will get a quality score which will decide the amount of reward.
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Ask your friends to write a review and for every approved and published review you will get Rs. 200. Get your referral code from your collegedunia account.

Rules and Guidelines

Add maximum details to your answer
There should be no plagiarism and negative content about the college
Review should be written only for the courses offered by the college
At least 7 questions should be answered out of 13 questions
A good validated review will also lead to better reward
Always mention facts and figures which is best as per your knowledge

Prizes & Rewards

For every referral you get ₹10

Condition -The rewards are only for approved reviews and the amount of reward depends upon the quality score. Every approved review will get a quality score which will be added up with other factors like college and course for which the review is being submitted, the uniqueness of data etc. For ex. a review for MBA will bring more reward than a review for B.Tech. The priority of courses is dynamic and keeps changing as per the trend of reviews submitted in the given period of time. Any fraudulent practice to collect review reward via bots or copying will be invite cancellation of all reward points leading to legal measures.

Time Line - The release of reward may take between 3-14 working day depending upon volume of the reviews being collected in a given period. Reviewers can check their Collegedunia account for updates